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  1. I'm a caregiver in that area, but compassion clubs I have always traveled out of our region for.
  2. Wow....there's too many variables to responsibility point you in the right direction. It really needs a scope at this point imho....and this is based on years ands an RN. Here's the problem...and sell these people have great ideas, but aside from removing things from your diet, all had potential pitfalls. Probiotics to the recommended acid could all make your feel horribly worse if you have "disease x" and we try this intervention not knowing what you have.... My rec? Basic foods...Two three choices to start seeing what your body reacts to. No red meat, to hard to digest, not alot of veggies, fiber might be an issue. Oddly simple carbs, white bread for example, and chicken are good starts. This allows your stomach to have easier foods to digest immediately. While your doing this temporary diet you should be calling the doc for your next follow up....wish it was a simpler more direct path...but I don't wanna recommend anything that might backfire on you without more info. Best of luck....been hospitalized a few times for things that start like that, then get much worse for me,so i do have some understanding, and hope you can avoid anymore of this.
  3. Just fyi...if you do take this.. start slowly.. my best way to describe it is "earthshattering diarrhea" that makes you levitate off the toilet if your stomach reacts strongly to it. Slow.... sorry. Thought it was a funny way to explain a very real possibility with the introduction of this new product to your system. It is also used widely for constipation. ...makes sense....
  4. Imho normls price on cbd legislation being dangerous, seems to jive with the arguments here...read norml.com and it will delve into the issue more.....
  5. Mixing btw seems to be best for patients imho unless they really want cbd only minded extracts Btw you can heat any meds on a digital vape lime the volcano and use a temp that beats cbd and not thc....
  6. Here my take.....The patients need to first be on the same page and not expect to get a mood elation or high. Trust me this is an issue if you take a regular user and give them that. ...just know some people don't really want that...even if it helps....frustrating at times.... So if you go forward cannatonic is fair but greenwerks r4 is the man....made charlottes Web etc....Google em, you have to sign off your first born if you want it....unless you go clone only stick to harlequin, blue suede shoes,Cannatonic eTc. One big thing no one addressed is inactive edibles....can't get enough cbd? Why? U can't smoke or ingest enough without getting sick or overmedicated? Then we don't heat it! If it's not activated with heat or extreme drying it can be kept in a non pyschoactivated non decarboxylate state. What does this mean? Well it won't hit you like before....it will be much less overmedicating....but the cbd u ate in this scenario can be taken in higher volumes without I'll effects....so instead of smoking a gram with 10%...you can ingest multiples of that at 10% strain and increase your overall intake largely. This obviously is best with extracted feco or concentrated forms......hope this helps
  7. This has been practically suspended and we have been told they will "sit on it" for now.....
  8. Just an fyi....Kents hard bud....keep the d.l. going due to the regional population a d views. Also...get some meds to your patient,stop at a compassion club meeting and network. ...good luck.
  9. Dankthsea

    better side by side

    This is something I'm working hard on getting to the next level on....thanks for the tips
  10. Hello guys! I was hoping someone could make a refernce for a electrician/contractor that will work the west side of the state, greater grand rapids area. I would appreciate pm's. This will be for service upgrade and some work in a CEA. I have reached out to a few member directly for this info..appreciate any help guys!
  11. Could you clarrify what aspect of my post you are quoting? Nothing you said builds on any concepts I laid down...let's break it down for comprehension....just to what you somewhat eluded to.... I said cbd counteracts the paranoia sometimes associated with high thc strains- A patient presumably medicates, and is currently experiencing paranoia so this is relevant. This was also an attempt to offer help towards resolution ( take note you master debator you) To your comments... Of course old meds worked...not part of the convo. You say most patients don't find med benefits from CBD? I will be taking your caregiver card from you when I meet you. And no, most patients don't want high cbd....but most of the time, that's for the wrong reason, and all caregivers worth any salt know that debate. I told you if I see you continue to nay say or just pic my post and run off with your delusional interpretation you would be on blast.....please make relevant productive points or it is now my honor to 'teach ya something.
  12. Agreed, unfortunate answer is to cut. But better in a window you can...then a total loss. i hope good things for them....alternate drying without moving air etc might be needed, they should assess this. I was thinking though....if they can afford dry ice they may want to dry this way. I do not generally promote it but with it so cold and.no moving air generated I personally wonder if freezing em and using sublimiation is best? Just a thought
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