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    Medication strains I have.
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  1. I agree with the stinky works better but does it really need to be stinky when it's cured? I walked outside of a store and could smell stinky from my car 25 yards away and decided I would work on a curing process that would reduce the smell without losing it's potency. The patients seem to like it because they can go anywhere with it and don't have to worry that someone can smell it on them or there car. I can honestly say I can't feel any difference between the regular curing and the no smell curing process. When I am done curing the non-stinky looks exactly like the stinky stuff and as far
  2. Not trying to jump your thread here but in reading some of the replies I started thinking where is the safest place on-line to find patients?
  3. You can be successful at anything you do as long as you put in the time to learn all that you can in the business your in. More people fail then succeed because they want everything to come easy but if u work hard you will be one of the few that succeed. Good Luck you sound like your on your way.
  4. I have found that if I smoke it my muscle spasms get worse which of course causes more pain. Then I tried eating it and it made a world of difference for me. I almost gave up on the medical mj because it wasn't helping me as much as it seemed to help other people but a friend suggested I try medibles and it worked. I am not sure why there is such a difference between smoking and eating but thank goodness I stuck with it.
  5. Bottom line is MH-for veg and HPS-for flowering these are still the best way for high yields and a great product. Keep in mind that most LED distributors are just trying to get a piece of the pie like everyone else. Cg's are always trying to lower the cost of growing so they usually know what works the best.
  6. Look at some of our patients and the answers become even harder to dissect. I can have one patient get complete relief from a strain and another patient gets no relief at all. It even confuses me sometimes and I have been helping people as a caregiver for 3yrs. I have learned not to brag to much about a strain that helps a patient like magic because it may not help others at all. Not complaining just pointing out that everybody is complex so I agree that someday soon someone is going to find the key to helping every patient relieve muscle spasms.
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