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  1. More its brought up the more there is to see. At some point I hope I don't have to worry about always looking over my shoulder.
  2. Unfortunately we are not doing any public meetings right now. There has been a major shake up as 4 of 5 board members suddenly stepped down. Sundays from 4-8 p.m. is what we are currently doing. We are trying to get more people together on Sundays to be updated about the new marijuana laws, enjoy others company, and learn about all the great things Marijuana can do for the sick. We have a member who is 7 years old. The youngest in Michigan. WE also have a food pantry and do our best to help out those who are in need. I did all the editing I needed to do. I ask those concerned to stop bringing it up.
  3. Oh okay sorry if I posted something wrong. Just take off whatever I did wrong. Sorry.
  4. Ever Sunday from 4-8 p.m. at the Social Ballroom. At: 23839 John R Rd. Hazel Park, MI You get a free M.O.C.C. T-Shirt once you join, and free entrance to nearly every event. We do not condone illegal activities. And If LEO wanted to raid us they would be wasting their time.
  5. Look I'm sorry if I offended you. I would prefer you didn't keep trying to persistently assume we are so called "breaking the law". You missed the idea. You are reaching for something, but what I have no clue. The laws I posted were for info to the public if they weren't already posted. Our club has been around for 6 years, and we have always been a safe place to medicate. Before you start slinging negatives around why don't you look at what some of the other clubs are doing as well. So I'm assuming you don't think there's medicating at other clubs? And the communities can out law them if they want. We are quite, we don't bother anybody, and we love our members.
  6. Also we do not advertise. We dont set up as a "Farmers Market". The M.O.C.C. provides food, drink, fun, and fellowship. We will however certainly help people find medicine, if they need it. We are on private property and we do allow medicating.
  7. We support the bill that allows for "Provisioning" Centers". The dispensary bill, HB 4271, passed on a 95-14 vote. It would allow communities to determine and regulate if they want medical marijuana dispensaries — called provisioning centers — to operate in their communities We also support the others bills that passed as well. The so-called marijuana edibles — nicknamed “medibals” — bill, HB 5104, passed on a 100-9 vote. It would allow for the manufacture and sale of other forms of marijuana, including brownies and oils. The bill would help medical marijuana users, especially children, who have a hard time smoking the pot. SB 660 which passed on an 87-22 vote, would provide for the licensing and regulation of facilities to grow and test pharmaceutical grade pot and allow those facilities to sell the drug to pharmacies to dispense. The bill already passed the Senate and is contingent upon the federal government reclassifying marijuana from an illegal drug to a prescription drug. The Senate concurred in minor changes to the bill tonight and it’s now on to Gov. Rick Snyder for his review and possible signature
  8. Not sure what "few" adds you are pertaining to? The M.O.C.C logo is just that a logo. We are a private club that is in full compliance. For your answer the original board members stepped down. Thats why its not the original members as you say. I'm not here to sell anything, but only to have people come and enjoy our club. Sorry you took it so personally.You sound very negative. By the way, we only allow our members to attend. You must become a member, and can only get in with a hard card, State issued I.D., and ofcourse your current membership card. Provisioning is just waiting to be signed off on by Mr. Snyder. Also thanks for the heads up!
  9. Hello I am Mdanzig President of the Macomb Oakland Compassion Club. We are a club dedicated in helping people find Caregivers, Patients, fellowship, and knowledge on all things Medical Marijuana. We have a great group of Volunteers who seek only to help the sick, and to show compassion and love to those who are struggling with their illnesses. Every Sunday we meet to have food, drink. We also have a safe place to medicate. We encourage others to bring a dish if possible. MOCC Weekly Sunday Support Group: From 4-8 P.M.. (first visit $5.00 donation), But must become member by second visit. Yearly Membership is $25.00 This is a weekly get together that is for MOCC Members that are Michigan Medical Marijuana Patients and/or Caregivers with a valid card, MOCC membership card, and a state ID (a second form of ID). Guest are welcome accompanied by a MOCC member with a $5 donation, valid patient card and a state Id.
  10. About MOCC MOCC Mission Statement Created on Friday, 20 August 2004 Last Updated on Sunday, 06 May 2012 Written by Administrator We are a non-profit organization and are teaching patients, caregivers and the general public about Michigan's Medical Marijuana and State Laws. With the help of your donations and willingness to become a member of the Macomb/Oakland Compassion Club (M.O.C.C.) we are better able assist the growing medical marijuana community. We do our best to insure everyone who attends a compassion meeting comes out knowing more about Michigan's Medical Marijuana program and the laws regarding medical Cannabis use. We believe patients should have the right to choose what medication works for them and we support their caregivers. We look forward to seeing you again, it there is anything we can do for you please let us know. The M.O.C.C. Staff
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