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  1. Hello I'm new to the entire process and I hope that we meet one day in a compassion club shake hands thanks for fighting for are country I sure hope this is a smooth process for you and I'll fill you in on any info. I might have are we in the same area of Michigan? UP?I'll be looking for compassion club in this area of Michigan.and hope to see you there.

  2. I joined quite awhile ago and just idled around and read posts until my eyes bled green, but today I can now say I am legal in Michigan. I feel like I can post now that I'm legal (though I don't think there was any restriction imposed upon me other than my own mental blocks) so hello all of you big posters I've been reading, and even the newbs like me too! I hope maybe I can continue to learn and contribute a little back to the community that has matured quite a bit since I joined. *wave*
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