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  1. I was being a little over dramatic with the watch like a hawk every day thing. But like what happened to you, you gotten make darn well sure everthing is right. Things can be down right catastrophic. Such as what could have happened to 2 friends of mine. The A/C failing in the middle of summer and not bring there to catch it. The one was just during the day while at work luckily because it was in his home and darn near burned it down, of course the plants where fried but atleast the house wasn't. The other was up north on a 3 day weekend luckily this room was in a unattached garage not only where the plants done for but did have a small fire the ruined a good chunk of change worth of equipment. Needless to say they both have safety heat shut off sensors now. Something every room should have! I'm most interested in getting a greenhouse set up with light deprivation. Got the perfect place for it up north in the hills away from sight. DREAM BIG BABY!!!! right? Like I said before legalization is knock'n on Michigan's door.
  2. Agreed hyd. Systems are great for not being on the spot every day. I'm really interested in DWC myself but that will be something to spend time a.d money on at a later date. If it's not broke don't fix it is my motto. With our set up now you can't afford to take a day off, it is watched like a hawk every day. My other motto is keep it simple and don't over think things (experiment). Once you have the formula stick to it. I truly think too many folks make it way harder than it is. When ever I help someone get started I say its easy to do if you fellow the basics. Then I say its easy to screw up if you don't fellow the basics. I've seen guys that have banner crops on there very first grow and I've also seen guys that have done it for years make big mistakes over and over. One thing that is always the issue is that there making it way harder than it actually is. Way too many things can go wrong on there own for there to be ANY room for human error! I've been growing OD since I was 15 and have seen every possible thing that can go wrong go wrong. Way more things can ruin your season out there than the controled environment of ID. Trust me I am no expert at this ID thing. But OD maybe. LMAO. One things for sure I love doing both and there's always new things to be learned. Maybe someday I can quite my day job and do what I love full-time. You never know legalization is right around the corner.
  3. That's not supposed to be a pre98 is it grassmatch?
  4. MgoKush


    Exactly what sold me on reuse. The Company that sells it pitches reuse. As you said there in business to sell bags. Now if you ask a grow shop owner you'd probably get a different answer.lol
  5. We're noticing gains from gas but I say not enough to care if we use it or not. Wouldn't hurt my feelings to scrap the whole co2 thing all together.lol I think we're getting darn near every gain possible from o2 with the system closed like it is. Once again never thought maybe its working to well to our disadvantage. Thanks again guys for your 2cents on this matter.
  6. This is our first grow with gas in this room. We all know if the environment isn't perfectly set up for o2 there's no reason to use it. Just a big waste of money. Like most gas systems this one is set up to spray by ppm and obviously at the idea time to not waste any exhausting. Even though our flower room exhaust's into the veg. room. Never took lack of ox into consideration. I really don't think that's an issue but I will be checking that. Thanks. Wouldn't take anything to suck in a little outdoor air.
  7. Oh ya G1 not hydro. BIG azz buckets of coco. CANNA nutrients, expensive as hell but the flavor. Well worth it!!
  8. G1 yes it is a newer strain of ECSD. The time is longer counting clone time. I was starting from fully rooted clones put into the veg. room. The other strains are White Fire #1 and 2, Alien Bubba (absolutely rock solid nuggs) and a lone true OG Kush witch will only pull about 8, gorgeous lady purple'n up nicely. T-pain I'm estimating from the 2 previous grows with these strains in this room. These are actually bigger than the other runs. Like I said we are completely out of space. These girls look like OD plants, all but the OG are 4 1/2 feet tall and bent and broken over to fit as the lights can go no higher. This is a ton of light in little space all 6 1000's are stacked so tight there basically touching each other. Needless to say the cooling system is nothing short of superior. The reason we ran into a heat problem we tried running only one of the 3 A/C units trying to save a little on elec. during winter. This is a closed system with basically 0 outside intake or outtake with co2. We both do heating and cooling for a living. Helped many of growers get cool.lol This room is basically a show model to show what we can do. Climate is darn near everything!! To be honest we really surprised ourselves and its not done being fine tuned with this being only the 3rd. grow. Next when I get my new house will do it all over again but a little different, BIGGER. Our childhood dreams have come true. As I'm sure it has for a lot of us.lol
  9. I'm not really but it was a very short lived problem. If its not the gas than heat has to be it. I'll see if I can PM you a pic. one of the East Coast's is over an lb.. Like I said there super cropped and there's 6k Watts on 15 plants, the sun doesn't have a thing on this room. Trust me your definitely not the first one to question this.lol
  10. MgoKush


    Yes we do. Running Canna nutrients and on the 3rd run with the same coco. Being told by one of our know it all friends that we shouldn't be doing this. This is from a guy still running soil. LOL Anyone run into any problems doing this.
  11. Any one know a source for the BW strain. Thinking about trying to grip on to that strain to grow OD here in West Mich. I hear it finishes up early enough. Also thinking Purple Kush and Blueberry. Got some time tested mich. OD strains. But looking to expand my arsenal. Did Purps last season and that's a keeper, done Oct. 1. Rather not go much if any longer than that.
  12. Love pre 98! I just had the pleasure of getting my hands on some Ripped Bubba ( Jack the ripper x pre 98 Bubba. Wonderful tasting strain kinda has a red skittles flavor.
  13. Is it possible that co2 is making the same clones of the same strains take longer to finish then it did without o2? Besides a bit of a heat issue its the only thing different than previous grows. There massive super crop plants that are just plan out of space and the new veggies are ready to be switched. Didn't expect this problem at all because of previous grows. Just when you thought you seen it all.lol I guess it not really a bad problem to have. These complain's are, no moo poo holding 14 to 16 Z's apiece.
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