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  1. They said they will amend the charges if i try to seek sec. 8 defense
  2. UPDATE: They're changing charges to Illegal Transportation as I previously expected.
  3. I have a documented history of having scoliosis and a protruding lower spine. Ive only been to my old Cannabis doctor twice. I have been uninsured for the last 2 years and thus unable to visit any doctor regularly. Im going to have to try to locate my medical records that for sure.
  4. 1 What if my doctor retired? It's been a year and a half since I last saw him. Where does it say that it has to be by the same physician? I have a note that he wrote for my last court case thats dated 06/08/12.
  5. I would also like to thank everyone for their advice! i wish i would have found this forum before my arrest.
  6. I had a great relationship with him but i just found out today that my doctor retired. I live in Detroit. Does anyone know of any Doctors I could use?
  7. I dont think ill be covered under section 4 because my card wasn't valid. Ill be covered under section 8 though. The only thing i was worried about is can they then bring up charges for illegal transportation? The only reason i asked is because my cousin was pulled over and charged with DUI last year. When he met with the prosecutor he was told that if he didn't plead guilty for the dui they would then try to charge him with the "Super drunk law". Should i inform the prosecutor of my intent to file for an affirmative defense or should i just let them arraign me and then use it as a defense during my trial? I dont want him to try to have an upper hand in court but im also trying to represent myself. Any more suggestions?
  8. I was pulled over on Schoolcraft and Middlebelt.
  9. The last time it happened the prosecuter dismissed it before it went to trial. The first time it happened in Westland and they actually planted the marijuana ( no joke) this time it's on Livonia. My friend was also charged for loitering where drugs are found even though I admitted it was mine. The only reason I didn't renew my card was because I wanted my cpl and didn't want to give up my 2ND amendment rights.
  10. I have been charged with possession of marijuana. This is the second time I have been charged with this in the last 2 years and the first one I was able to get dismissed due to an affirmative defense. My only problem here is I had it in my pocket while I was driving so it is in this case an illegal transportation although I wasnt charged with illegal transportation. My medical card expired in april last year and Im wondering if I could still have this case dismissed under an affirmative defense? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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