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  1. dondjinn

    Hermaphrodites :(

    Some of the dankest stuff I've ever grown out threw nanners on me. Bogs Sour Bubble Mother, Super Sour Deez, my Black Mamba cut, Chem 3. They all did at first till they acclimated to my rooms. 3 runs before super sour finally didn't freak out on me but when I saw the banana's I just sprayed the rooms down with good old H2O. And never saw a single seed.
  2. dondjinn

    The Worlds Highest Thc Cannabis Plant ?

    Y'all want high THC go with Raskels Whitefire OG or Reserva's OG #18. My wifi pheno tested at 26.52% THC and Reserva's OG 18 clone that I ran for years tested at 27.15%. Granted I had these ladies pretty dialed in but the yields were also above average. I was averaging about 2 pounds per light with the 18 clone and about 1 3/4's per light with the wifi. Both are def worth searching through and with both being fems and never a sign of hermie traits I def recommend them. My 2 cents. Peace
  3. dondjinn

    Must Have Strains?

    How anyone hasn't heard of Bodhi, ISP, or Top Dawg is beyond me. Ohso, who runs ISP has been a good friend of mine for years and puts out the most stable version of Chemdawg D ever. JJ from TD has all Chems cuts 1st hand. Bodhi tosses a little to much pollen around in my opinion to be considered a true breeder but always puts out fire. JJ and Ohso, put real work into the Chem lines to stabalize. Which is what real breeders do. I've ran all these dudes work for years and they are the top dudes in the game on the low. Peace
  4. dondjinn

    My Landrace Paki's

    Just outta curiosity how do U know it to be a Sativa? Elevation will murder strains at a certain point overnight. I watched it happen to a friend with the Tahoe OG clone only. She just doesn't like to grow with so much O2. Bottled fert's will also do that. It's always best to just lightly amend soil when taking a first crack at most strains. Look into Happy Frog 5-8-4 in your next run with that strain and feed lightly with big bloom only and see how that works out for u. As with most strains, less is more IME. Peace
  5. dondjinn

    My Landrace Paki's

    I grew out a few Landrace Thai's about 3-4 years ago. After week 26 of bloom and looking at flowers still covered in white pistils I finally chopped them down. But wow the flavor and aroma were amazing. Straight lemon zest. The high made u feel like u just drank 2 pots of the strongest coffee on earth. Speed racer meds lol. I took clones early on but all auto flowered after rooting so the line couldn't be continued. In retrospect I would have shortened the lights on cycle to 14 off 10 on and I bet I could have finished them. Oh well. Peace
  6. dondjinn

    Og X Dog/og

    I haven't heard of the East Coast cut getting tested by based off my extensive exp. I would say she comes in around 24%. I've smoked the hell outta my Wifi cut which tested at 26.52% and Pest and her crosses are def in the same category potency wise. Peace
  7. dondjinn

    My Landrace Paki's

    Well if its landrace your interested in, head over to the classifieds section. I've got some Nigerians listed there to. The Lemon Thai Sativa listed there is the same Dutch Flowers variety that quite a few breeders based much work off of. Peace
  8. dondjinn

    My Landrace Paki's

    Heard mixed reviews on the Affi's from DNA. I got kinda lazy last year growing and just ran with Clone Only's. Chem '91, Chem 3, Chem 4, Mcfly, and Grit Dawg were pretty much all I ran after I lost my 26.52% THC pheno of Wifi. If I ever get back growing I think I'll drop both packs of Wifi I have left and dig out a couple more winners along with the S2's of OG 18 I made with Reserva's cut. That stuff was uber dank and ran it non stop for 2 years in every rotation. Peace
  9. dondjinn

    My Landrace Paki's

    Yea, I know how the game goes not a biggie. Still have 30 or so, some of which I'll be letting go of. Peace
  10. dondjinn

    My Landrace Paki's

    These are being used by 2 breeders currently not sure if either has released crosses on them since I've been outta the loop for a while. One of which is G.O.D. He was given 10 to sort through from a mutual friend with the promise he wouldn't work them. Yea, 6 months later I see them due to release crossed to Aliendawg. Heard the keeper pheno was re-named and has been getting passed around out West. To date of the 20 I gave away I am aware of 5 stellar keeper phenos. All of which having Afghanica characteristics. Pure Landrace from Peshawar Pakistan I'll try to keep this short... So was talking a few months ago at a Dr Clinic at the club and had the opportunity to sit down with an ex marine who was stationed neat Peshawar on the Afgani/Paki border. He described watching the women of the village process cannibis plants all day long. And how the men sat in tents all day pressing and smoking it. At any rate during his time there walking around he ended up near one of the processing piles. This pile was a pile of seeds. He grabbed as many as he could. About a small handful. And managed to keep them safe until getting them back to the states. He promised me a few for preservation purposes. Never thought I'd hear back from him until Wednesday night he strolls into the club and hands me a small ziplock baggie containing 61 seeds. He said he grew one outdoors and it turned purple so he brought it indoors stressing it to the point of death. He felt like bunny muffin for doing such a crappy job and wanted to make sure they were takin care of properly. At any rate was curious if any xxxxxxxx had any exp. With hash plants from this region. Thanks __________________ Friends are like seeds. Run Through Hundreds, To Find A FEW Keepers... UG
  11. dondjinn

    Og X Dog/og

    Here's some great info on some seeds made a while back and sold only at a charity auction. These seeds have been grown out by some breeders and some of the frostiest, most potent cuts have been found in them. Namely, the famous "Pestilence Cut". Just google Pestilence and begin drooling lol. Peace I believe it went like this: Ghost OG was pollinated by a male found in OG seed from orginkid beans. Then, beans were sprouted, and the best males pollinated the Dog cut. Then, Buckwheat sprouted some beans and pollinated the OG abusive cut. Its been awhile, so I could be off a deviation or two lol. By the way, some real nice phenos were found by our European Brethren. The best part was the energy of sharing by the keepers/originators of the clones/seed. Thanks go to>Ghost (Ghost Cut)>CTG (Ghost Cut)> ThaDocta(DOG Cut)> Skitty (Abusive Cut)> Buckwheat (Beanmaster aficionado lol) and other folk I cant remember right now. Oneness
  12. dondjinn

    B.o.g. Sour Bubble

    No I'm pretty sure he's exclusive to seedbay and boutique. The whole Icrag thing. I haven't dealt with either personally. Peace
  13. dondjinn

    B.o.g. Sour Bubble

    These forums are wide open and unsecured from Leo or whoever else wants to see things. Do you venture anywhere else? I only post pics on private forums. Peace
  14. dondjinn

    B.o.g. Sour Bubble

    Mcfly is brittle? I have 2, 2 1/2 weeks into the flip and they're beefy monsters. So idk, always seen strength coming outta her... Peace
  15. dondjinn

    B.o.g. Sour Bubble

    Heard his Sour Grapes were putting out some dank too. Peace