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  1. Welcome my brother , feel free to ask for help . The members here are more than helpful I have found and the vibes are good as well ..Baamaapii
  2. I will take one of each , please and thank you !
  3. I concur ! Tell them you quit growing right after you get your air cleaned up . Muffle all fans too for serenity .
  4. I grow a wide diversity of genetics but the majority have high calyx/leaf ratio as a fixed trait . I can easily trim these plants all day with little effort . But on the other hand a high leaf ratio can be a burden if one has more than just a little to trim . Most tend to hate the job in the long run and see it as a chore but I see it opposite . This is one of the final stages of my craft and it is a reflection of my efforts beyond just growing as harvesting and drying can make or break a crop as well .. PeacePipe
  5. Thank you once again everyone for the warm welcome ! I see that the long house here is very warm and this I like .. Thanks Imiubu , you have mail btw Good things to come my friend . I needed to grow and allow my own genetic code within to manifest itself and this my friend explains my absence here for far too long . I too look forward to having some good times here as well . Good to know your up on the steps here too , I meet you on the steps at the rainy rally but did not have time to hang out afterwards due to elders needing care and attention after that wet day .. Right on , perhaps our paths will cross sometime that way True true my friend and even at the 3MG I can not find enough plants lol . An addict though of the diversity found within the Cannabis family and this I admit . 46 & 2 my friend Abe and my 3rd eye has never seen clearer then now and yesterday . I raise my pipe to you and it is filled with the herb of brotherhood and unity Most definitely, I will be more than happy to share my knowledge of the plant and medicine here just as I intend to learn from others . I too love to learn as much as possible everyday , I often feel like #5 as I seek info , info more info lol .. The word Boozhoo sounds more French than Indian to some . It sounds close to Bonjour so its been confused since the time of the French Voyageurs since it is a greeting . It sounds like Booze- you for some English speakers lol . It helps even less when the Fiero double vowel system was coined and emplaced to phonetically allow others to read and write in Anishinaabmowiin . Well long story short , this word is derived from Wayanaboozhoo the first man , he was half spirit as well being the first of our kind and a trouble maker too lol .. There are many stories and many legends of him and his nature while he roamed the world long ago are shared amongst all the tribes of the 3 Fires Nations . Ojibway, Ottawa & Potawatomi . We are all related .. Baamaapii Niijii ... Miskwa Wagoosh
  6. Thank you grassmatch , I would also like to address the comments you made about eating hash . Extracts and oral consumption can be a whole different world of chemistry than actual plant matter due to the variables . I have eaten my fair share of hashish and I do enjoy the effects of it verses smoking to be honest but then again I am not a big fan of most extracts as I always find them to lack in character compared to the actual said flowers and the combination of terpenes that are included in consumption, Scissor Hash and other fresh extracts though on the other hand, tend to be more balanced in effect in my humble opinion again . The famous Hashish Club of Paris consumed hash in the form known to them as dawamesk (hashish, cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, pistachio, sugar, orange juice, butter and cantharides) , the last ingredient cantharides is known commonly as Spanish Fly . I think before I say more I should think about posting or constructing a post about Hashish and its history .. Respectfully, PeacePipe .
  7. I do not eat Bud unless it has been decarboxylated with heat . THCA is not psychoactive and once the COO molecule (Carbon) is released it becomes THC in its psychoactive state . Eating raw cannabis has many health beneficial's when it comes to Cannabinoids and healing along with boosting ones Endocannibinoid sysyem, but there is no real worthwhile noted mental effect when eating bud unless you have zero tolerance . It has been debated though that the human body can/does decarbox THCA, but to what extent is the question , ask anyone with a tolerance and they will have no effects mentally when eating raw cannabis .. Decarbox & consume the same amount and the same guinea pig will have a big cheezy grin as a result . Respectfully , Peace Pipe
  8. Thanks again everyone for the warm welcome . Thanks bro and the feeling is mutual , perhaps another time our paths will cross with us knowing this time . PeacePipe Waganakising (Crooked Tree)- But I do frequent the local you mentioned
  9. Best of luck on your quest my friend but beware of the beast you mentioned .. I know there are plenty of people who feed off from those like yourself and I hope you do not make any wrong decisions with the wrong people .. Perhaps you'll find an answer to your prayers here though .. Respectfully, PeacePipe
  10. I too went to the Grand Opening this morning and it was a pleasant experience all the way around . Two thumbs up and Kudos to both Dr.Bob and Northerngal, as well as the rest of the Denali Healthcare staff ! I was most pleased to be one of the first Patients to be apart of the opening day . I am also very happy to know that my patients and I now have a place close to home for all future references and appointments . This effort has really made things better for many people already . I think the state will be happier as well with places like this setting the bar for professionalism along with commitment and respect . Thanks Denali Healthcare & Staff ..................... Respectfully ..PeacePipe
  11. It sounds like the mineral content of the water from your well is a bit excessive as you mentioned having a water softener unit broken down . This would indicate that you have very hard water and I recommend not using this without at least diluting to a 50:50 ratio with demineralized water aka. Reverse Osmosis H2o . The excessive minerals are not really beneficial to be honest . Plants do not uptake the excessive mineral found in hard water and the alkalinity tends to become an issue one way or another in the long term run . Buildup on water faucets and showers usually indicates the condition of your water and shower heads are often plugged by hard water , no different than a cloning machine . I change the water on mine weekly and once in a while I slip and forget but never do they go over 2 weeks time . I should note that well water can change seasonally due to rainfall and water table fluctuations that take place during different seasons . Some locations experience points where the water is very alkaline for a short period , usually mid winter due to the water table being low. So, check EC and pH regularly and make notes of any changes . Often this can be a devastating blow when unchecked .. Respectfully ~ PeacePipe
  12. Greeting and Hello friends, translation for those curious about those Ojibway/Ottawa words I used in my title .. I Wanted to say hello and introduce myself before I blow some smoke here with my sacred pipe .. Thanks for any and all welcomes in advance . I am not new to the net but I am new here ! Respectfully , Peace Pipe
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