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    herbal & natural healing ,philosophy ,meditation , reading ,cooking ,gardening ,Black & white movies especially film noir and horror . Lon Chaney Sr. was my favorite .Classic comedies like 3 stooges,Bob Hope,Sci-fi / fantasy , finding cool stuff @ thrift stores ,walking in the woods.
  1. try this , it works wonderfully to help you sleep and for restless legs A to B calm , if you are not familiar with it , this is an old school calcium magnesium powder , it has been specially blended in a vinegar base . You mix it in a cup of hot water then drink , it has very little to almost no taste I buy mine thru Swanson vitamins
  2. Maybe it's just opposites in weather ....sometimes in the summer our heat indexes hits 115 degrees I guess I will just have to weigh the pros & cons thanks
  3. How can you find those statistics ? Can you recommend a link , I have heard that the further north you go , the more conservative the views . I am not professing an political preference , I actually don't trust any of them . Everyone has one of those moments in life that you can reflect on for a good laugh , here's one of mine : I was accidentally speeding & got pulled over . The officer automatically looks at your tags , I saw thru the rear view him bend over in laughter ........ at my bumper sticker " Republicans , Democrats .. same sh*t , different piles He came to talk to
  4. Isn't Genesee the county Flint is in ? Is my hillbilly showing yet ? Sorry , perhaps a bad joke. I lived in Nashville a while several years ago , so I am not being judgmental against one of your cities . Nashville can be pretty bad , I only lived there for 3 months and hated every bit of it . I want to live where I do not have to worry if I want to take a walk or my kids go outside . I would love to know of some good leads on real estate I this area is long as it is nowhere near the city
  5. How 420 friendly is your area ? I read that some counties & provinces are not as receptive as others.... the same with Colorado , it appears that eastern Co is none to happy with legalization passing I am under so much stress as it is , I do not want to add more Is the entire state of Michigan miserable ? I hope that does not sound offensive , but some of the replies seem to indicate the Horace Greely adage " Go west , young man " I would prefer not to move so far away but would if absolutely necessary I do appreciate all the honest , helpful responses
  6. thank you for responding so quickly I have many files of research but it is still not the same as one on one . Where is the Blue water area ? Ideally , I prefer something semi rural or at least small town , suburbs etc... I am not into big cities , mostly out of fear of scary people . I have lived in Tennessee my entire life and still have not been to Memphis , that city is always on the " worst " lists for crime rates I only go to Nashville when we have to go to medical appointments . I really do appreciate your insight
  7. Hello , I am somewhat new to your forum , I have signed up a couple of times but did not participate in any discussions For now my name is Dee , I would appreciate any advice you could give me this will be the condensed version ; I am 54 yrs young and have multiple sclerosis , and two other immune system disorders . I have a young adult daughter who has epilepsy and mild Mental retardation . I have an adult son who has aspergers syndrome < ( both children on disability and Medicaid ) Currently we live in a state that does not have medical marijuana law , Tennessee WE also do not ha
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