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    Looking for a really good MMMP- Caregiver, I am willing to pay something, but with my 12 plants that I am giving up, any overages they can sell to dispensaries. I have the state forms in front of me, I need to find someone that is reliable, honest, truth worthy, and that can understand my situation.. Please contact @crystal_gavin11@yahoo.com. thanks for reading.. :)

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  1. Grass match, you have me interested I live in the warren, area. I am waiting for the state to give me my card still got about another week to go.. e-mail me at crystal_gavin11@yahoo.com
  2. Do you have severe and chronic pain of Arthritis or Scoliosis? I do. I have both.. This is a very serious and debilitating conditions, after 2 car accidents and 7 years into the conditions, I am too weak for surgery, and not only that the pain pills are not really much help. I am learning to deal with my conditions as best as possible, being new to MMMA is Enlightening .. and a bit scary, because you don't know your way around just yet.. and also, worrisome that you many not find that one special caregiver that has the best possible stand for pain relief and of course that wouldn't charge yo
  3. I am totally new at this whole MMMP, I really need a certified Caregiver that is near the warren area, that would be interested in helping me out, I still need to mail out my forms to the state but need to find caregiver.. Anyone intersted???

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