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    I enjoy camping, fishing, being out doors. I make candles, love Pinterest, I'm kind of crafty. As of late I have been planing ways to turn my home into a more self sufficient oasis, it s a slow process, but I'll get there!
  1. Ok, so after the whole hermie episode I stopped growing for a bit as genetics for me are very difficult to come by (impossible might also be a word I would chose), anyway I was able to get my hands on a few seeds of questionable quality. So, Ive got these two plants in flower, they actually look quite well! They are both reaching 6 feet tall and one has surpassed the light source so I obviously need to move the ballast higher. I am wondering if I should just raise it another foot and it shouldn't grow much taller? I have up to another 10 feet before I run out of space, the light is very difficult for me to adjust by myself( I really need a pulley system) so might I be better off just putting it all the way up? The plant has been in flower 3 weeks today. I was told its Dead Dog.
  2. Thanks everyone for your support. At least if it ever happens again (I hope it does not) I know there are some options, and chopping them up into parsley does not have to be one of them! My boy had me so stressed out about it i figured if I left them in the house, my own femininity could be compromised! This really sucks as I had the most difficult time acquiring genetics in the first place!. I had tried contacting the person I had bought the plants from, who normally gets back to me within a few hours and have not heard from him. Thus far he has been the only contact I have for getting clones (other than 1 plant).
  3. Thank you Wild Bill, I really should have posted this stuff before I made drastic decisions lol! We decided to rip all the plants for fear of them contaminating any clones I will bring in. My son (who between the two of us, is the resident expert here, teehee!) had me so stressed out over what "might" happen and that no one will use seed-weed, I chopped up everything and incinerated it! O my God, you kind people probably think I am an idiot by now, after reading my my posts for the last several months!
  4. Thank you Kingdiamond! you may have answered for me why this happened! Two weeks ago I blew a fuse (the two rooms run off two fuses, but not in any logical manner). I had a decorative metal plate cover on the outlet and at some point the screw must have loosened. I was cleaning the room and unplugged the light for a minute. When I went to put it back in, the plate cover dropped and shorted the outlet and tripped the barker. SOOOO, that meant I was unable to run the space heater he same time I was running the lights. I took me a minute to find an electrician the 1) I could afford and 2) I had to work around the issues with 19 marijuana plants! In fact he is scheduled to come out tomorrow to split the room onto a third breaker (along with several other rooms in the home, for which someone severely overloaded the breakers and we trip them all the time!) We live in an older home so not every room has a heat register upstairs. Any ways to get to the bud room you have to walk through the veg room. With these colder temperatures, I had been propping the curtain enclosure a bit so the temp didn't drop too drastically when the light was out!!! Double GRRRR!
  5. These were clones, but of course I don't know what the original grower used as as far as seeds. I think my biggest headache of all of this will be my second patient. My first patient is my son and like I said, he was very understanding, this was our first grow and a lot of bunny muffin has happened to these poor plants between my inexperience and like I mentioned before the power and barker outages, and it appeared the plants were yielding very little. My second patient, with whom I had a veeeeeery lengthy talk with prior to him becoming my patient and made very sure he knew of my inexperience , and I went over the "rules" with him (i.e.: can't grow for him before he's was approved and all that) and he indicated he understood and all that, has been ver upset the last few weeks as he thought I should be supplying him once he was verified as my patient. Only he didn't talk to me, he went through my son. Both of reminded him that is not how this works and last week he tried to tells us that basically once things got rolling, I could make up for the 2.5 ounces he did not get while we were waiting for his plants to mature, again, to the very best of my knowledge, it does not work that way. I sent him a message telling him what happened today, so i am waiting for the dreaded reply.
  6. Is there anything I should do to the room in the mean time before I bring in clones as far as pollen or something?
  7. 16 plants down the tubes! My son tried to console me by saying "it'll happen!" but I am devastated! I had a feeling my chances of this were high as we have had so many variables that were beyond my control (3 power outages, a blown braker - which someone was coming to fix tomorrow) Grrr! I already have plans to move the whole thing to a very secure, cinder-block building we have, I was just waiting for the weather to get above freezing as I need to do a little bit of fix-up in there. I think things have a better chance in there as it has its own barker box, its on heating system and over twice the space.
  8. I seem to be having great difficulties locating strains that have high CBD/low thc. I have been searching for strains that fit this criteria, but then read somewhere that the ratio is often inconsistent from plant to plant (seed to seed). I wold absolutly love to get my hands on Charlottes Web for my sons seizures but after extensive searching it does not seem like that is going to be possible. Does any know what might be the next best thing? It appears that the genetics I have access to all have high THC and very low CBD.....frustrating!
  9. Yes, please I urge you to seek medical attention. My son has done this since he was in late elementary. And the older he got the worse it became. We were told it was because of his ADHD. Around the time he turned 17 he began having grand mal seizures, which he would "wake up on the floor of some room or the garage floor" not ralizing how he got to the ground or how long he had been out. Over two years only 3 were witnessed by others and my son had not told anyone about the other issues. In Ocotber he suffered a seizure that caused him to fall from a bike and nearly killed him due to a severe head injury. And when I say nearly killed him I'm mean the neurosurgeon told me to call clergy to read him his last rites. Amazingly he bounced back with very little symptoms. After a very extensive work up and consultation, the neurologist now speculates he actually was missed diagnosed with ADHD when he was younger what he really had was a seizure disorder. The type of seizure activity he has, it is common for the symptoms to be subtle, then around puberty/adolescence, or early adulthood, if not treated change from spacing out turn in to grand mal seizures. I say this not to scare you, but yes, it could be a sign that something is wrong.
  10. Their "in the works" for a committee to address the mmma and parental issues where CPS is involved, to mainstream how CPS complaints are handled by the workers in homes where there are mm card holders. I say "in the works" because the source this information came from said they were waiting to see what happens with those two laws the state was trying to pass, one of the laws had to do with the pharmacy dispensing thing (sorry, should have looked them up).
  11. Dankthsea, I like that extra point about keeping the relationship with their medical professional.
  12. I totally agree with you GanjaWarrior. I am fortunate too that my patient is my son, then I recently picked up another patient. I am fortunate that the profession I often come in close contact with attorneies and "the powers that be" and had overheard that might make it an "issue" if caregivers do not have almost like a medical file on their patients. So the new patient I picked up, I spoke with him about his conditions and went to the appointment with him. He was thankfully very understanding. I made files for both patients (my son and a the other patient) that include this information. I took it one step further and included a confidentiality policy..
  13. Yeah, two weeks ago I accidentally over fed them with Age Old Grow (this is my first grow).ive been hearing "lockout" a lot, is the a way yo reverse it?
  14. Ok, here is another pic of my plants. Some of them have very yellow leaves and I was thinking magnesium deficiency.
  15. No Norby, I am not using Happy Frog
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