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  1. This is the first time I heard of the beverage holders from McDonalds. Sounds cool!
  2. I read a lot of post about people selling clones or looking for cuts to buy. I am curious on what people are using to transport clones. Do you just place them in a plastic bag or a water cooler as I have heard before?? Clones or cuttings are very delicate, so they must be secured when being moved from place to place, especially on longer trips. So what are people using to transport clones while keeping them safe and secure?
  3. Hi, I am actually posting this topic for a friend of mine. She asked me if I know of any caregivers in the Marquette, MI. area. She is a nurse working with Michigan Marijuana patients in the UP. If anyone know of any good and honest caregivers in the area, please let me know. Thanks. Dell J.
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