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  1. It really should not matter how many the doc certified.
  2. Could really use Willie as a patiant....lmao
  3. Could not agree more with the last 2 paragraphs.
  4. I think that the ordinance does not apply to mm card holders. It does not say in our law that we have to tell the locals what we do.
  5. Yes they are and when they don't come close to that number they will blame the caregivers
  6. I'll say it agian, the caregiver system has worked very well for the last 8 years for me. The dispensaries on the other hand have done nothing to further our cause and have actually done a lot of damage.
  7. Hey man, she offered to buy my vote....who am I to say no
  8. I might tell maddona she could blow me then laugh at her when I voted for trump.
  9. I think the best price of hope for the caregiver system is that you have to have been a cg to work in a commercial grow.
  10. I think that Mr.soul is involved, but I don't know who all the original people were
  11. The caregiver system has been working pretty good for the last 8 years.
  12. If we don't get some kind of bill threw soon I think that they will get rid of home growing or drasticly reduce the plant count, then draft their own legalization bill that will be tailored to the way they want it.
  13. And that is to much cost to take, But I think that in their own bill unless ammended later said that these large grower could only employs a person with 2 years caregiving experience. So if they get rid of us who will grow their large scale site in 5 years? In the end it was greed and corruption that got these bills passed.
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