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  1. I second that! Im also a veteran who spent some time @ Ft Bliss. Even El Paso is no place to be hanging around after dark- let alone drinking till you drown at spankys or the copa in Juarez
  2. Meeting will take place on 2-28-15 Noon till 2PM @ Health Associates of Michigan . Address is 110 Sanborn Ave, Suite C, Big Rapids, MI 49307. This will be a good meeting; we need to unify and choose a solid platform to address the potential push for legalization in 2016. There are a couple camps pushing for this, one is for the people, the other is for big business. Come to the meeting to figure out which is which! Also, the certification Dr. will be there doing MMMP certifications and renewals. Please bring records. Cost is $99.00, with a portion going towards the CMCC. Look forward to familiar faces as well as new ones!
  3. Only with magic beans...the females wear skirts.
  4. Re-vegged plants will do this as well...
  5. Plants can exhibit single leaves or 3 leaves without having any stressors as well. If a cutting was taken during the beginning of the flowering stage (which can even occur before a 12/12 light cycle), it may have single leaves. This is caused by the tight leaf material that protects the calyx sites to straighten out and lengthen from the plant stem. You will still have good bud production, and may or may not have leaves later on that are normal looking. As long as you have leaves, you will be ok, regardless of the number of blades per leaf. Were your cuttings take near the bottom of the plant where there is limited light penetration, or were they showing any pre-flower sites?
  6. Seriously! I run such a cheap system its ridiculous. 1600 watt grow Flora Nova Bloom (Gal about 50-60 bucks) No need to buy Grow, just use bloom with a little Epsom salt if you veg for any length of time. I only veg for about 10 days, so no issues with needing Flora Nova Grow Epsom Salt 1.00 2 bags of Expanded Clay Pellets 50 bucks (I reuse these after a light peroxide bath and rinse) Quart of Gh Liquid Cool Bloom 20.00 Quart of Ph Down 18.00 Quart of Botanicare Aqua Shield 30 bucks I run homemade flood tables that cost me 50 bucks to make (that's including pumps, air stones, tray and res) The nutes will be enough for 3 grows at least with left over flora nova. I'm lucky with my water, comes out of the ground PPM 160 with no iron, so I get some savings with not having to use a bunch of things to treat the water. I flush the last week with ph-ed water. Get 3-4 oz on a two foot tall plant. I'll go head to head with anything that's out there as far a medicinal quality, bag appeal, etc. You could do the same thing with the GH Organics line if that's your thing, just costs a little more, and you need to rez change a little more often. If you need to use something for bugs, there are inexpensive organic choices out there that work. Rotate Monterey garden insect or Capt jacks dead bug brew (OMRI listed...they use spinosad, a sugar bacteria to kill the bugs..safe to ingest) rotate with SNS 217c or just make a rosemary oil mix, and use COLD water every time with these mixtures) This is nowhere near the Grand or 2 people are talking about! Keeping it simple, and starting with good genetics should be all somebody needs to grow inexpensively. I'd gift a starting caregiver quality genetics to get started, but of course the State put the kibosh on that!
  7. I'm sure there are questions regarding how a club could allow cannabis smoking when smoking tobacco products is banned even in private clubs such as The American Legion, The Elks, etc... The protection is through the MMMP, the tricky one will be if we allow anybody 21 or older to use in the club. We want to be able to accommodate based on our local ordnance that decriminalizes marijuana use. There is no provision in this ordnance that I can find that supersedes public health code or law...fortunately, that is not the case with the MMMP. There is concern about sharing a joint though, which may not allow for section 4 protection. There may have to be policies to only smoke your own to keep people protected. Much of this will have to be felt out as time goes on. What we do feel, is that there is a framework in which we can do this, we just have to navigate carefully, and within the law or what our local prosecutor interprets the law to be. This is gonna be fun...
  8. There would be different type of memberships, yearly, monthly, etc... I would be set up as such that it falls into the category of private club, not a public establishment.
  9. Good questions, t-pain and dro-man... No to having to give grow rights. There is no sign up for caregivers or anything like that. Its bring your own- use your own. Membership would simply be a fee to maintain the lounge, pay for expenses, etc. No different from getting a cup of coffee at Biggby...you can still brew at home, or have your "caregiver" brew it for you. The difference though is the club is not a public business, therefore allowing cannabis use per the MMMP rules of using on private property. As for smoking at the open to the public compassion club meetings like the one scheduled for this coming Saturday, that's a negative. We never allow smoking at those meetings as it may deter non smoking people from coming to the meetings. There is also the situation of making an open public call for compassion club meetings, which would make the venue a public place- something the MMMP will not allow. Even when the Canna-Lounge opens, we will still conduct public meetings outside the Canna-Lounge for education, caregiver/patient connections, community service, etc. This is key for enlightening the public, giving support for those wanting to get started in the MMMP, and helping others who have questions. Hope I answered these questions clearly. I have a tendency to ramble...
  10. Hello everybody, Central Michigan Compassion Club has a new temporary meeting headquarters. We will still be meeting in Mt. Pleasant once the Canna-Cafe' is up and running, which is slated for Mid-Late Summer 2015 (What's this? More info below). In the meantime, we will be meeting @ Health Associates of Michigan- Located 110 Sanborn Ave, Suite C, Big Rapids, MI 49307. Feel free to call there for more info 231-668-8016. We will be meeting this Saturday at Noon. Beverages will be provided- feel free to bring a snack to share if you wish. We will be discussing the new rule changes that went into effect on Jan. 15th 2015. We will also be talking about the death of HB 4271 and HB 5104. What do we intend to do about the inactivity and blatant disregard of cannabis users by our legislature? Let's figure out our next move together! Now, about the Canna-Cafe (name may change)... Central Michigan Compassion Club has created a plan to provide a private membership lounge for the Card holders, their support persons, and anybody who wants to help provide a safe, stress free environment to medicate outside the home. Think Dutch coffee house without the marijuana sales. Being a private club, cardholders can enjoy medicating on premises without worry. There will be local entertainment nights (acoustic performances) books, board and card games, meetings, wi-fi access, a couple computer stations for those without a computer, comfortable furniture, and coffee/ snacks to enjoy. With the new voter approved ordnance in Mt. Pleasant allowing the use and possession of small amounts of cannabis, we SHOULD be allowed to include anybody 21 years or older who wishes to use cannabis at the club. Reality is this has not been tested and City Police has stated they will be using state law instead of the wishes of the Mount Pleasant public. Police are not allowed to kick in private property doors to see if people are using marijuana, so I would hope that their policing will remain on the public areas of the City, not private property. We will be having discussions with the prosecutors office, private attorneys, as well as local police to get an idea where we stand on this issue. We are beginning a fundraising drive to speed up the process, and make this a truly great place for our community. I'm not sure of the rules about placing a crowd funding link here, so if you want to help, please visit our Central Michigan Compassion Club facebook page to find the gofundme link there. Any amount will help, seriously! If we get word that we can place a link here, Ill edit one in at the bottom of this message. Thanks everybody for the continued work and support for the Cannabis community! CMCC
  11. Actually we get many who come AFTER their arrest. Seems I am a nice free person to get guidance from (but not legal advice, of course). Hopefully my meetings are keeping people out of trouble, though some will go with wishful thinking no matter what the laws are.
  12. At Central Michigan Compassion Club, I have paid speakers to come in, did in service demonstrations on growing, how to properly clone, give accurate information regarding mmmp laws, even brought in a lawyer to answer questions in a round table forum. All this without asking for a dime from members. My average numbers at the club right now is around 5-7 people every two weeks. Usually 4 of them are looking for meds, and never come back- and usually leave in the middle of an in-service. 3 years ago my numbers were around 25 a week, and people wanted to work towards all the things we are discussing here right now. Morale is bad in the medical marijuana community, many are going back underground, or simply going back to pharma for pain control.
  13. Trust me, once its seen that compassion clubs don't transfer meds, the numbers dwindle down to next to nothing. Then a new batch come along, and then they dwindle. You see, most people are looking for an easy way to get their medicine, they don't want to grow. Caregivers are tired of dealing with patients that have a sense of entitlement for free meds, your unlimited time to just drop everything for a gram, and all other kinds of issues. Half of the clubs are just fronts to send patients to a certain couple of pot docs for certifications, almost half the others are dispensaries/farm exchanges. We need a new plan. The one we have is getting cops rich, and citizens poor.
  14. Next meeting will be December 6th at Noon. Thanks!
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