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  1. Not if I'd have to leave my patients. Is the only thing you have against my ACTUAL STATEMENTS is if I'm involved with dispensaries? You can't figure out the logic yourself? Ckue: I;m not or ever wanted to be in politics. I don't lie! I did want to sell to dispensaries to make an extra buck and give more discounts to my patients. Did I ever sell to a dispensary? Yes, once so that I could afford cannatonic for myself and a patient. So it was a trade since no cash ever changed hands. I do use them for drop off points for testing. I'll stand up for whatever I see helps patients. Neither just dispensaries nor just caregivers(the way it is now with only 1 or even if there were 2 or more allowed) works for patients and I'll always stand up for something that helps patients. This bill the way it was rewritten doesn't work, it'll turn out just like NY. I'd not even take a license to grow for free nor run a dispensary with a free license with these new laws and regs. they'll fail just like they are doing in NYS under a Dem gov. who just saw $ for the state and sold out the the people who bought the licenses they distributed. So, you'll never get me to say I'll never do anything in the future. That depends on how things work out. But I'd most likely move to a different state rather than do anything with a dispensary in this state. I wouldn't be able to look a patient in the eye and then charge what the new dispensaries are going to have to charge to make a profit. Well it's been fun but I have no more time for this crap. My Grandpa(yes I'm 47 and my Grandpa is still alive for the next few days), he just got moved to hospice and I have to get back to NY to be with my Mom. Maybe we can pick up on this lovely witch hunt when I get back though. Any other questions about my integrity will have to wait though. But I do guarantee I am genuine in that I am owned by no one but reason and the cause of stopping people getting into trouble for MJ. You just can't see it since you guys thing that any "store/dispensary" for MJ will be corporate, big MJ. You guys thought that every dispensary out there was in cahoots with the "dispensary lobby" and trying to get rid of CG's. I can see how you'd be mistaken about me if you think that. But I can't really control that so it doesn't bug me, I just wish you guys pay attention so I don't have to repeat this every argument. Can we get this post as a sticky or something so I can just link to it or copy and paste it?
  2. I see,so the original writing of teh bill somewhere, negatively affected the pt yet this rewritten bill didn't affect patients at all? I can see you didn't visit many dispensaries because the ones that I visited were geared towards patients, had literature and info not only about the law but also about meds. None were double what most cg's(and for a convenient store that's not bad) charge and from my patients talk the meds were much better than they got from their cgs and they were the only place they could get medibles, tinctures, etc. since their cg's couldn't even get the buds without mold or mites. I'm not complaining the MMMA didn't endorse the bills I'm saying that people in this forum were led by Mal into not supporting the bills out of fear, bad logic and strategy. I don't understand how you think I'm standing up for dispensaries or care whether individual ones succeed or fail. I'm standing up for the right of the patient to visit them and not have them taxed and regulated out of business. I've seen some advocate for 10pt/2cg thing and talk about putting it forward, so you can do that but can't endorse a bill which expands pt rights the way it's written? Fishy. But you brought it up not me. Personally I think it's all justifications. So will dispenses people be able to come here and express their views now since they are legal? Funny though that you think Snyder and Shuette didn't know what they were doing so the strategy was to take their position on the bills. In a sense you helped them accomplish the hold on the vote till they rewrote it the way tehy wanted. Maybe you should merge with NPRA?
  3. Good answer, dont give any facts to rebutt my claims, just call out my ability to understand a situation. Maybe you guys weren't convincing enough because you didn't know what you were talking abuot. And that got us to the stage we're at now? Set the stage for Cg to be taken out. Well what you wanted anyway to get people pushed back to CG before teh state takes them out? So are you allowing advertising from dispenses here Zap? And you are telling me a push ffrom the patients to control the language instead of being against it would've done nothing to make these laws any better? You think backing Shuette and Snyder's position was the right vote? You may know people and the gov't but you have no clue about strategy if your call is to back Dems and maybe they'll do something. So you think we have no pull when it comes to getting a bill thru with the language you want but somehow calling against it does some good? Good logic.
  4. Sorry Mal, I don't read your posts anymore. I don't trust you. You got people here calling legislators saying the same thing Shuette and Snyder and the cops wanted. You lost all credibility when you stated that the bills weren't near as bad as you thought they would be. You know the same about the future as any member here, squat! You know little about strategy and logic also. You do seem to have an axe to grind with the person who wrote/proposed the bills though. And your solution seems to be to elect more Dems so I don't trust your agenda either since they haven't done shiit for the MMMA either. So I won't waste my time arguing with you.
  5. And now meds will be too expensive at dispensaries and people will flock to CG's. Then the gov't will realize it's not making it's projected cash and dispensaries will get the gov't backing to take out cg's. If you would have all realized that your interests lie with the interests of everyone else in the program and stood together to support these bills the worst that would've happened is what we have now. This is a step process by the gov't and you failed the first step. Now that dispensaries are hooked to the gov't they'll get the backing they needed to drive Cg's out. MiLegalize is the only thing that'll save the program now, in any form.
  6. Personally I'd be embarrassed if I voted for the MMMA the way some of you guys act. It gave you a "right" just enough that you'd sell everyone else out just for what you got, because you don't want to loose it. That's how divide and conquer works. Won't vote or support anything that gives more rights to others because of what your afraid of loosing. You vote the same way as Shuette. They opened the MMMA and none of your fears came true. But it did hurt people who run and use dispensaries. Are you going to let dispensaries place ads here now that they are legal? If not you should change to the CGA forum instead of the MMMA?
  7. And 4209 and 4210 did NOTHING to affect the Cg /Patient relationship. It did nothing to affect it even after the politicians changed the whole thing. And 4209 actually HELPED the CG/patient relationship in setting equivalencies for oil/tincture/medibles. Again, even after the legislature got their grubby little hands all over it. So all your sky is falling bunny muffin did nothing but keep people from supporting bills that could've even been better if they had some support. These bills affected not one patient or caregiver who don't use dispensary services! People like you throw all sorts of falsities out there when you don't know what you're talking about, which gets the community paranoid and selfish and goes against progress! It's people like you who affected legalization for the countless people who voted for the mmmp, knowing they would get nothing from it since they werent' sick. But you think they don't deserve your support in us helping with full legalization? Selfish!!!!
  8. Milegalize had nothing to do with the mmma. Where did you get this info ffrom? No wonder everyone won't get behind any legislation if this is what happens.
  9. are you finding most of yours on yellow birch?
  10. All I'm doing is trying to get people to stand together again, to not leave anyone out. People say stupid things and do stupid things, you can't change that, all you can do is control the way you react to that and by lumping all dispensaries together you set up to lumping all cg's together also which doesn't help at all with the problem it only divides sides and does nothing to solve the problem of bad, hi priced meds and politicians and cops having their way with us.
  11. And when cg's do harm to patients? Your ego will hurt us all on this one. You're the only one that has done anything worthwhile tells me all I need to know. You're so far behind the 8 ball on this one it would take you years to catch up to me.
  12. Fixed that quoute for you, unless you speak for everyone in the program? Tell that to the people going to disps because their cg's provide moldy buds?
  13. Just like abrogate stood a chance eh? Yet people still stood up for that? And if people stood up for the original language instead of dividing(which leads to no one getting anything they wanted) it may have had a chance. And if no one else is doing bunny muffin but you, maybe you should ask for help? That's all the time I have for your excuses. If you know everything about the gov't then its you that bears the blame for where we are. Considering I don't see you asking for help supporting anything, just digging in your heels while they gain way the whole time. And what you don't realize is that we WILL loose. It's only a matter of time with this strategy. So how did the original bill's language shiit all over everybody? Seemed like it would've been better than this bill, but you told no one to support it as written. It would've gave cg the chance to supply dispensaries legally, there would've been a 72oz. liquid conversion and the same conversion for other weights. How was the original language worse than this which will put dispensaries out of price range. Again, you look out for the CG's and patients who want to grow their own, you could care less about patients with bad caregivers or patients who frequent dispensaries. Sorry but these aren't clear choices, whichever you choose you are throwing pt's and cg's under the bus if it didn't work but to say it NEVER would've worked no matter how much support it got is being disingenuous and trying to make yourself look good. You don't KNOW it wouldn't have made it with the orig. language and you chose not to support it. You gave up. And now you're yelling at people, who don't know what to do, because you didn't give people something to do. You keep preaching it's useless, hope for the best. Sorry, that doesn't fly with me. there is always something you can do. And if you don't want to give a strategy I'll find a group that does. But according to you, there's nothing we can do, right?
  14. Awesome! I was planning on going up to Huron NF this week to find a few places. Not much birch down here around Flint.
  15. Got a pack of Moonshine Haze at the last cup. The one(GTH) I had from Arborside was more potent than this one. I imagine it's the CBG level that mellows it out. too many rips and it does feel like I drank too much coffee. Still is no where near some of the mind blowing sativas I've grown in the past. It has to be a terpene that is responsible for the effect. I can smoke 20 bong hits of any 10-20% strain and they never made me feel like some of the sativas I've grown in the past. There are terpenes that multiply the psychotropic effect of THC. I'd imagine a little bit of that terpene goes a long way towards the "feeling" of a high, moreso than just upping the THC content. The people at PSI labs told me that GTH always has terpinolene present and that they thought any samples without it are fake or mixed up cuts.
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