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  1. When I was preparing to have chemo, 3 different doctors recommended marijuana to cope with the side effects and 2 of them offered to write me a script - even though I don't live in a mmj state. Among Oncologists, marijuana is known to have some tumor killing effects and most of them would not advise against it's use even if you don't have cancer. I'm not surprised that more doctors are aware of the real medical benefits of marijuana. A lot of regular citizens still think of it as the fun drug they used when they were younger and believe that the medical argument is just an end run
  2. I would like to thank you - belatedly - for your service....although Vietnam was a stupid war (not your fault). War sucks and a draft makes it worse. Probably is unconstitutional - but who really follows the Contitution? But, as a Vet, don't you qualify for TriCare thru the VA? I'd go that route if I were you....you earned it. I don't worry about the government spending imaginary money on services for the citizens instead of wars. You surely remember when Nixon cancelled the Gold Standard when other countries wanted to call their debt? Now, they just print the stuff. I'm sure Ch
  3. I don't think health insurance is a right...but I do think that, in the developed world, health care is a right to all citizens in every country (please correct me if I'm wrong) in the world. Health care is as basic and food and shelter and not exactly a luxury item. I'd, personally, love to see the insurance companies excluded from the US Health Care system because Insurance seems to be the reason rates are as high as they are. If we had all had to pay cash each time we needed medical care all along, it would never have gotten to the point where half of this countries citizens can't a
  4. It's true. Most Silver policies, which are the ones you have to select if you get a subsidy, have $5-$7K deductibles, plus "co-insurance", which is 20-30% of the bill off the top...not to mention $50 co-pays. That leaves the insured with a pretty sizable bill considering that they also pay a monthly fee to be covered. Most silver plans will cost people an insane 10k a year (on top of the monthly premium) if they actually need to use it. The dirty secret about insurance in America is that most of the people who file bankruptcy because of medical bills have insurance and are middle class.
  5. Yes, you can. If I was a healthy 20 something, I might do it too. It's a gamble...but a small one at your age.
  6. You are correct. He has one more day (although Obama said that if people were trying to sign up and were having trouble, they wouldn't be denied coverage if they were a few days late) to avoid the penalty for the 2014 tax year. However, he can not only avoid the penalty, he can get virtually free health insurance if he gets the right information quickly.
  7. The primary reason it's mandatory is because Insurance Companies wanted it. Remember when Obama said that he didn't support the individual mandate while running for election? He went back on his word because he found himself faced with a choice between getting some kind of Healthcare Reform Law passed and failing altogether. So, he gave the Insurance Companies and all of our Congressmen in their pocket on both sides of the aisle their Individual Mandate. The insurance companies insisted that people would not sign up for a policy until they wanted medical care. Then, they would sign u
  8. I live in Kentucky but grew up in Michigan. Poor in rural Kentucky makes poor in rural Michigan look like country living. Deliverance meets Feed the Children. Kentucky is one of the states that the traveling charities that used to provide medical and dental care to 3rd world countries spend a lot of time in - the need is so great. It's a "red" state but the government embraced the opportunity to get medical care for it's huge poor population. Most states won't provide welfare benefits to home owners - especially home owners with 100% equity. The Affordable Care Act is a Federal Progra
  9. https://www.michigan.gov/difs/0,5269,7-303-12902_35510-263899--,00.html I have personally helped several people sign up and the ACA trained people to assist. It seems the people who need it most and who qualify have been the most mis-led group in our population.
  10. The government supplied free analog converters for a couple of years before they re-purposed the analog channels to the cell phone companies. If he didn't get one, he can probably find one (or you could do it for him on your computer or he could go to the library) on Ebay, Freecycle or Craigslist. I wouldn't be surprised if Goodwill had lots of them too since a lot of people eventually upgraded to Digital TVs (maybe not HD, but digital) after they got theirs. Your friend is a property owner and generally property owners are not considered poor...or at least not poor enough to get welfa
  11. I do grow my own....food too. No Roundup for me, thank you. I am not sure that MJ will ever be a pharmaceutical drug. I think it will become legal to grow, smoke and enjoy for both medical and recreational purposes in the next 10 years. Sooner in most states. Still, those who know how to grow will be able to make money doing so. Especially if it's organic.
  12. The wife should love Obamacare. She gets her annual exam free, free mammograms, covered birth control and if you are planning a pregnancy, the birth of the baby will be covered. Women use more medical care in their child-bearing years than men do. A lot more.
  13. You sound like someone who should just pay the tax penalty for a few years until you actually need insurance. The IRS won't even come after you for the penalties like they would for regular taxes.....it's basically a free pass. Someday, you will realize that you need health insurance and you will be glad that you can get it within 30 days from signing up.
  14. There is. This man qualifies for subsidies and might be surprised to find that he gets very affordable insurance. He needs to turn off Fox News and get on the website and sign up. If he can't pay the premiums, they will simply cancel the insurance. If he's in his 50's and doing manual labor for a living, he needs medical care and he should have it AND it should be "affordable" -- which is defined as costing less than 9% of your Adjusted Gross Income unless he nets over $44k annually after he pays his taxes, business expenses and saves for retirement. He sounds like exactly the kind of pe
  15. I'm confused as to how someone with a degree that costs them $400 a month in government subsidized student loans doesn't have a job that already provides health insurance as part of the benefit package. Most of the uninsured in America are minimum wage workers at places like Mc Donald's and WalMart.
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