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  1. Hi Wild Bill, Until the location is locked up I will not be releasing the name. Please bear with us as I had said it will be 15 days before we release any information. Thanks. Mish
  2. Hi Hayduke, It is possible even for Karl Rove. Could be simplistic if thats how you want to portray it. We definitely do different things no doubt CPU (Quiet) vs. Michigan Compassion (Very Public). I finally have time to become a bit more involved and rather than see the 3MA speak for Michigan Compassion it would be better if different members of Michigan Compassion inform the 3MA of what we are doing. I spend more time on the ground on the Development side getting Programs launched and Volunteer Team Development. It's also nice to be finally Full Time with Michigan Compassion and we
  3. Hi SFC, Our purpose is to educate...we delved into politics and figured it we wasn't meant for us just yet. Politics may be the battlefront for yourself but it is not for our organization. I would suggest finding a organization that fits your political needs. There are quite a few out there with ASA, MINORML, MPP, Safer, DPA, NCIA, NPRA, CPU, etc. If finding one that aligns with your political stance I would suggest starting one that falls into that "sweet spot." Michigan Compassion's focus is to Educate the Public on the medical benefits of Cannabis and how to stay safe within the current
  4. Hi Malamute, Let's set the story straight DRCCC / Michigan Compassion has never dispensed in any manner or form. The group you have DRCCC mixed up with is Downriver Wellness Group which is now known as Michigan Wellness Group completely separate from what we do and have done - might want to check the name of the organization before putting out "bad info." Downriver Wellness Group aka Michigan Wellness Group has been dispensing for 3 years and has been raided several times as well. What location do you speak of....DRCCC has never had a location besides a meeting place at the Southgate Civ
  5. Hi Hayduke, I wasn't trying to say that CPU was or wasn't a PAC. It's what I know what ( c )4's can be. CPU tends to be a more secretive (Public Description) or quiet (Your Description) group so not many know about what CPU does or doesn't do compared to other ( c )4's that I have personally worked with in other realms outside of the Cannabis Industry. Most ( c )4's that I have been involved with tend to let the Public or their constituents know what they are working on. It's great to finally know a little bit on what CPU is working on....that was actually a first that I heard on what C
  6. Hi Northerngal, A 501( c )3 has the ability of participating in politics only to a certain point. It cannot be over the 15% threshold of all the programs running in the organization. So in our case we can have a Government Relations Division running to keep all the members informed on what is happening and we can educate legislators but we cannot lobby in any manner or form for either side. In this realm we have to stay completely neutral on any partisan issues. When it comes to the MMMA we can get involved if legislators are attempting to hurt the patient or caregiver system. Recent
  7. Actually I think one of our Charter Members who lives in Romulus is part of your group. He was planning on talking to you about how we may be able to assist your group....he comes up every couple of months. If you want to discuss this give me a call and we can discuss further. _______________ Amish Parikh Michigan Compassion Director of Development www.mycompassion.org 734-931-0620 "We MUST Increase Awareness to Increase Acceptance." CFC Code: 90376
  8. Celliach - Most people don't understand the difference between a state nonprofit Corporation and a Federal Tax-Exempt Nonprofit. We deal with this on a constant basis in the Cannabis community. All donations to our organization are actually tax-deductible compared to a state nonprofit. No donations that are submitted to a state nonprofit are tax deductible thru the IRS. I have personally worked for about half a dozen nonprofits outside of the Cannabis community and each one had a 501( c ) designation. Also a Federal Nonprofit has to be transparent in relation to their finances and if a Fe
  9. Actually that is incorrect Celliach. As a Federal Non-Profit the organization has the ability to do a number of different types of gaming including Bingo, Charity Poker Events, Millionaire Nights, and Raffles. This is just the beginning of what the organization can do in fundraising. And Thank you Bobandtorey this step was not just a small step it was a rather large step taken in Oakland County. We will be having Public Meetings in Royal Oak in 30 days and they will be happening on a monthly basis to begin. The same will be occurring in Ann Arbor and Brighton. If anyone has a quest
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