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  1. Does any one one have any experience, or knowledge of someone who can talk to me about the use of cannabis for the treatment of ADHD in children? I have read a few articles on the subject and it sounds very promising, especially since the treatment that the doctors want to give (Ritalin) is dangerous as HELL!!! Thank you
  2. I was just guessing on the hour and a half. Seems like that's about the longest I notice the effects. It's only a matter of time before before a legal limit is set. I know they have swabs that can be rubbed in your mouth to see if you have smoked in the last two hours but I'm sure a breath mint or mouth wash would cover that. But regardless there will be a limit set to keep everyone safe as there should be. This new legalization would not be worth it if people were dying but I'm sure the more people that move to medicating with marijuana instead of alcohol the death rate will drop. But th
  3. That is a good point about the driving. Although if you spend 4 to 5 hours drinking you pretty much can't drive the rest of the night. If you spend 4 to 5 hours at a smoking club you are good to drive in an hour and a half no matter how much you consume. Also that point didn't put bars out of business. The ban on smoking did.... My idea is not polished but I do believe there are a lot of people that still enjoy night life or hanging out but are left with no place to go but bars. Im also working on a line of pipes and accessory for people that want their accessory to be sophisticated
  4. So I'm a 38 year old male business owner, married with children. I am interested in learning about or starting a place for people that want a mature place to hang out. I grew up going to bars for social interaction but now I don't drink and bars are not geared for people that smoke. Dealing with drunk people, or bars to loud to talk in is not my idea of a good time anymore. I want a place where I can go and relax, meet people, rejuvenate, and leave feeling refreshed and happy. A place where I can smoke but isn't about black lights, a place where I can create, listen to music, chill.
  5. I spent over 15 years of my life as an alcoholic. I hurt everyone in my life, dui's, jail, sick feeling all the time, over weigh, would forget half the night, cheated, got in fights, spent $100's on the weekends, crashes depression!!!!! and so on and so on. I stopped drinking 4 years ago! Started a business, a non profit, now in great shape, I haven't been sick since I started using marijuana, I'm committed, faithful, a good father, hardest working I know and happy!!! I have learned that I used alcohol because of the level of anxiety I would deal with and alcohol was the only thing
  6. Hello all, Looking forward to meeting people, discussing ideas and learning more.
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