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  1. How many folks die every year from unintended overdoses of legally prescribed opioids? Tens-of-thousands. Two-a-day in Michigan alone. Imagine what the outcry would be if two bodies washed up on the shores of Lake Michigan every day. How many heroin overdose deaths are the direct result of an initial opioid addiction? Thousands more. So tell me again why kratom is being illegalized? And why the government insists cannabis has no medical value? Politicians of both parties and their public sector sycophants are the new aristocracy. We have the government we deserve. We must have been very, very bad.
  2. http://www.latimes.com/local/abcarian/la-me-abcarian-cannabis-legalization-20160930-snap-story.html?ref=yfp
  3. Maybe she meant this: http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/2016/09/28/protests-continue-over-police-involved-shooting-unarmed-black-man-el-cajon-calif/91239206/
  4. https://thinkprogress.org/chelsea-clinton-walks-back-unproven-claim-about-risks-of-marijuana-use-109c11f392ed?ref=yfp#.etvr0iwsj
  5. Bouchard and Jones are like two cats screeching in the night; from the sounds alone it is impossible to tell if they are fighting or making love.
  6. At least a few growers do so for simply to know how it is grown (and for their own enjoyment). Most who do so successfully exercise some if not extreme discretion.
  7. Maybe that explains the Ninth District's decision on MMJ cardholders and guns. According to the 9th Distict's recent ruling no MMJ patient can own guns.
  8. A bit more about Alaska outdoor growing. So in 1975 my next-door neighbor No-Good Nelson and I built a small greenhouse on the north bluff of the Anchor River and planted a couple dozen seeds in late May. Neither one of us knew anything about growing and in those days boutique sensimmilia was still in its early stages. We had no clue. By the end of June our plants were five feet tall and we had to raise the roof to eight feet. We were ten feet by the end of July and in September just prior to a killing frost the plants averaged twelve feet and the roof had been raised again to fourteen feet. Tall, yes. Males? Females? We didn't know and couldn't tell the difference anyway back ten. Somewhere I have a photo of No-Good with his share of the green loaded into the back of his beater pick-up. It looked like sheeves of wheat piled for harvest. Sadly the medical effect of smoking the leaves was barely noticeable mainly characterized by shortness of breath and an annoying headache. I'd experimented some with brownies and Mexican swage in Lansing a year or two earlier with interesting results. But the Lansing Mex was far more satisfying than the Alaska green when smoked so baking with the AK green was undertaken without any real optimism. Nice looking brownies when finished though regardless. Betty Crocker mix, extra egg, added walnuts, nice milk chocolate frosting and raw herb powdered in a blender to the consistency of flour. Lots of herb. Never mind regardless. They worked. Really worked. Amazing difference once that green was baked. What happened next still makes me laugh to remember but would probably just bore anyone who has read this far.
  9. Not likely any indoor basement grow would blow a transformer unless it started at least twenty 1000w bulbs simultaneously. Central air conditioning units typically draw power equal to four or five bulbs, or kilowatts and the surge on start-up is considerably greater. Most of the problems are caused by folks trying to by-pass meters and running loads far in excess of those needed by a typical legal Michigan caregiver. Really interesting article in this week's (August 27th) Economist about Alaska agriculture titled 'Growing Farmers'. The article details a Federal Government subsidizing tunnel greenhouses and features Homer as the high-tunnel capital of America. Tunnel greenhouses allow expanded growing seasons for cold weather climates. Having lived many years on the Anchor River just a few miles west of Homer it was hard to keep a straight face. No doubt the Fed is helping build greenhouses but guaranteed much of their products won't be available on the store shelves of the Homer's Safeway or Carr's grocery any time soon.
  10. To add some details to Mal's assessment; I think the U.S. uses about 500,000,000,000 kWh (kilowatt-hours) per year. If you assume a thousand kWh can produce ten ounces of product in a month, each ounce would be the equivalent of 100 kilowatt-hours. Last SAMHSA estimate was 15,000 metric tons in annual U.S. consumption. If you assume one-percent of this consumption, or 5,000,000 ounces is grown using electricity, the annual load required to grow cannabis using power from the grid is 500,000,000 kW-h. That would mean the .1% or 1/1000 of the electricity generated by the U.S. is used by indoor grows. But way more than one-percent is grown indoors, right? Kick that up to something like 10% grown under lights and usage would be 1% of the total generated and right in line with Mal's estimate. Who says Mal and I can't agree. At least now and then.
  11. No camera, no gun? That's an idea worth serious consideration. Especially if it applied to the Chiefs and Sheriffs.
  12. Ever replace the tobacco in a Marboro (reds in the box) with herb? Or hand roll herb to resemble the look of a 'straight'? Works well for camouflage. But be advised, at least once a damned fool inadvertently fished out the wrong smoke from his box and lit it in front of his then mother-in-law while she was cooking dinner for her husband, Fort Benning's deputy post commander. Proving yet again, cigarette smoking is hazardous to one's well-being.
  13. Ever been through a Drug Court Program? Got a Drug Court diploma? Try it sometime.
  14. Was Franklin County Sheriff's Department Lieutenant. Grellner a public government or private corporation employee? The government. Who funded the Franklin County Drug Court Program? The government. So, as is the case with CXW, a government funded and administered contractor, who is the culpable party for these egregious excesses and abuses? Government created, government funded, government administered but not the government's fault? Well if you can believe that, you might conclude that if only an enlightened party like the Democrats were in total and complete control of the government and the private sector didn't exist the U.S. would be a paradise. A worker's paradise.
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