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  1. Thanks, I have been opening the tent to try to manage and it has helped.
  2. Restorium2 I ordered a bigger dehumidifier, is it anything I can do until it is delivered? I realize the mistake I made with the dehumidifier, I purchased for the square foot it covers instead of how much moisture it takes our the air.
  3. I am flowering my plants and I am having a humidity problem. I added a dehumidifier, charcoal, and damprid and I am still having humidity problems. I have been opening my grow tent constantly throughout the day to lower the humidity. Is it something else I can try to lower the humidity? I also have been removing fan leaves. My temperature with the tent close gets into the 80F and humidity in the 70% range. With the tent open I can get the humidity to about 55%, which is still to high. I have a inlet and exhaust fan, a co2 bag and two fans moving air. Any help will be appreciated
  4. I am getting close to flowering and I was wondering what kind of nutrients people are using. I read about people using molasses and teas to enhance outcome. How do you use molasses and teas, how often, and do you use it with regular flowering nutes? Also how do they affect ec/ppm?
  5. I was thinking about lining the bottom of my pots with perlite to increase drainage, has anyone tried this?
  6. Some of my my perlite is turning green, can this be an issue? Also should I break the perlite down more, it is coarse size 4?
  7. It's mother earth and it's says if pre buffered
  8. It's four strains, and the two do look like they are getting better since I have been applying the info you all have given me.
  9. You are right, it is not enough room. I started them from seeds and a few is for my relative because they don't know how to germinate. I only plan on having about six in flower stage.
  10. I'm sorry for the misunderstanding, I only have two out of 12 that have problems. I tried to upload pic of plants but it says the image is too big even after cropping.
  11. Resto and Glued, I also made some water for sick plants that only contained 8ml cal mag and 10 ml revive. I cut the does of revive. The PPM is 571 on the 500 scale, ec 1.18 and I should ph my water to 5.8. Does theses numbers look correct?
  12. Glued, So I made some water following your advice for plants without problems. I am using cal mag by advanced nutrients, which recommended 2ml per liter. So my water has 8ml cal mag, 4ml grow part A, part B 4ml, 4ml B-52. My PPM is 691 and ec 1.41. Is this good?
  13. So if I use the 500 scale PPM should be between 600-700
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