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  1. I do have a patent family member who needs a caregiver they do not have the energy do be their own and only want someone they can trust to be there caregiver. So over all I would have to just fill out a caregiver form with the patient and send a copy of my licences and $10.00?
  2. Wait so u can be a caregiver for another caregiver?
  3. Thank you!! I do not qualify for a MM card nor do i need one. I have a very close family member that is in need of a caregiver and i have a lot of extra time on my hands and would love to help them out if i can. I understand what everyone is saying and i do appreciate it thanks again!
  4. I do not have a MM card but can i become a caregiver without one? They are to separate cards right? Any help would be great! thanks!
  5. So overall if she gets her MM card she can just kiss her cpl and any right of owning/buying a firearm good bye? That is something i do not think we could do. We have some tough decision making to do. Another question i had was if she does get her card does that mean the LEO can search our house without a warrant?
  6. Thank you for all your replies! So if she gets her MM card and i do not get mine that should not effect me at all right? I should be able to buy guns and have them in our home if they are in my name?
  7. I own a few guns and my wife and i both have our CPLs. My wife suffers from sever back pain and wants to look into getting her MM card. Can a person have a cpl and MM card?
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