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  1. truly a bs story,unfortunately there are still gullible people that believe this crap.
  2. Of course lara will notify all patients and caregivers of these new rules so they be compliant and not be ticketed. NOT
  3. I would rather have my child get too high from marijuana than dead from alcohol poisoning.
  4. News 1.3k 0 0 December 15, 2016 DEA: CBD Oil Declared Schedule 1, Claims Cannabis Product Has No Medical Benefits [updated] Eric Scott Pickard According to the DEA, CBD oil is now to be considered a Schedule 1 substance. The Drug Enforcement Administration, the United States federal agency tasked with regulating and policing controlled substances, issued the new ruling Wednesday, and it goes into effect Thursday. (See below for updated legal information and a link to the text of the DEA memo) What Is CBD Oil?CBD Oil Displayed At A Medical Marijuana Dispensary. [image by Carl
  5. I didn't post the article for you but aren't you posting about a hypothetical reality when you mention what Sessions will do.
  6. Well its still schedule 1 and illegal on a federal level after 8 years under the current administration so what makes you think it would be better under HRC.
  7. ROGER STONE: DONALD TRUMP AND THE POLITICS OF MARIJUANA December 3, 2016Editor 3288 Views 30 Comments By Roger Stone One of the most controversial decisions a President Trump will have to make is whether to continue the federal stand-down by the us Justice department in which DOJ does not enforce federal marijuana laws where they contradict state laws legalizing the legal use and sale of marijuana in the 37 states where it is currently legal in some form. Although he has a long standing personal opposition to drug use Trump has also expressed support for the medicinal use of marijuana in
  8. You want to sue a doctor for not prescribing pain meds? Good luck with that one. A doctor can refuse to treat you for any reason.
  9. They were running for electoral votes not popular vote,there is a difference. If trump wanted popular vote he would have campaigned only in more populated states instead of states like Wyoming with many less voters.
  10. Just so you Hillary nuts remember,you are the LOSERS! Maybe you can run Donna Brazile or Bernie Sanders in 8 years haha. Do you even have a party left? You lost everything,even the down ballots!
  11. So president Trump is great for the stock market but bad for everything else.Sounds like you're talking out of both sides of your a s s. Sounds like you are still butthurt,bwahahahahahaha.
  12. The only things they could not find in her e-mails was anything about wedding plans or yoga lol.
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