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  1. Yea grassmatch pretty much sums it up. I simply want to bud faster. 12 12 should do better than what I was running
  2. I'm having the trouble of plants getting 8 foot tall witch is my ceiling height. Wanting to get high yield but bud in a faster manner.I use t5 hoods and the bulbs I get the day light bulbs. I use promix soil and dyna grow and dyna bloom nutes and have for the longest.
  3. Ty all I'm going to go with the 12 and 12 in flower been growing for 3 years and started on this site to get going back then. But I never could get a hold on better flower time. And the 15 9 has to be the answer
  4. What times do you recommend lumberjack
  5. My veg is good so it sounds like 15 9 isn't good for flower. Looks like they need more light. I have plants 8 foot and just getting hairy and I want them shorter and faster flower. Thanks for the info I will try
  6. Looking to find the perfect grow and bloom times to set my timers at. Would love to be blooming faster. Grow I seem to have no troubles as I run 18 on light 6 dark. My bloom I'm 15 dark 9 in light.
  7. I have some almost like this looking for electric pruners.
  8. It takes me 3 to 4 hours with my og kush and my double trouble.i use hand pruners and ive seen vidios of electric pruners and they were amazing.croping is the hardest of the prosess and looking to help my prosesss.ive been using this site for 2 years and have had amazing results.thanks for the help all you know who you are .putting outc3 plus zones of seedless fruit
  9. Looking for some good but cheap electric pruning shears.ive googled but it i keep geeting places like walmart or meyjers who have nothing but grass shears.looking for a web site to bye them or some place to get them
  10. I have been using 5 gallon pots with no problem..i have 9 pots all 5 gallon and the plants are healthy as can be ..cropped 2 plants last month and both over 2 zones ..and i want to say happy to be back after some family issues..
  11. I grow in promix soil and use dyna grow in grow and flower I use dyna bloom.. just cropped my first plant og kush and 2 1/2 zones and she is o so sticky with a nice smooth taste.. very happy with my first crop thanks to everyone on this site....I won't change a thing
  12. Mighty wash has helped me and my final finish witch I just got done tasted excellent and I will use this again if needed
  13. I stick my seeds when i messed with seeds between 2 coffee filters and kept them moist and when I saw root dirt they go.. now I'm strictly clones and have had great results.
  14. Thanks grass so I'm just going to water her then for the next 2 weeks? What about the bottom half will it be ok.. I think the bottom needs a couple more weeks after I cut it in half and it should be ready. it I can go way past 60 on a og kush strain I want to do so.. picks don't do justice ...
  15. I need a sensai to help me through this first crop any one want to help me on that if so we can message talk on a phone or witch ever let me know as I can send my number.... yes if you must ask I'm stressing getting my first crop right
  16. Ok here is the scoop.... I do use a side hood for lower lighting. 2nd I'm all organic as far as soil and nutes. So I should flush my plant what a week or 2 before I chop her?
  17. My og kush is setting on the 60 day mark and think they need more time.. should I be stopping my nutes on the plant before I crop her? The top half of the plant is looking pretty done but the bottom half looks like she needs acouple weeks.. so I will be cutting her in half basically and letting the bottom get more done...but I'm not sure if stopping my nute is going to hurt me on things.. really could use a lot of help on this crop as its my first and wish for this to be right....
  18. Yea I wouldn't trust cl and legal is the only way
  19. I don't have a ph meter never have I keep my ph at 6.5 to 7.0 and my girls are looking o so green.. I nute with dyna grow in grow and dyna bloom in flower once a week from the bottom only I nute and my plants are green beautiful and no burnt leaves.. I see this and I must say yes a ph problem......
  20. I'm 20 days from my window of my first og kush plants harvest.. I don't want to harvest early and praying to get this right... when I get to the 20th I will post some pics.. what is my best way to harvest and how long should I wait to jar... ive heard many tail to hang upside down.. ive also heard I can cut my plant in half let's say so the lower lvl can bloom more and I can get more out of the plant..ive read low humidity is good and I have such a place.. and no it won't be in some damp basement Lol..if any one has some great tips I would totally appreciate you... and thanks again for the last 6 months of help that got me going and to were I am today.. HAPPY NEW YEAR MY FRIENDS!!!
  21. I'm 6 for 6 on cloning And have had great success with a clear solo, promix soil,root hormone, and a baggie with a compact fluorescent light... roots in about 10 days..no need for that high tech equipment Lol ..just cut your clipping at a 45 dip it set it in the dirt cover it keep it moist and watch it grow....
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