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  1. Re-vegged plants will do this as well...
  2. Plants can exhibit single leaves or 3 leaves without having any stressors as well. If a cutting was taken during the beginning of the flowering stage (which can even occur before a 12/12 light cycle), it may have single leaves. This is caused by the tight leaf material that protects the calyx sites to straighten out and lengthen from the plant stem. You will still have good bud production, and may or may not have leaves later on that are normal looking. As long as you have leaves, you will be ok, regardless of the number of blades per leaf. Were your cuttings take near the bottom of the p
  3. "The law states locked secured facility. No where in the law does it state they have to be separate rooms." This ruling found on the link below addresses cooperative grows. It is not currently legal. http://www.mlive.com/news/index.ssf/2012/12/michigan_supreme_court_rejects.html Besically every person must have their own locked room that only they have access to. You can have a building with 10 rooms with 10 separate locks, and 10 growers all tending to their numbers allowed by caregiver and patient cards, as long as no other person has access to them. Co-mingling multiple grower's pl
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