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  1. I'd like to hear some feedback on the gr expo also. At this point I don't even know where it is being held at?
  2. Mailed change of caregiver form on 2/3/14. Lara received it 2/5/14. My patient nor I have received anything as of today. Called Lara and they were nearly useless...say paperwork still not processed...would not/could not say anything else. What an embarrassment this system is...
  3. So it's just a simple case of the internet butthurts huh? Imagine that... lol Good to know, thanks mibrains! As far as personal attacks...no worries there...not my style. I prefer to kill with kindness.
  4. I've run across a few posts through searching this site where members appeared upset they were quoted in a reply. Can someone tell me why? Is it an unwritten rule around here to avoid quoting posts in a reply?
  5. Thanks, that was my original question and reason for making this post. I'm terrible at conveying my thoughts/questions with clarity at times but it appears you comprehend convolution quite well. Thanks again! Thanks grassmatch! I'd imagine most of my techniques outlined in this thread are familiar to you...lol Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery right? Done!
  6. Is she willing to wait for cards to show? Am I? Lol
  7. I'm certainly not under the assumption that I'm 100 percent private. No such thing. For what its worth my grow isn't at my Addy on my dl either. Still a concern for my personal safety, so to that end you have a point. That would be why I used the anon tools during the screening process. I choose the patient I did because of his age, career and condition. I also paid a few bucks for a background check. Let's just say he has a vested interest in remaining discrete and securing an uninterrupted supply. He now has all my contact info but he or anyone that may find his card can Google all d
  8. T-pain just to clarify my situation and question a little... I currently have one patient plus myself so my limits at any given time are 24/5 but if I were to take on another caregiver as a patient and they kept their plant count would my new limits then be 24/7.5 ? If not what would it be? At this point I'm really just curious.
  9. I get your point t-pain but with anonymous email, PO Box's, prepaid phones and a lengthy screening process I felt reasonably sure of my safety and anonymity on C/L. Not NSA level sure of myself but reasonably sure against rippers. I try to follow the law to the nth degree so I worry less about leo and more about thieves and rival c/l caregivers with axe's to grind. I've invested heavily in security for just that reason and I don't mean firearms for clarity's sake. I was after just ONE good patient and feel like I got one. I'll let him do the rest of the advertising for me by way of word o
  10. Yep, I had an add posted on CL weeks ago looking for a patient to sign, he replied and explained his situation but wasn't looking to sign with me...just wanted the meds...I told him (politely) to pound sand and actually gave up on the cl thing all together and deleted my add because that's all anybody wanted that replied. Then today out of the blue he replies again through the old cl link (didn't know that was possible but I've read it is...) saying he's changed his mind and would agree to sign. After reading the posts here and thinking about it further I came to the same conclusion you
  11. I've decided to pass on his offer but for future reference would there be any legal value in this situation to having a patient sign a "contract" that states I'm supplying him and only him?
  12. Geez what do you want...mailing address, gps coordinates? lol Technically my specific question has nothing to do with location...though I see where you're going with your line of thinking...to me a grey area is a grey area and not worth the paranoia and risk regardless of how tolerable my specific region is. Edit # 1 Ok I figured out where to input my location in my profile. Edit # 2 This was a reply to a poster who has deleted his/her post.
  13. So I had a guy (who seams to be a stand up guy at face value) contact me today who is a caregiver that for various reasons is unable to keep up with his patient demands. He wants to sign with me asap but keep his plant rights for himself. He agreed to wait on any transfers until hard cards are in hand. He would need help for at least the next 3-4 months. I don't need his plant #'s to provide for him but I'm curious how that works out in terms of weight? Am I able to harvest an additional 2.5oz for him monthly (staying under a total of 24 plants) and transfer legally to him assuming he
  14. Thanks for the welcome. I've read a lot of your posts and copy a lot of things you do. I can appreciate the lengths you go to for your own safety. I prefer Cleanshot as it leaves less residue...lol...No, I'm not familiar...at least to my knowledge ??? Thanks for the welcome GregS but who's "nugget"? lol
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