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  1. Helicopter came a few days ago and I thought he was going to land. They are out heavy now. I think im Ok now haven't heard a word. I probably will start my indoor grow again but with strict adherence to whatever laws the cops make up. meaning plants locked and secured multiple stage growing and never having more than 2.5 ounces in "usable marajanna. Im still a little shaky but I think if they had a case they would have come for me by now. Im sure im on a hit list so if im pulled over , I can expect an illegal search and harassment. I need my medicine this prednisone and other crap sucks and
  2. So far all has been quiet . I haven't been raided YET but others all through the county have been paid visits and some have been arrested for "not secure enough facility" One guy had everything confiscated because the lock on the door to the basement was not on when they showed up as he was down there when they came and they said he should have locked it before he answered the door they took all his lights and plants. Im telling you the cops here are going to do what they want and Laws be damned. maybe because I burned everything they have no case is what im thinking. Ill feel better when har
  3. Thanks I appreciate all the advice and support it has helped I also suffer from bi-polar dis order and depression and my doctor was happy that I could go off those meds and I was doing real good. I have hep b and chronic inflammation which I take meloxicam but the pain I can take down with marijuana a lot better than with Vicoden because they make me sick to my stomach we had a 420 club here but they are all in jail now and there is no way to get it except on the black market and I aint doing that I appreciate all the good people who are fighting to make this world open it eyes and see that it
  4. no pictures but like someone said it may have one from the helicopters. I haven't heard anything back as of yet they might have let it go but I know how they work out here they take their time and usually its a wake call because they are so cowardly they have bust in with young guns and take down a 57 year old man with cancer. I found someone to take my dog because im afraid they will shoot him when it goes down if I get through all this im putting my property on the market and moving to Colorado. The stress is more than its worth and now I have to go back on addicting medication which was wh
  5. well that's what the officers told me , they said that my plants had to be separate from hers 2 cages and that I had to have a key for mine and she had to have a key for hers. We weren't care givers just 2 people with cards growing in the same garden also he said I couldn't use chicken wire that I had to use something thicker . I have 2 foot fence surrounding the garden of that wire about as thick as a coat hanger green squares, he hesitantly said Ok but was telling me they preferred chain link. They had t-shirts on that said cannabis enforcement team on the chest pocket with some logo and pol
  6. I read about that and it would be a "test case" does anyone know of section 8 defense and the precedent? Im pretty sure I don't want to be the guy being tried the first time for that defense. I wonder why the police see huge grows and don't come back at harvest??, if I was a cop I would especially with a outdoor grow and 12 plants. I don't need the stress so I did what I did because I would have more than 2.5 with a 12 plant grow anybody who has grown before knows this and if I harvested it and was over the limit legally I better make it to the burn pit before they come screaming in the d
  7. o and on the subject of why I was trying to grow so much. I wanted a years supply from the summer so I didn't have to pay for lights, electricity as I said in my opening I was not aware that you could not store. I thought that's why they let you have 12 plants and that the 2.5 applied to if you were caught out in public. so why are you allowed 12 plants? obviously for different stage growth duh! but not in a out door grow , only maybe in a heated green house in Michigan we get 30 below zero here and if that the case the price of all that is probably more than indoor grow. so like I said it w
  8. My girlfriend has a card but she doesn't live here physically and has a house a few mile away and is afraid of a raid and harassment on her after all the horror stories we hear and read so right now im hoping they are done. but if I get arrested and we go to trial it can be proven at that time. but I think they were hoping to find mature plants . If you have plants and they are more than 2.5 in weight you are going down and that's the point im making. so they "worked with me" he called and I told him I destroyed them and that I didn't want to talk about it anymore. the police play that game o
  9. I live in the UP Michigan> I have been growing my medicine for a few years and when they made it legal for out door grow , I was happy to get out from under the electric costs as I am on disability and my plan was to grow a years supply. I have to admit I didn't fully understand the law. I thought that 2.5 was just on person amount. so I had 24 huge beautiful plants growing (12 were my girlfriends). my house is 45 miles from a traffic light and I had a locking gate at the end of the driveway. I also have a 6 ft wood fence that was locked and I have a guard dog. well one day I hear the dog
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