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  1. Like the ugly bully on the playground like in Christmas Story. If I remember correctly,he gets his azz kicked,doesn't he.? I sent Resto a PM that said "were you talking about me?" after I read the post. Just those words,nothing confrontational. As usual he had nothing to say. Why don't you keep it that way,okay? The fact that I irritate you makes me happy.
  2. Yup ozz,I do know. The cream always rises to the top. People like you that help will always be needed and rewarded. If only there was a site for pts to tell their stories and not be attacked and scared off,where they could ask other pts questions,and even refer a CG to them.
  3. ZAP,I got mine here. But how would you know that "some patient has selected every single caregiver currently in the program"................? Everything communication was by PM........curious. Oh and I pay for everything I get,more than most charge. It is worth it to have a truly honest,trustworthy and generous person to count on. His parents did a great job raising a good man. I am blessed to have him and thankful for it.
  4. One grower answers my question,when I ask WHY he grows. The rest just get all huffy,but don't answer. The difference is easy to see. The quality and the CG is worth it. I pay more than most of you charge. Maybe if other CGs that can't seem to keep pts should stop making them feel like they are stealing something from you. Pts read these forums too,and see how you really feel about them. They come here to find CGs. They can see whose classified ads stay up forever and whose don't. People SHOULD grow for themselves,but many physically cannot. And they are made fun of,called lazy,you JUDGE them when you have no right to. Do you think people enjoy being physically handicapped or unable to have a normal life? I'm sure most people would rather grow for themselves than have some rank man stranger in their home that could be checking out your home for other things. Would you want your wife or daughter to do that? Man. For being liberal types,a lot of you are pretty judgemental,the very same thing you accuse anybody who doesn't agree you of. Thanks for the explanation Frog. At least you have the guts to man up and let people know your intentions as a CG. Although you are kinda creepy about your stealth,you may be an okay guy,who knows.
  5. Then why do you do it,if it is such a heavy burden?
  6. And just HOW is a pt,that paid 200 bucks to a Dr to certify them,another 100 to the State,giving the grower the right to grow 12 plants and asking for only two of those plants taking advantage of you?
  7. Doesn't look that way when a "compassion club" thumbs it's nose at the law and screws things up for the rest of us just minding our own business. I can guarantee 2 townships that did vote YES in 2008 won't vote that way again.
  8. Wait until the State decides NOT to allow SSI or anyone on public assistance to be an MMJ pt. You can't afford food,but you can afford to buy pot? The working poor are getting pretty sick of this crap. And all it is doing is making dope dealers rich. Not CGs,but dope dealers.
  9. Michigan is NOT a red state,it is a blue state,and has always been. What was the vote for our law,what percent dem and rep? Who voted yes and what age groups supported it? Public facts,you can find how counties and precincts voted for the whole state. When you talk like ignorant potheads,nobody is going to take you seriously. Take responsibility for your own actions,what do you think people see? A tent at a State park with reefer smell pouring out while you are there with your children? Don't cut off your nose to spite your own face.
  10. No,that isn't what I meant. I was just telling you what happened today when I finally got the nerve to come right out and ask the head Dr of the Physicians Group that I have to go to. I did ask him why,but all I got was,"it is not our policy to certify MMJ pts". It was the resident that thought Drs give MMJ pts a prescription for it. He didn't even KNOW and had to go ask. To let you know this was a real fact and not something false. That's all. Just my own experience today,12-18-2014. I found out by talking to them,like you mentioned.
  11. Okay then let me give you the phone number of the clinic,then you can call them yourself and ask them the very same questions I did today. I'll PM you the number,even though it is a very public number and in the book. Would you consider that as facts? Or am I "delusional"?
  12. LMFAO,okay SAUL ALINSKY. I don't agree with you so you try and discredit and call me names. DUDE. YOU are the delusional one,Mr I WOOD. Yeah,I bet YOU WOULD.
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