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  1. Hi gg, it's been a while since we connected. Hope you're doing well.  Also, glad to see your still hacking away with the vaporizers, et al! LOL!


    I was a little taken back by your comment about a "vaporizer ban."  Would you explain this please?  Given the new MI laws that went into effect on the 20th legalizing extracts, edibles, etc., I'm guessing the "ban" you mention is at the Fed. level?  


    I'd also like to ask a couple of questions, if you don't mind, regarding RSO, QWISO, etc.


    In one of your recent postings (which I can't locate now), you mentioned that ISO solvent extractions (QWISO?) is now your favorite method for making oil.  Even more so than using 200 proof ethanol?  Did I understand this correctly? What is your rationale for this?


    I'm interested in this as I have been approached by a potential new patient who has cancer, accompanied with severe pain.  I've not made any new "oils" in over a year, so as I move forward I'd like to find the best, and hopefully, easiest method.


    I continue to experiment with "butters" and tinctures for personal use, but I'm not satisfied with the quality, effects, etc. For my own needs, I'm ready to oils again.


    Along with this, I'm looking for a strain recommendation that produces a good oil.  Suggestions?


    Hope things are going well for you and that you have a wonderful new year!

  2. Michael, this is great news! I understand the long term value of ridding one's self of a drug conviction. In 1971 (in another (southern) state) I was arrested and charged with Conspiracy to Possess Marijuana. A five year felony. I was "involved" but did not have any drugs in my possession nor was I at the location of the drugs when the bust came down. It was my first offense, I was a good kid, etc., so I got off with five years probation. Two years later I my attorney arranged to have my record expunged. Not having this hanging over my head allowed me to have a 30 year career in K-12 education. Later, I worked for a corporation that required FBI background checks, etc. The expungement worked as promised so I never had an issue with the background checks, etc.


    I encourage anyone reading this that is in the situation Michael described, to get legal advice as to what your options are. It could serve you well in the future.

  3. Thanks for the detailed and informative response!  The batch that I referred to was a cold wash (200 proof Kleen Xtract) ND Sap per your method.  


    The importance of the Terpenes makes sense to me. Careful handling too.


    My sap turned 180 days back in April.  I'm putting .10g in a gel cap and get buzzed for 4-6 hours as I mentioned.  Last night, I took one at 8p and then again at 10.  I slept much better.  


    I'll continue to experiment and will be making some new nd sap soon to get rid of all my sugar leafs/trimmings from the last grow.


    Are the directions the same?  Any new modification since January?


    Thanks again!

  4. Hi gg,  how are you?  Haven't posted much here of late, but I continue to read your posts, etc.  I'm writing today hoping you might offer your 2 cents worth on my situation.  I haven't made any extracts of late - can't seem to use up what I've got, but I did break out the nd sap I made back in January and I must say it's pretty good.  For reference, you can review earlier posts above. You may recall that this batch turned really gooey, sap-like.  I scraped it up the best I could, formed it into a cake, wrapped it in parchment paper and sealed it in a jar.  A couple of month ago, I started testing it and it is very potent.  I dose with about .1 g (by weight) in a gel cap.  Once it kicks in - < 1 hour on an empty stomach, 3-4 hours if taken after eating.  I get good relief, but it doesn't last long.  I get about 3-4 hours of pain relief.  


    My issue is that I wake up often during the night, in pain, which makes it difficult to sleep.  If I can get comfortable and/or take a couple of draws from my vape, I can usually get back to sleep for an hour or two.  The bottom line is my quality of sleep is terrible and I wake up very early in considerable pain.


    My dosing looks like this.  Usually around dinner time I'll take a cap and then again at bedtime.  I'm reluctant to take a higher dose as a single dose can be pretty heavy at times.  I'm about ready to try a double dose at bed time.  I've thought, too, that maybe dosing throughout the day would be better as it would build up in my system and carry over through the night. Alternatively, I could take another dose during the night, but unsure how it would effect my getting up in the morning.


    I also have not found the right strain for me yet.  I generally let the plants go a little long to get more sedative properties, but I'm thinking that there may be to much "sativa" in the strains I have, which may be impacting my not staying asleep. I'm trying DJ Short's Blueberry this time (freebie) and will be anxious to see how this works.  I'm also looking for the next grow at the CBD-crew's beans, which a lot are a 1:1 ratio to THC/CBD.  Thoughts?


    So, I was wondering if you could offer some advice - not medical, of course (wink, wink).  It seems to me you've said that you dose throughout the day and your meds often last for 24 or more hours.  If only....


    Any thoughts or ideas you have will be appreciated.  Thx.  mmm.

  5. Nix, the last run I filtered twice with a fine mesh coffee filter with an hour in between to let gravity do its thing. I've tried using a paper coffee filter, but I find it to slow going.


    Gg has mentioned re-dissolving with alcohol, but haven't tried that yet. I know she uses 192 proof to re-dissolve after using KX. When it was obvious that I was getting goo, I tried using KX to re-dissolve, but it didn't work. Doesn't make sense to me, but that's what happened (or didn't). Do you ( or you, gg) have any idea as to why the KX wouldn't re-dissolve itself?


    I may try your "freezing" method next time. I'm a believer in the cold extrCt method, but find it a lot easier to just boil the darn thing down and let it evaporate.


    BTW, my first taste, about a "bb" size grain in a gel cap gave me zero buzz, but I did get some pain relief and a general sense of well being.

  6. gg, more on my latest extract.  


    First, notice how clear the dish of extract is.  Bud and KX sat in the freezer for 4 days. I ran three washes as you recommend.  I let it sit in between filtering as you recommend so a lot of "solids" settled out.  I really felt that this was clean.


    The next pic shows the extract after sitting in a secondary bowl after it had evaporated quite a bit. Note the shiny, waxy looking "skin" on the surface.  It is basically a clear (with one exception) material similar to what you would get after boiling a chicken or turkey carcass for a couple of hours when making soup.  Its not fat, more like a greasy skin.  The "exception" are the tiny darker brown dots that you can see. At first I thought these were droplets of oil, but they're firm.


    The third pics shows what I scraped out of the bowl after drawing off 1 oz of a whitish, milky substance.  Water?  It reminds me of bird seed mixed in with suet!.  I let it dry some more and pressed out more liquid (water).


    The last picture shows the "block" of what I ended up with.  As I worked it into a block, droplets of water would work out.  The product is now dry to the touch, but pliably, sorta like caramel that softens when warm but firms up as it cools.  I haven't cut into it nor have I tried it yet.  Just don't know what to make of the final product, let alone knowing what to call it!


    You can see oil/tar/?? on the parchment paper.  It's very sticky/gummy more like sap or pine resin and can be rolled into a ball.  Anxious to hear your thoughts on all of this.


    KX extract

    KX reduced

    KX extract liquid removed

    KX end result

  7. HELP! gg, I must be doing something wrong. I'm in the process of making some sap and the product is looking weird to say the least. Take a look at the picture. This was made with one oz of my best bud and KleenXtract. I followed your method to a "t", but it looks like it was made with EC (your water issue) and looks very similar to an earlier picture of mine and one of yours in a recent post(low quality oil). It also has this sheen on the surface that is full of tiny droplets of oil. On the sides of the bowl (which I just cleaned before the pic) and the bottom, there are gobs of a gooey substance that is the color and consistency of warm caramel. There is also indications of water on the surface. [Thought: I'm beginning to think that the water might be coming from the air, either from absorption or a difference between the alcohol/oil so that the water vapor in the air "sticks" to the surface, sort of like dew on the grass in the morning.]


    I just don't get it. Your recent pic showing your oil/sap so nice and clean-dark, but clean looking doesn't look anything like mine. Can you give me any advice as to what may or may not be going on? One other thing: I can't get the gooey stuff to remix/blend with the KX. Suggestions on how to thin it out?


    Well, it appears I've lost my tool bar so I can't figure out how to post the pic. You can find it by searching through my gallery - medmanmike.

  8. Hi gg, time for an update.


    First, received my order of KleenXtract! Buds and KX are in the freezer. I hope to make a batch this week. Regarding the dryness of the buds. I left them out on parchment paper for a couple of days and they got good and crumbly, so I'm hoping they will disintegrate once they're washed. Btw, thanks for the recap of how you make the ND Sap.


    Second, I tried a little experiment: I had some Tincture that I made last fall. Never really liked it as the alcohol was too strong (Everclear). I also had some AVB and trim that had been soaking in EC for a few weeks that I shook occasionally. I strained this and added it to the tincture and than evaporated the alcohol on my coffee cup warmer (with a washer). I started with about a pint of liquid and ended up with three 4 dram bottles about 3/4 filled each. The consistency is about that of an oil, olive, etc. Concerned that the pressure might build up as we've both experienced before, I left the caps loose and stored them in the dark. I'll let them sit for a bit and will report back. I can't attest to the potency, but it is the cleanest, smoothest oil I've produced yet. Time will tell.


    Question: when you make Sap, do you ever let it completely dry out (slowly, no hear, of course) and then just scrape up what's left, or do you always leave it runny?


    Will also let you know how the Sap turns out.

  9. Got it!  Thanks.  Another question:  When you say "very dry" (the bud prior to extraction) what do you mean?  Do you force dry it, or just let it naturally dry in the open air?  I store my buds in mason jars like you and my RH runs between 50-62%.  I use Boveda 62 packs.  This particular harvest was overdried - had some issues controlling the environment in the dry room, and is currently sitting at about 52% in the jars.  Buds are a little crispy on the outside.


    An earlier test of putting the buds in the freezer with the lid off, lowers the rh to about 30%.  Is this dry enough from your perspective?

  10. gg, - just screwed up!  Typed you a long post, then uploaded photos and lost the post!


    Thanks for the info.  I'm a little confused about which method KX or ISO produces "a comfortable visual buzz and is very potent, but not an uncomfortable intensity. and "One is longer lasting and the other is really enjoyable visual effect for a good 24 hours. The non winterized method lasts at least 48 hours if not longer, that is taking it everyday." 


    Also, just harvested my 3rd grow.  1600W CFL for veg and added a 90W LED UFO for flowering.  Two strains:  Pineapple Trainwreck and Gold Leaf (I posted some pics of these earlier).  Total dried weight:  just under 6.5 oz!  That's the good news.  The bad news - I'm way over limit! LOL!  Time to make some oil!  Here are some pics.  1st PT, 2nd GL, 3rd GL cola, 4th the fruits of my labor! :bong2: Thanks again.  PS Ordered KleenXtract today. 

    Pineapple Trainwreck

    Gold Leaf

    Gold leaf cola

    drying bud

  11. HI gg, sorry I haven't gotten back to you recently.  Real busy right now as we're leaving for Costa Rica on Wed for two weeks.  I'm in week 7 of flower and working on getting things set up for my helper to take over.  The helper is my son, who is on the verge of getting a job in Nashville, so he may be leaving while we're gone, so I need a back up for the back up!


    There will be a lot of downtime on the beach so I may be able to give you a thoughtful response while I'm gone. 

  12. Hi gg, time for another update.  I keep a jar of alcohol (Everclear) wash.  From time to time I'll dump my AVB in to it.  Everyday or so I'll give it a shake or two.


    Recently, wife and I were defrosting our basement freezer and I found a gal bag of trim and sugar leaf from the last harvest.  I dried this out, chopped it up and threw it into the wash jar.  I had also recently finished a vile of a poor quality QWISO and could no longer scrape anything out of it, so I washed the vile and the dropper and threw that into the wash jar too.


    After letting it sit for a bit and shaking it daily, I strained it off and then purged it into my ss pan on a coffee warmer with a large washer. Also had a fan blowing across it.  I started off with about a cup + of liquid and when it was reduced about 50% I added two tablespoons of Coconut oil to it. (I've not found it easy to manipulate the extractions - moving from the pan into vials, etc. without making a mess, so I thought I'd give the C oil a try and it's easier to work with.)


    The evaporation process was slow (by design) so I would turn the warmer off at the end of the day so I wouldn't dry it out.  In the morning, the C oil was hardened with some liquid still on top.  Smelled and tasted like Everlcear, so I turned the warmer on and continue the evaporation process.  When it looked like the alcohol was gone, I again let it cool. This time it was completely hardened with no liquid on top.  I warmed it and using a (one of those long plastic squeeze things-a-ma-jigs-whose-name-I can't-remember-at-the-moment) I filled the larger half of a "0" gel cap.


    I figured that giving the materials - wash, old avb, trim, etc. that it wouldn't be to potent. To be sure, I cut a cap in half the first time.  didn't get much out of it, but given it was the end of the cap that wasn't filled so there was little material in it, the lack of potency didn't surprise me. The second time, I took a full cap.  Mistake!  Way to much - lots of anxiety, a feeling of needing to hold on to the (chair) arm rests, etc.  The next day I did a half cap, cutting it so there were somewhat equals amounts in both halves.  Still to much!  So now, I'm cutting them into 1/3s which gives me a pleasant buzz that lasts for about 4-5 hours.


    Like previous experiments, I find that the second dosage never seems to be as strong.  I don't understand this.  It a quantity thing?  Tolerance?, frame of mind?  My next step is to take the 2nd dosage sooner.


    I have to say I was very surprised at the potency of this oil.  I might add I also added a tsp of lecithin to the coconut oil to help with the emulsification as well as the absorption.  Maybe that had something to do with it.


    I continue to experiment. Have you tried the Kleen-Xtract yet?  Here's a couple of pics of the current crop.  PineApple Trainwreck on the left, Gold Leaf on the right, then PT, then GL.  Both at day 17 of 12/12.


    PT & Gold Leaf - Mainlined

    PineApple Trainwreck day 17 of 12/12

    Gold Leaf - day 17 of 12/12

  13. gg, came across a QWET recipe that is similar to yours, but uses a little heat-in a method that I hadn't seen before. Cold wash, but with an oil bath to decarb. Thought you might be interested (if you haven't already seen it).



  14. hi gg,  I hope you had a great Christmas and have something planned for tonight.  I had some minor nasal surgery yesterday so we're staying home and doing popcorn and a movie!


    It's been a while since I updated you on my experiments, so here's some observations etc.


    I started doing extracts this past summer:  Coconut oil canna butter; RSO, QWISO, QWET Sap; Added (heated 280º for 60 min) Decarbed bud in caps this fall.  Here's some of my experiences, which may be unique to me, the quality of the products or just in how i'm consuming them.


    Commonalities:  for the oils/tar, I put an amount equal to a small grain of rice if it's "solid" or a drop(s) about the size of a large wooden, kitchen match head if it's liquid, directly into the mouth or in a 00 or 0 cap. For the butter, I put 1 milliliter in a cap. I find 1 milliliter can be too strong, so I often cut a cap in half.  With  the decarbed bud, I've experimented with ⅛ gram or ¼ gram in a cap trying to find the sweet spot.  I kinda of modeled this after your effort with taking a joint and cutting it into quarters or thirds.  Do you know what your joints weigh?  Mine come out around ⅓ gram and 'usually' about all I can smoke at one setting is ½ of the joint.


    Overall use/reactions:  this is generally true for all of the products:  If I take one of the above on an empty stomach, it hits me pretty hard within an hour. If I wait and take it after eating - either immediately or up to two hours later, it often takes 2-3 hours before I feel anything (at least feeling a buzz, there may be some pain relief and a general sense of well-being.)  Early in the trial, if I didn't feel anything after an hour/hour and a half, I would take another, which was then too much.  Trying to find the right dosage and the right timing remains an issue.


    My oils and saps are now at least 120 days old.  I don't have enough experience with them to know how much they've improved by letting them sit.  You may recall that some of my early oils were made with trim so they may not be that potent to begin with. 


    The most recent QWET Sap - shown in the pic I posted earlier in the blog is being weird.  Meaning, I wrapped it in tinfoil as it was too think to put in a syringe or pour into a glass vail.  The tinfoil wrapped sap was stored with the fold up, in a glass jar, in a drawer in the 60-65º basement. When it turned 100 days I looked at it and some of the sap had found its way out of the folded tinfoil and had pooled on top of the foil or on the glass itself.  Strange. The foil was laid flat with multiple folds, so I don't know what was going on to get it to move.  NOTE:  I happened to open a vial of a previous oil the other day and it "popped" when taking the cap off and there was a noticeable cloud or fog that quickly disappeared. Obviously, there is some kind of chemical reaction taking place.  I think you've experienced this too?


    I'm also finding that all of the extracts give me an "up" so there have been a few nights when I did't get much sleep :-(  Yes, most strains are hybrids, Sativa dominate, but even the Cannatonic that is supposed to be 1:1 with THC/CDB gives me this effect.  With the oils and decarbed bud, I've tried extending the process time so there is more degrading to CBDs for a more sedative effect, but.


    Having said this, on occasion when taking one it knocks me out so I sleep pretty good.  Why the different effects from one time to another, I don't know. My physical state?  Mental state?


    When ingesting one of the above, I'm working on the timing for taking a second dose and find that the second dose never seems as powerful as the first.  This isn't making sense to me. Logic tells me that it would either boost or extend the "high", but the second dose isn't all that noticeable.  Have you ever experienced this?


    I will often vape some bud shortly after taking a cap to obtain some relief before it kicks in.  I've also noticed that when the effects of ingesting begins to taper off, a couple of vapes will kick it in gear again.  This makes me think that ingesting a second cap in lieu of vaping should do the same. Thoughts?


    Recently, I was going through my oils. One, was very thick and lumpy - probably too much bud remained.  Anyway, I was cleaning up the edge of the bottle and washing off the eye dropper as it was clogged up.  As I got oil residue on my fingers and tools, i.e. toothpick, I licked it off.  Didn't think I took too much, but....About three hours later, it hit me so hard, that while on the way to friends for the evening I had to turn around and go home (wife was driving).  There was no way I was going to be able to mix with a group for a birthday party!


    How is the ingesting of raw (ND Bud) going for you? I'm finding it convenient, but its hard to get the dosage right. 


    That's it for now.  I'm getting ready to switch the current grow to 12/12.  This time I'm doing one PineApple Trainwreck and one Gold Leaf http://shop.ilovegrowingmarijuana.com/collections/indoor/products/gold-leaf-marijuana-seeds I'm using the Mainling aka Manifold method of pruning.  Both looking really good.

  15. Hi gg, saw this article today and thought you would appreciate it as it deals with naturally aging bud and what happens to the terpenes as it ages. I don't know enough say one way or the other, but I wondered if/this might affect the make up of ND SAP?


    What Does Drying Buds Do to Terpenes?


  16. gg, been meaning to follow up with you regarding our ongoing conversation, and then I stumbled across this blog. Perfect timing!


    I've been experimenting with ND Sap/oil as you know. Also, cannabutter and dried bud (caps). I'll follow up with my Sap comments on your other blog.


    First, coconut cannabutter. I made a batch (Bad Kitty Smiles recipe, with heat)during the summer and capped them - approximately 1 ml/cap. One cap didn't do much. Two at the same time still wasn't too much. I put them in the freezer and kind of forgot about them. Occasionally, I would try one and the potency seemed to vary. More weeks passed. I took one about 5pm one day prior to going out for dinner with friends. Oh boy- did I get a buzz! Further experimenting I'm now doing ½ cap and then a ½ cap a couple of hours later. Nice even buzz, pain relief, little "anxiety." I attribute the change in the potency/effects to the additional decarbing that I'm assuming is taking place over time. I'm not sure, but I beleive these caps are at least 90 - to 100 days "old".


    Second, bud caps. I decarbed some bud - first dried it for 15 m at 200f and the 220f for 60m. I put .25 of a gram in each cap. Like the cannabutter, at first there was very little effect unless I took two at a time or took one and then another 1 hour later. This bud has now been sitting for nearly 100 days and one cap gives me a good buzz.


    My experience correlates what you've been saying all along and recently experienced with aged bud. I haven't tried your "one joint method" but will be doing so soon.


    Last night I took some of my oldest HQ bud - Cannatonic - and made up some ⅛ gr caps to experiment with. My plan is to take these caps over the course of a day/days and see how the dosing goes. (I'm finding that, due to what I believe is the decarbing process taking place, that I'm having a hard time getting the dosing right as the potency of the product is changing over time!)


    I'll update as I learn more.

  17. Caution when using 99% iso. You just have to make sure you evaporate out all of the alcohol. You won't have the convenience of using a dropper. When I make ISO oil and get it into the vial I will use a toothpick to get my dose out of the vial. Not sure how to get it in there since you should not warm it. I guess you could dilute it with 190 proof or higher grain alcohol after all of the iso has evaporated. It may clump up and cause some separation though. You can always dilute it more with grain alcohol, put that in the freezer then filter and evaporate some off, this is winterizing. It is a very different buzz, but less medicinal. Iso is a lot easier to work with, but more dangerous.


    Another caution: When doing the QWET/grain alcohol method, it leaves a lot of water behind, which gives me concern of mold. I have not seen any mold on mine yet, but I mostly have experience using 99% iso. When I get my QWET extraction done and all evaporated, adding fresh 190 proof or higher alcohol back into it I believe helps in preventing mold. If I choose not to leave it in a liquid state, I would be sure that all liquid evaporated off before putting into a well sealed container. Some recent FB activity mentioned the potential for mold to occur on QWET extractions. First time I had heard of it. I have heard of it with bubble hash though. Just something to look out for and consider. Can't wait to try that 200 proof stuff.
    I understand the negatives of ISO. Despite it being more difficult to work with, I'm sold on high-proof grain alcohol.Thanks for the heads up re mold. Ive noticed with one of my QWETs that EC is sitting on top of the oil/tar. This must have separated out of the oil over time. There's not much - maybe ¼", but it got me thinking: would adding a thin layer of 190+ to the vial after adding the extracted oil/tar help prevent mold? I've also noticed that if I tip the vial with the EC on top that the oil/tar is thick enough that it doesn't move, or moves very slowly. Why might this be important? It allows one to "disinfect" the sides and top of the vial with alcohol as well as leave a protected covering over the oil/tar, which should prevent mold from occurring in the oil/tar.Does this make sense? Is there something I'm not taking into consideration?
  18. Did you use 190 proof?


    Was this run with all buds? Low grade or high grade?


    I can't wait to do my next extraction. Now that I am just running one flower closet I don't have the access to extra buds for making oil like I used to. Hopefully in the next month I will be able to do some comparisons.


    Have you heard of this? Kleen Xtract. http://www.kleenxtract.com/#about

    I just might give it a try. I am going to have it sent to a patient's house though, feel a bit uncomfortable having it shipped to where the plants are being grown. Kind of obvious what it would be for.


    Yes, 190(2?) proof everclear. (The milky substance wasn't there until I washed down the sides of the pan with EC to liquidfy the dried oil.)

    Yes, HQ buds.

    Yes, I've heard of Kleen Xract and will most likely use it next time.

  19. More on the kief screen soon....


    QWET update:  my recent batch had evaporated enough so I moved both the HQ/LQ into a purge pan/small bowl respectively.  As the QWET had dried a bit around the edges, I took a small clean brush (that I use to brush out my Magic Flight vaporizer) and some ET and washed the edges before pouring into the purge pan.  This caused a white milky substance to form in the extract.  This is similar to what I experienced in a previous batch (see Sep. 14 post/pic on page 3).  It reminds me of what you get when you mix water and motor oil.  It's not a white foam as you describe in the instructions, just a white, milky liquid.  


    My eyes tell me that it's water and oil, but where did the water come from?  I took the ET fresh out of the sealed 1.5L bottle.  I know you've had issues with too much water in the Everclear, but this isn't making sense.  do you wash down the sides of your pans as I described?


    It doesn't seem to be sitting on top (of the oil) but rather is part of the solution or mixture. There is a gooey substance (tar/finished oil) that is forming at the bottom of the pan/dish.  Any suggestions on what I should do to eliminated it (the white, milky substance)?

    gg, the milky white liquid on the QWET HD didn't seem to want to evaporate. Today, I notices a greasy/oily film on the surface. Took a toothpick and low and behold - SAP!  (see pic, note the discoloration on the surface of the liquid in the bottom left corner of the pic.)  Using a toothpick I carefully collected the material on the top of the liquid. Then, poured off all the liquid and scraped the purge pan with a very small metal spoon, shaped somewhat like a shoehorn.  The second pic shows what I was able to recover:  2.5 grams by weight!  This was from 1 oz of bud.  I'm going to leave it in the tinfoil as it's too sticky to try to put into a vial.  I tried diluting with some ET, but man, this stuff is wickedly sticky!


    Not sure of the potency yet - though I did lick the toothpicks and got a little buzz, but it looks similar to your ND Sap.  Thoughts?


    sap from surface

    ND Sap from 1 oz of bud

  20. More on the kief screen soon....


    gg, took some photos of the screens that came with my Diamond-grind "Ergo" grinder.  I couldn't find the mesh size - they only state Course, Standard and Silk.  Used the silk screen today to filter the ET tincture I made.  I first used a course kitchen metal strainer, then a metal coffee filter, then gravity and the silk screen.  Cleaned it up really nice, though it's very green.


    It's still a slow process, but MUCH faster than a paper coffee filter.  The screen frame holds about ½ oz and I needed to carefully scrape off the sediment periodically, but it really captured a lot of junk.  


    Course screen

    Standard screen

    Silk Screen


  21. More on the kief screen soon....


    QWET update:  my recent batch had evaporated enough so I moved both the HQ/LQ into a purge pan/small bowl respectively.  As the QWET had dried a bit around the edges, I took a small clean brush (that I use to brush out my Magic Flight vaporizer) and some ET and washed the edges before pouring into the purge pan.  This caused a white milky substance to form in the extract.  This is similar to what I experienced in a previous batch (see Sep. 14 post/pic on page 3).  It reminds me of what you get when you mix water and motor oil.  It's not a white foam as you describe in the instructions, just a white, milky liquid.  


    My eyes tell me that it's water and oil, but where did the water come from?  I took the ET fresh out of the sealed 1.5L bottle.  I know you've had issues with too much water in the Everclear, but this isn't making sense.  do you wash down the sides of your pans as I described?


    It doesn't seem to be sitting on top (of the oil) but rather is part of the solution or mixture. There is a gooey substance (tar/finished oil) that is forming at the bottom of the pan/dish.  Any suggestions on what I should do to eliminated it (the white, milky substance)?

  22. Forgot to mention.... I spent some time today looking at the QWISO and the high and low quality QWET. All three bottles had a small amount of alcohol floating on top of the oil. The dropper from the HQ QWET had excessive alcohol in it so I squirted it out, took a toothpick and stirred everything up well so I have a better grasp of how much oil I'm getting. Did the same with the other two. As I was going along I licked the tooth- whew, this stuff is wicked. Lasted all day - still going slightly. Couldn't have taken more than a large drop, certainly less than a grain of rice. Definitely improves with age. :-)

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