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  1. Our doc's work for us.... if they start treating you in a way you find unfair, or unfit then FIRE them...
  2. The winds of change are a blowing... SEPT 10 is the date to watch... ABC NEWS 15 minutes ago.... http://abcnews.go.com/US/marijuana-ruling-signal-end-prohibition-pot/story?id=20118755
  3. I totally disagree with you guys. I think this is just what is needed; Get the issue in the mainstream's eyes, saturate the public with the FACTS about this plant, the people using it, the people going to prison/lives being destroyed over it... WE users, whether for recreation or medicine tend to be a peaceful helpful productive group of people, for most of us our biggest problem is being labeled a criminal for using a plant that helps us in one way or another (even if its just to relax after a hard day of work!!). I Want the congress talking about it, look what happened with gay marriage!
  4. I have to say I agree with this guy ^... This is huge in my mind because the announcement comes just before the congressional hearing taking place on Sept 10 which Eric Holder is invited to attend. http://www.usnews.com/news/articles/2013/08/26/congress-to-hold-hearing-on-countrys-clashing-marijuana-laws I choose to believe this is the beg. of the end of the war on a plant that is proven to help mentally, spiritually and physically in the pursuit of happiness... let it be legal!
  5. Senate hearing Sept 10... HOPEFULLY will help clarify some things. Thanks for all the tips guys. Sounds like things need to be worked out in this state, and quick.
  6. Any meetings in Lenawee County? The email listed is no longer active, so seems to be nobody running the show here... If any one can direct me in the right direction it would be vastly appreciated!
  7. Couple years late but would love to here how this went for ya... I have heard excellent things of both strains, would love to get your feedback!
  8. Great information thanks guyz
  9. Yo! New here in Lenawee county , and am wondering what draws the attention from the local cops in the first place? I rather just be left alone (I am sure like the rest of you), and also how things turned out so far in your case?
  10. Well as a new patient in Lenawee county, I hope the popo are more respectful of the law here. I am sickened and saddened by the trouble so many are dealing with here in Michigan. As an ex-oregonian, and an ex medical patient in California I can tell you that there is always some feet dragging by the local policed forces especially in "conservative" areas... This does not excuse it , but from what I have seen it does die off eventually. Anywho... be well stay safe
  11. Possibly in the near future, if you have trouble finding one let me know through a PM and I will see what I can do.I do have "space" but am just getting going (relocated from Indiana ) so wont have my first harvest for a few months. I am a Crohn's patient, plus caretake for my soon to be father in law, and two other real life friends. I am hesitant to take on anyone I don't know , but really want to help people who really need it... .anywho I will try to keep you in mind and keep you posted.
  12. Only one bought game I have played for a few years... arma 2 (now arma 3).. so many incredible mods for this game that it is truly the only game you need! lol.. I love the DAYZ mod, and am excited for the standalone. I am close to 40 (39!!!) and have played games since my Vic 20 days..(yes it was my first computer, then a commodore 64, then a 128 etc..) The arma series is nothing short of AMAZING for the serious gamer...plus they give you the ability to fully mod their game in any way you choose. I am not a military guy, dont hunt, hell I dont even eat meat! But I love me some arma!!
  13. I won't even touch on the NONSENSE about Hazeman doing the work while working with MOTA, ,.,., what I will comment on is what I know from experience of Motarebel's strains. I have never met the guy, but have been an admirer of his work since the first seed of his I popped. First off his beans pop faster and more reliably then ANY other breeder or company I have EVER dealt with (i have been in the scene for over 20 years... .), and every strain I have had the pleasure of working with has been unique , top notch and exactly what he said it would be. I have worked with his Oguana Kush, Grendel
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