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  1. Thanks all for the advice.. tmrw I'm gna call my attorney and try to get everything figured out
  2. We got pulled over after leaving the bar.. I handed him my card with my id since I had marijuana in my pocket.. next he told me to stay put while he went in.. I didn't know they did the making whoopee pre lim without me! Not stupid man... Just blind to New laws and regulations
  3. Also he said no opinion or legal advice could be given
  4. Apparently the mmma n the law go hand in hand so says the attorney generals office..also said it would be hard for a nonusable defense considering it'll be dry by then
  5. If I could hire a legit lawyer I would but I'm strapped for cash now... Can barely make ends meet.. too bad I couldn't get a lawyer to go pro bono
  6. I'm just at a loss here.. I'm not pleading guilty to something I'm not f#*@!+g guilty of! Corrupt system
  7. Tuscola county.... It was part of a plant I broke in my room. I was hanging out with my buddies at the bar n rode home with them.. we got pulled over n they took my medicine... It was about 48 hrs drying maybe maybe bowlable but doubt it.. I put it in a bag in my pocket til I had a chance to take it home n dry it... N now I'm being charged with crap! This lawyer is about garbage as well.. he didn't even let me go in with him at the pre trial conference I just sat in the lobby.. he gave me his card and number n told me to call him later in the week.. I thought I was going to be dismissed.. the next day the jury trial papers come in.. I have no clue what they talked about for all I know they're in cahoots since he is court appointed.. he said I am a test case since there has been no such trial for usable vs unusable... He said also he was going to try let me stress try to file a motion for dismissal on grounds of it being unusable.. don't know.. frustrated! I have two girls and a fiancee n a job n house.. can't afford to lose it for something I couldn't smoke.. it was only like 9 wet grams
  8. I've been a patient since 2011 n I had a police encounter when leaving the bar with some friends.. he took my bag of unusable marijuana n said i may or may not receive a letter for court.. almost two months later I'm being charged with illegal transportation of medical marijuana.. n they said I need an expert in horticulture to say that it takes 5 to 7 days to dry and up to 120 days of curing.. how the hell can i find someone like that? Shouldn't it be there issue? what happened to them proving my guilty n not me proving innocence.. innocent until proven guilty I thought? My court appointed attorney wont even file a motion of dismissal until I find an expert... N my trial by jury is November 21st.. what can I do someone please any suggestions would be great
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