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  1. do you always wake up thinking about those guys? Lol. Do you always wake up at a 10? Chill, bb. It's all good. Everyone else has settled down here, won't you? Nobody said anything incendiary to you, yet you call out three people for nothing and then insult another?
  2. http://lansingcitypulse.com/article-13537-Start-up-fees-$65000.html Well, in another round of drafting, the lansing city council currently sits on a draft ordinance that requires an applicant to first pay a $5,000 app fee (only half of which is refunded if denied), $10,000 a year to retain the license, and an applicant must also have $50,000 in liquid assets for the fook of it. Business interests seem to permeate even the smallest bodies of government. flower every last one of 'em Meanwhile, a plea deal is being worked out with that creep, dunning. Word is he will plead to one count or some bs. This world is getting fubar'd hard these days. I'm about to give up.
  3. Bb sounds like a cop. I know because i, too, am a cop. We generally promote stuff like no top in order to pay for our armored vehicles and such. Most can't afford to fight it and they take a deal. Those that do fight, we turn up the heat with forfeiture threats. They usually cave. Ok. Just had to get that out with a heap of sarcasm. To each their own, obviously be mindful of how your local boys deal with chite, but don't forget that msp and the feds exist too. They don't care about how cool ann arbor or lansing are. If you give them an opportunity and it's worth it for them, you're in the f-ing cross-hairs....Don't matter where you are. I'm in favor of protecting patients, not creating good law. Seriously, zap, if you promise to take it to the SC on your dime, I'll take the top off new Orleans style! Peace ya'll. Watch out for the fella in blue.....he's a watchin' you! :)
  4. rejuvenate south lansing Facilitator and Founder ​ Elaine Womboldt Phone: 517-393-0317 Send email Social Media Outreach Coordinator Melissa S. Quon Huber, Ph.D. Phone: 517-394-3996 Send email Support Assistant ​ Adam Hussain Phone: 517-528-2218 Send email City Council Liaison ​ Carol Wood Phone: 517- 483-4188 Wood and Hussein associated with this bs....f-ing figures. Got on the lines, folks. Make their weekend hell!
  5. the bible is a good read. I believe in it to an extent. I see it as a spiritual text rather than factual, so I'm not stuck on any story or idea being true and real. Science trumps the factual relevance of many of the stories, but that doesn't mean they don't have value. Ultimately, I'm compelled to believe in evolution, but religion and spirituality are cool by me. I don't practice a religion, but seek to be understanding of all of them. No offense taken, phaq. I will pray for cooler weather though lol
  6. I wish I could norby. I didn't get tickets and probably can't make the trip out today. Weather is much better today. Hope everyone has a blast! Someone get me some seeds!!!
  7. word. Thanks to t-pain, imi, bob, and anyone else that went out to help. Hope you all brought lots of water! Thank goodness it isn't humid too!
  8. Keep on 'em! I'm all for people having the choice between a dispensary and a caregiver, but not at the cost of losing rights enumerated in the mmma. The line is drawn when the dispensary lobby is convincing city councils that they are legal and safer than these caregivers that are giving up their lives to help people. Contact Lansing City Council 124 W Michigan Ave. 10th Floor City Hall Lansing , MI 48933 Ph: 517-483-4177 Fax: 517-483-7630 council@lansingmi.gov Sounds like they are starting to get it, but give 'em a ring and ask what section of the mmma clearly authorizes dispensaries.
  9. Imi, I think mal is referring to ice water extraction. Just mix ice, water, sugar leaf or popcorn buds, stir, wait, strain. Use filtered water!
  10. hell yeah. I've been doing the same for a while now. Seems to be the utilitarian approach. Smokable, meltable to dabs, easy to mix and decarb in coco or olive oil for straight eating, and easy to sprinkle into the stir fry.
  11. thanks for sharing your experience. The info is appreciated!
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