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  1. me too, but it doesnt surprise me. Some cannabis users used to be alcoholics and found cannabis a huge help/replacement for their medicine. alcohol was a big part of medicine, still is for many. its used as a pain killer by millions. Now, cannabis is being used to replace this pain management effectively, so when an alcohol abuser tells of the comparison to cannabis it makes some sense to me. somewhere in the comparisons though, I sense a line drawn to connect recreational alcohol to recreational cannabis use. I figure whatever it takes to stop my brothers and sisters from being incarcerate
  2. Fox 2 anchor with MS to retire, fight to legalize pot (Photo: Fox 2) Former Fox 2 Detroit anchor Anqunette Jamison Sarfoh is throwing her support behind a movement to legalize all forms of marijuana for adults over 21 in Michigan. Sarfoh was previously on a leave of absence from Fox due to medical issues related to her multiple sclerosis condition and announced her decision to retire on Tuesday. Sarfoh will be introduced as a leading member of the grassroots organization MILegalize at a fundraiser Wednesday at Weber’s Inn in Ann Arbor. “I loved my job, but multiple sclerosis was mak
  3. the law chooses to threaten the bulk of them, then employers threaten many, what the heck did we/they expect? Who is this famous doctor?
  4. be a quitter already man, stick around, we love you. The year before my wife quit(20yrs ago ish) I asked my doctor which drug has been the most help for patients, he said zyban/wellbutrin. I bit. I read the pamphlet and followed it, the pills made me feel and act abnormally and I knew it. I stuck with it because I actually was well aware of the drugs action and somehow it was "working" with me. For two weeks I battled with the pill, not the cessation, I was down to a cigarette a day, smoked at once but the pills were going to kill me or someone else maybe. I stopped the pills and my marlbo
  5. thats some kinda chuck wagon reporting their fox! those are not medical marijuana grower crackdowns, they are illegal marijuana growing operations. take their plants away, warn them about illegal growing without proper controls, sternly express how stupid they were to think they could hide this from their neighbors, then let them go.
  6. speaking of seed to sale....I see now patients and caregivers will be able to sell clones and seeds to the licensed growers/suppliers. any thoughts about how/if/can they track this part of the cannabis road?
  7. Newest marijuana tissue culture additions! I have viable samples now in my genetic library of the following !! WooooHoooo! Chem4 was most difficult, dirty little beotch I'm guessing.. Chemdog 91 sk va EmDog Chem 4 thinking these might be next (thanks goes to WET !) Scotts Og(game changer? (we'll soon see) Commerce City Kush(OMG) Queen of Hearts - Chemdog4 X Gobstopper(no doubt with a name like Gobstopper, highly recommended, and when seller was asked for the best gear on the list, he also replied the same. )
  8. recall these devices are not an answer to growing better cannabis, they wont carry around dirt for you, or grow faster cannabis, heavier cannabis, or substitute for poor room controls, poor gardening habits, poor feeding schedules, or flint water. what they in fact are....tools that effectively water from the bottom, do not report root rot, can be fed within the substrate or using the bottom feeding reservoir, with either organic or chem fertilizers. They allow me personally to walk away for near a week without turning on the water in my grow room with zero fear of leaks or dry outs or ove
  9. odor regulation is nothing new English Common Law =English Common Law One has the right to swing their arm up to the point that a closed fist approaches another person’s nose. At that point, the other person’s right not to be assaulted prevails more lawyer fodder, a whole new city farm stink to defend. http://nationalhogfarmer.com/mag/farming_states_regulate_odors
  10. no way man, they want to see a ballot selfie !
  11. sounds like maybe a dispensary supplier cropper with waay too much to trim at one time, owns/rents a trimmer, supplies your local shops, maybe local shops spin pro dried buds too when they get them, you know, otherwise they wouldnt have those 10 dollar pre rolls patrons love.
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