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  1. Screw Jones and the horse he rode in on. You all been dealing with this wack job and know dam well the rest of both house feel the same way as we do. WACK JOB. Screw Jones.
  2. All I can say is this, if you think growing non stop,never out,always the best bunny muffin is easy or cheap and not hard as hell. Then get you a light and have at it.Simple as that. See how free it ISN'T. You think you can care for 5 patients,non stop,never,out and the best bunny muffin always for cheap?? Then get you a light or 10 and have at it..... Simple as that. I've seen more fair caregivers close down due to patients wanting to take advantage of them,, wanting cheap or free bunny muffin, then I can shake a stick at. Makes me sick............. Go get you a light and have at it.... SIMPL
  3. we are done period. They are still laughing at us,lol.....
  4. I closed down the Berrrien County club a while back due to family issues. Sorry folks. SWCC still holds meetings I believe.
  5. I would not think you will make a living on growing ,medical here in Michigan. Not if your growing just for your patients. Not saying you would do anything other then that. but the law here is set up for small personal giverships. and those ya dont make a living at.
  6. Oakland dismissed all charges on the Green family today thank god. Now to get their baby back,,,,,,
  7. Hahahahah,seems things have not changed. Look I alone grow the magic super weed. I alone,,,, The rest of you grow rope hahahahahahah To funny,,,,,,, My beans are cracked in the skid mark of virgins panties. hahahahahahahahahaha ph balanced of course hahahahahaha
  8. Be very careful with anyone you meet over the internet. Paperwork must be signed and time frame MUST be met. I would hate to see you get busted in my county for not being careful. I'm founder of the Berrrien county Compassion Club and started the first club in the state. So yes as always good givers are needed here. Just have to be careful...
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