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  1. I think the wait is excessive. If you go to a doctor with a broken arm, theyre not gonna put you through a bunch of hoops to get some pain meds
  2. hemp is supposed to be a good crop for crappy land with short growing seasons, like in the Dakotas
  3. pain docs routinely drug test patients. If they find anything illegal, they drop the patient. As far as mmj, they don't like patients to use it and sometimes drop patients over it.
  4. put the chrome bracelets on O'Reilley and give him a ride in a police car, to the cage at the police station, so he knows what the experience is like
  5. It may be good for them with all the concussions going around
  6. would anyone mind explaining "Affirmative Defense"?
  7. the story about charlotte is heart breaking
  8. its from a Russian sleep experiement hoax. Apparently, he needs a tinfoil hat to be complete sure they will toss in some opium in mix as well. Might as well ad coca too. peyote, shrooms, euacha, khat enough to make your head xplode and they'll call it the Charlie macheen
  9. I cant wait for Monsanto produce the some genetically modified marijuana seeds. They should mix it with tobacco so it grows thc and nicotine
  10. Im sick of the tin foil hat bs. Being overly cautious does not mean paranoid schizophrenia. .
  11. Ive trained my dog to bark using hand signals. Drug dogs are a con
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