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  1. This thread reminds me of rotary phones, call in swap shop (linked on CL), and AARP. I still love ya though. Here's a bud and some oil of papaya (Hannah's cut), perfect morning/daytime relief. Imagine smoking it.
  2. Really? This is the absolute lamest thread ever. Kept lame by each and every post without a pic. Nobody cares.
  3. I want to say that an argument was presented in terms of the necessity to not rely on aspects of the disease that may or may not qualify a patient under another condition, if for no other reason than to ensure the accuracy of patient data, never mind that it was clearly the intent of the law. There's pre-clinical, clinical, and anecdotal evidence. If people get behind it I feel it could go all the way. That or the utter failures of LARA will be highlighted and underscored.
  4. Do we have to list the potential side effects? I think these are good ideas. It's something anyway. There's a fb page but I haven't posted much of anything nor have I done much cheer leading for it online. If someone is interested in taking the reigns on the page I'd be happy to turn it over. Also, a rough draft of a paper was slapped together, but I haven't looked at it since. I wouldn't be entirely opposed to posting it online so that the forum can collectively work on it. That way the focus can be more on MMMA and the cause than about anything else. Not sure how to work that logistically, or if there'd be any interest, but it's on the table.
  5. I have yet to find anyone with Parkinson's that's interested in stepping up to the plate on this.
  6. DMSO stinks. MSM is used for similar applications without the funk. I highly doubt that any amount of topical application will result in systemic delivery. The only way to be absolutely certain is to abstain though.
  7. Seems like there'll be plenty of good cuts floating about. Check out the Medicated Acres booth. If I make it maybe we can sit down for a sesh.
  8. may all beings be happy

  9. Dollars to donuts those two would prefer something more along the lines of Laith, like the rest of us. Maybe I'm way off base. I don't really have my finger on the pulse of society. ADM, I could turn you onto some good hip-hop, and I listen to live shows all day.
  10. Is Melissa Etheridge really a draw? Am I really that out of touch? Surely someone is having real music. Where's it at?
  11. Someone once told me they wanted to meet god, so I proceeded to steal their face. As a side note, my son's name is Zen.
  12. Salutations I wonder if tolerance kills the entheogenic potential for others similarly to the way it seems to with me.?
  13. They want a stack + a zip of oil. F that. 12th 3MC it is.
  14. Someone ask for a boom? This happened up here yesterday.. http://www.uppermichiganssource.com/content/news/One-injured-in-building-explosion-at-KI-Sawyer-377868181.html
  15. Yea, the ceramic disc ones that I've tried don't seem to have enough umph for the cannabinoids. I've been abusing this dual coil for a couple days and have been impressed. I can crank up my mod for huge rips, but I've been playing with lower end pulses to try to get the flavor and the umph.
  16. Does your exodus cheese smell fruity? I ran a cut from genotype and was surprised by the fruitiness. Nothing like the UK cut. The terps were loud af, just not quite what I was after. Yours look like some fire! Vaping some amnesia a little earlier in a KISS Alpha Centauri atomizer and it's delivering AMAZING flavor. I've been getting such good flavor with atomizers over the last few days that I'm beginning to realize that I've been dabbing all wrong. My rig must be WAY too hot. I just don't get the same flavor/effects from my torch tek as I do these atomizers.
  17. They come with feet? I thought that wonky design was just the price that had to be paid to ensure a strong attachment. I just let the wire hang off the the edge of whatever surface it's on so the mat will lay flat. Be tough to do on the ground though, and I'd imagine my method creates more of a heat sink. I might have to call 'em. Thanks for the heads up.
  18. My guess is you live off the gubmint (much respect), so don't come in here crying about not getting a job because of your skin color. Like you even applied.. You are officially the second person on this site that I'm blocking. Not because what you say bothers me so much as you have brought absolutely nothing of value to the table (unless you count bad grammar and ignorance) in the time that I've spent reading this forum. No need for your clutter. Peace
  19. I don't care what they do in their private life, EXCEPT... What a crock. I don't care what two people do in their private life if it has no bearing on me. Period. Why should I, or you for that matter, particularly if it's not for bogus religious reasons? I do however feel strongly that we all deserve equal rights as citizens. The thing that seems strange to me is that I can think about and maintain this position without imagining two guys getting it on, while you seem unable to do so. Tell us more about how much you love those girls. lol Too PC?
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