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  1. ofcourse only use in Vegg...duh..!!
  2. Just use Eagle 20 save only thing that totally works. Me being an organic man all the other stuff just does not work. I have a POM issue several years ago and spraying it on all incoming clones will save one lots of time and headache. Along with FLoraMite on incoming clones one should be good. Avid works for Adult Mites. 99% of what is being sold in hydro stores just keeps you coming back like an AA meeting. keep coming back and spending your money. ha
  3. BTW .boys things are changing and moving back stateside. More and more patients and CG's and opting out of using over seas vendors. People are especially sick of packages getting seized in Chicago. Lots of breeders packs can and are being obtained stateside thru various diff channels. There is even a seed bank located here in MI. For the person who deleted my comments...that's really funny....back to my regularly scheduled program. Silly fooligans.
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    Can't wait for room to open up..to get after these.
  5. There will be Gage Green packs at the Motown Farmers Market 1-31-15 located at 2627 John R, Detroit, MI 48211. 2 blocks north of Comerica park.
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    Thank you Sir.!
  7. Hit em with AVID 3-7 days after the Floramite. For the first time in my life I had a small mite outbreak last summer when the floods came must have come up thru the sewer system or laying somewhere dormant because I have not EVER had mites. I nuked them hoes for 2 cycles before I finally got rid of them. 2 feet of water in my entire basement def did not help I can bet somebody else on my block was growing because they easily came thru the pipes....I hate Mites. Why they exist I have NO idea. I feel bad for anybody who gets them. it will take a few months of constant inspecting, spraying, bleaching, uggggh....worst shiiyat ever.
  8. Pretty much ...I agree ..One has a slower VEGG rate but explodes in flower. Well both explode in flower but 1 get Ginormous top buds and can lean or flop. While the other seems to hold its weight better and only marginally will lean. Both Grape Puff phenos I chose have enormous yield potential.. My only beef is 1 can literally get so fat that it flops over..I have a bush in my garden right now that I have been cursing for a week because the last 7-10 days it literally started to flop over like a candy cane bit if you want to talk the yields on it PM me. Both pehno's I selected tho seem to finish in 7.75 weeks. 8-25 max. I do not think I have ever let either run to 9 weeks.. well I take that back I did once or twice and noticed the buds started to deteriorate a bit so I pull it right on time every time. Grape Puff is 1 strain I do not let run longer or get lazy with. I can let pretty much let all the gage strains go an xtra week if I am being lazy or busy but not G Puff is needs to come down right away or the presentation of the buds for some reason does not look as sexy. It's like is loses it frost a bit. Bright Moment tho can be pulled in 7 weeks and has amazing FROST. that's why my people nick named her the "Frost Boss". I can let that go 8.5-9 weeks it just turns more purple on the fan leaves and secondary fans. It may lose a tiny bit of the BLING BLING as the resin heads begin to get suppressed or fall down but it still outshines every thing it crosses paths with. Every time I bring her to match up with some CG's but she always comes out on top. Every time. I have 4 Pheno's I kept of Bright Moments after going thru 5 packs 4 pheno's I share with people but the "Frost Boss" is not getting passed around anymore so those who were lucky enough to get that cut from me are very lucky. Even the recent 2 packs gage sent me were dankity I kept 2 more from the recent test packs but they still got shiiyat on by the "'Frost Boss".
  9. The only testers I had issues with were SFV x OG and to my knowledge it was not released. They released a different San Fernando Valley , I think crossed to Cherry Puff ...not sure. The weird thing was tho was that the SFV x OG testers I had were some of the dankest chem smelling fire I had in a few years. But let it go because I have so much other genetics I need to get at. Plus any herms freak me out. But the SFV that I had issues with was from part heat in my room last summer when it got hot when one of my MIni-splits blew then we had the floods so it was back to back problems. But mine blew ballsacs not hermies. Other than that no issues. From what I have found if there is a pre-disposition already in the gene and you run into a stressor like heat, PH issues, huge gaps in day/night temps they can come out. But who knows. Gage has FIRE genetics so we could debate about this all day into the night..lol.
  10. Norby...BTW....stop by the 31st of this Month and meet me. I am hosting a Farmers market downtown Detroit next to dabwars. We can talk more about strains n what not. Some of the Gage gear will be in the house. I'd like to hear more about your runs with gage probably in PM or email me at info@motownmeds.com
  11. What were your temps, swings..? Any fans near it. Did it auto herm..? meaning did it have ball sacs develop within the first 14 days of flower..? Are these test beans ..you received from Gage? I know they released OakTree. But that was to JoJo father.
  12. Yes it has been tested 24.77% in MI with 2.1% CBG. I have passed along numerous cuts to other growers that have had some of the cuts I have passed along tested. But testing is just a bench mark to show that the genetic potential.. We all know results can be cherry picked. Not all parts of even the same plant will have the same results. I am sure somebody is going to come on here and start some smack talk. Frankly don't care....Number's don't lie. People do. The potential is there in Gage's work. Testers worldwide will support the work of Gage. They are one of the most successful companies out there and do almost ZERO marketing. Completely grass roots. All their "Core" work sells out in mere minutes.
  13. Grape stomper solo is just a good breeding tool... ..The real magic is in the crosses. Monarch by itself has a few select good pheno's. Way better when cross to something. Not sure about Loompa. I have heard some source direct things about the conditions of the grow environment. grateful grape has some dank phenos in those packs for sure. Talisman is off the Hook. Grape Puff depending on pheno can get some huge Colas. I narrowed it down to 2 phenos. Close yet slight differences that can make a world of difference in the grow room. Both yield big.
  14. Indeed and only so much more to come form these boys. HolySticks Duende
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