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  1. me too, but it doesnt surprise me. Some cannabis users used to be alcoholics and found cannabis a huge help/replacement for their medicine. alcohol was a big part of medicine, still is for many. its used as a pain killer by millions. Now, cannabis is being used to replace this pain management effectively, so when an alcohol abuser tells of the comparison to cannabis it makes some sense to me. somewhere in the comparisons though, I sense a line drawn to connect recreational alcohol to recreational cannabis use. I figure whatever it takes to stop my brothers and sisters from being incarcerated, call it recreational, medicine, or weeds, no matter to me. We compare cannabis to pharmaceuticals daily, even though we all know a joint is not anything like an oxycontin pill, xanax or antidepressant, yet many replace their pills too with cannabis, and always tell us of the comparisons between the two. When we hear of the demise caused by alcohol and pill use we see at least the first shining differences between pills/booze and cannabis= better health, mind and spirit, nobody dies
  2. Fox 2 anchor with MS to retire, fight to legalize pot (Photo: Fox 2) Former Fox 2 Detroit anchor Anqunette Jamison Sarfoh is throwing her support behind a movement to legalize all forms of marijuana for adults over 21 in Michigan. Sarfoh was previously on a leave of absence from Fox due to medical issues related to her multiple sclerosis condition and announced her decision to retire on Tuesday. Sarfoh will be introduced as a leading member of the grassroots organization MILegalize at a fundraiser Wednesday at Weber’s Inn in Ann Arbor. “I loved my job, but multiple sclerosis was making it harder and harder to do it,” she said in a video post on social media Tuesday morning. Sarfoh spent 22 years in broadcasting. She worked at stations in Las Vegas, Boston and Indiana before joining Fox 2 Detroit, where she anchored the morning news. In a written statement, she explained why she’s planning to spend her time advocating for the legal use of marijuana. “As someone who has experienced the positive effects of using cannabis I feel it is hypocritical to remain quiet and benefit while others suffer in prison for nonviolent drug offenses,” Sarfoh said. “I want people to know they have a nonpharmaceutical option. I believe responsible adults have the right to enjoy this plant in the same manner as alcohol: with no shame and no fear of prosecution.” MILegalize collected over 350,000 signatures on petitions to get the legalization of adult use of marijuana on the 2016 general election ballot, according to a press release. The group says several court challenges prevented the proposal from appearing on the ballot. In a statement, MILegalize executive director Jeffrey Hank said he’s “very happy” to welcome Sarfoh to the team. “Her skills and passion are a real asset, and we look forward to others joining the cause as we work together to craft a plan to legalize the right way for Michigan,” he said. The state’s 2008 voter-approved medical marijuana laws have created confusion the past few years due to conflicting legal interpretations. New legislation was recently proposed to overhaul the laws and create a regulatory system and tax dispensaries. http://www.detroitnews.com/story/entertainment/television/2016/11/01/fox-anchor-announces-retirement-marijuana-legalization-support/93115208/ November 1st Announcement MI LEGALIZE 2018 WELCOMES ANQUNETTE "Q" SARFOH TO LEADERSHIP ROLE IN MARIJUANA LEGALIZATION CAMPAIGN Retired Fox 2 Detroit Morning Anchor, Takes Activist Interest In Advancing Marijuana Law Reform .. NOVEMBER 1, 2016/Detroit: In an announcement made this morning, Anqunette Jamison Sarfoh has declared she is joining the leadership of Michigan's movement to legalize the adult use of marijuana, known as MI Legalize 2018. . . Ms. Sarfoh will be introduced as a member of the organization during a fundraiser being held in Wednesday evening at Weber's Inn Ann Arbor. Those unable to attend can still donate to the new campaign below. . Anqunette, or “Q” as many know her, is a noted media personality and an accomplished activist supporting multiple sclerosis research and charities. Her television career has included broadcast positions in multiple states, including the morning anchor at Fox 2 Detroit. Anqunette is currently on a leave of absence from that position due to medical issues related to her multiple sclerosis condition. . As a volunteer, Anqunette is a District Activist Leader with the National Multiple Sclerosis Society and is also the newest member of the Michigan Chapter’s Government Relations Advisory Committee. Anqunette has participated in MS Action Day in Lansing, the African-Americans with MS conference in Detroit, Walk MS and Muckfest. . MILegalize collected more than 350,000 signatures on petitions to place the issue of legalized adult use of marijuana on the 2016 general election ballot. Although the petitions were proper and the filing was timely a series of court challenges prevented the group's proposal from appearing on the November 8 ballot. . The group recently announced they have filed a new ballot committee and are preparing an updated version of their 2016 proposal. The citizen initiative process requires approx. 250,000 valid signatures from Michigan voters, and a 2016 law now requires that those signatures be collected within 180 days. MILegalize is welcoming many new interested persons to join the campaign as it builds steam for a spring petition launch. "The MILegalize team is very happy to welcome someone as talented as Anqunette. Her skills and passion are a real asset and we look forward to others joining the cause as we work together to craft a plan to legalize the right way for Michigan," said Executive Director Jeffrey Hank. . "I feel the War on Drugs has been a failure. Not only has it stifled research into non-pharmaceutical medicine, and it has led to an incarceration epidemic which has disproportionately affected communities of color. As someone who has experienced the positive effects of using cannabis I feel it is hypocritical to remain quiet and benefit while others suffer in prison for non-violent drug offenses," said Sarfoh. "I want people to know they have a non-pharmaceutical option. I believe responsible adults have the right to enjoy this plant in the same manner as alcohol: with no shame and no fear of prosecution." . Anqunette's broadcast career has included stints as a television reporter in Indiana, Nevada, Massachusetts and Michigan. Peace Q, welcome aboard !
  3. the law chooses to threaten the bulk of them, then employers threaten many, what the heck did we/they expect? Who is this famous doctor?
  4. be a quitter already man, stick around, we love you. The year before my wife quit(20yrs ago ish) I asked my doctor which drug has been the most help for patients, he said zyban/wellbutrin. I bit. I read the pamphlet and followed it, the pills made me feel and act abnormally and I knew it. I stuck with it because I actually was well aware of the drugs action and somehow it was "working" with me. For two weeks I battled with the pill, not the cessation, I was down to a cigarette a day, smoked at once but the pills were going to kill me or someone else maybe. I stopped the pills and my marlboro romance for good on my two week course of wellbutrin. I never looked back, and admit my cannabis use increased. I know that I can never begin smoking cigs again.....because the only thing that I found to help me quit were those pills, and those were going to be the death of me. I'm skeered of those pills, I dont desire a cigarette because I relate them to the way those pills made me feel and think. reminds me of a stephen king short, something about smokers inc. they beat up your kids every time you sneak a smoke, until the characters finally quit, seeing their family literally ripped apart. I look at a pack of marlboro's and see this and that scares the chit out of me
  5. thats some kinda chuck wagon reporting their fox! those are not medical marijuana grower crackdowns, they are illegal marijuana growing operations. take their plants away, warn them about illegal growing without proper controls, sternly express how stupid they were to think they could hide this from their neighbors, then let them go.
  6. speaking of seed to sale....I see now patients and caregivers will be able to sell clones and seeds to the licensed growers/suppliers. any thoughts about how/if/can they track this part of the cannabis road?
  7. Newest marijuana tissue culture additions! I have viable samples now in my genetic library of the following !! WooooHoooo! Chem4 was most difficult, dirty little beotch I'm guessing.. Chemdog 91 sk va EmDog Chem 4 thinking these might be next (thanks goes to WET !) Scotts Og(game changer? (we'll soon see) Commerce City Kush(OMG) Queen of Hearts - Chemdog4 X Gobstopper(no doubt with a name like Gobstopper, highly recommended, and when seller was asked for the best gear on the list, he also replied the same. )
  8. recall these devices are not an answer to growing better cannabis, they wont carry around dirt for you, or grow faster cannabis, heavier cannabis, or substitute for poor room controls, poor gardening habits, poor feeding schedules, or flint water. what they in fact are....tools that effectively water from the bottom, do not report root rot, can be fed within the substrate or using the bottom feeding reservoir, with either organic or chem fertilizers. They allow me personally to walk away for near a week without turning on the water in my grow room with zero fear of leaks or dry outs or over watering, all without electricity. They do not rely on dirt to function, I've grown in pure perlite, rocks, styrofoam blocks, sand, and decided on promix fits my garden habits swell. They wont teach someone how to grow in new substrate either. I dont think they would work well outdoors or in a greenhouse with cannabis(imo) but they are my final answer in my indoor grow room.
  9. odor regulation is nothing new English Common Law =English Common Law One has the right to swing their arm up to the point that a closed fist approaches another person’s nose. At that point, the other person’s right not to be assaulted prevails more lawyer fodder, a whole new city farm stink to defend. http://nationalhogfarmer.com/mag/farming_states_regulate_odors
  10. no way man, they want to see a ballot selfie !
  11. sounds like maybe a dispensary supplier cropper with waay too much to trim at one time, owns/rents a trimmer, supplies your local shops, maybe local shops spin pro dried buds too when they get them, you know, otherwise they wouldnt have those 10 dollar pre rolls patrons love.
  12. only if some pseudo pro cannabis group convinces them of the Great Divide
  13. I did, and thats why I said "is ok", and good day, pay attention
  14. I'm wondering if if sometimes a tumbled bud may actually be a machine trimmed one after all.
  15. is ok, but try to be nicer next time with your responses maybe? YOu know I actually do trim alot, you know I would know that machines dont have eyes, and you also know I wouldnt have to watch the video either to know that. good day
  16. You are generous, I dont earn that hourly wage being a building and garden manager, trimmer, dryer, delivery driver all in one.
  17. Is it possible that some machine trimmers have results that are similar to tumblers' ?
  18. my wife quit a pack a day/20 year habit cold turkey, never looked back, no experimental psychotropic drugs, or their undesired effects,, it can be done I've seen it ! Seems about equal to me, the people I know using drugs to stop smoking, some quit while using, some do not. Anyone know if home grown organic tobacco causes addiction?
  19. I agree, put it away. but my parents hid very little from me. I regularly saw pills, loaded guns, cannabis, and syringes left in the open. I didnt use any of these except the guns, we had a mock indoor gun range in the basement, I was well trained on targets. Often instinctualy I'd hide the contraband when someone approached the door. My parents mused at that for years. There was a loaded gun behind some doors in my house growing up, in the drawers, on the wall, in the wall too. I never ate anything I wasnt supposed to, or stuck a needle into someone, or shot anyone on accident, I knew better somehow. according to the news kids just dont know any better any more. I bet theres lots of them that are very responsible in these areas, we dont hear about them.
  20. they knew? all the money, all the efforts here and elsewhere, all the fighting here, all the divisions, convincing people to vote against marijuana legalization....what a sham/shame, alot of groups claiming to be supporting my right to use cannabis can suck an egg !
  21. Catholics.....well lookee here...... now we know what they do with those dollar bills you stuff into the envelopes on Sundays. does this make Catholics anti's ? If they support the church they support prohibition? Who will give them another dollar this week? Catholics? democrats?
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