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  1. http://blog.sfgate.com/smellthetruth/2013/09/03/medical-marijuana-crackdown-will-continue-in-northern-california-despite-new-federal-legalization-policy/ State-legal medical marijuana businesses in California can expect continued federal threats, raids, and forfeitures despite the historic new memo from the White House August 29 which resets Justice Department priorities with regard to marijuana. On Thursday U.S. Deputy Attorney General James Cole released a memo which states that the Administration will allow marijuana regulation plans to move forward in Washington and Colorado. The m
  2. Having been through this process...my attorney argued that 1. since there the definition of a plant varies from county to county, the federal definition of a plant must be applied. The feds say a plant must have roots. 2. The plants must be dried, somehow. Trimming the buds and hanging to dry is the method most commonly used. Making this process illegal runs contrary to MMA. I had 57 plants, allowed 60. Popo counted 145, including cuttings in the rooting process and drying buds.
  3. The Dems are changing their platform. As usual, the evolution begins in California. http://www.dailybulletin.com/news/ci_23746057/california-democrats-board-passes-marijuana-legalization-resolutions
  4. Out here in California, purchasing meds on the street is still more convient and less expensive than going to a dispensary. Since the federal crackdown on dispensaries, growers find that moving their product out the back door makes more sense. Dispensaries keep patient and grower information on record. Feds sieze all these records when they raid and growers become worried that flash bangs will find their way into their homes soon. There is also the tax issue...dispensaries send their growers 1099s every January. There is no paper trail on the street. A trip to a collective (dispensary) is
  5. Police find a way to increase plant count. In my case, every trimmed and curing bud was counted as an individual plant.. According to police documents I had 135 plants. Actual plant count was 57, allowed 60.
  6. I asked my congressman Jeff Dunham to support this legislation and two others. The reply was the same for all three. Here is his response: August 9, 2012 Dear Danielshemp, Thankyou for contacting me about the use of marijuana by adults. It is a pleasure to hear from you on thisimportant issue. Drugtrafficking of marijuana is a growing problem in California's Central Valley. Marijuana is cultivatedin the remote areas of the Valley and especially in the national forestland, over which my Committee,House Natural Resources, has jurisdiction. Law enforcement in the Valley h
  7. Dear Richard, I will start by informing you that my name is not Frank. So, Richard, what do you do with your overages? Do you hoard them? I can read the headline now,"Medical marijuana grower busted with pounds of pot." What would that do for advancing the movements agenda? Well, maybe you sell them to other registered patients. If that's the case, then you are a dispensary and you should stop because," if patients loose their ability to grow their own medicine the blame will be on the shoulders of dispensaries." Can you see where this is going? Let me help. Where are patients, who are una
  8. Greedy caregivers. That's the impetus for this topic. Have we all forgotten the purpose of this law? Well it didn't pass with 63% so that growers could get wealthy. The intent was compassion. Shame on those who would artificially inflate the price of meds. California grown cannabis is by far more superior in quality and price than anything I have seen grown in Michigan. Those who would like to earn a fortune growing cannabis in Michigan should ltearn how to grow larger and better crop. Until then quit your whining. This is a law of compassion written for those suffering from physical affli
  9. Nute burn was my first thought. Too much nitrogen maybe.
  10. I strongly disagree. Allowing this sensitive information into the hands of another government entity is extremely dangerous. Already our attorney general has capitulated to the feds. How many more politicians will do the same in the name of law and order? You are also incorrect in your statement that it doesn't effect a caregiver with 5 patients. "However, primary caregivers, who are allowed to treat five patients, grow 60 plants and can profit from the enterprise, are covered under the amended city code, Cook said. The code already prohibited "primary caregiver" as a home-based occupation i
  11. More information is needed here. Was the letter from the state, county or township? How did they get all that information? Inspections of caregivers is not allowed. Something smells. Tell your friend to find a lawyer, fast. Like Brad said.
  12. Eric, you're an invaluable asset to the movement. Keep doing your good work.
  13. How is using mmj going to send the country down the tubes?
  14. Jimbojinx you seem to have problems finding an appropriate forum for your anti-Obama agenda. This forum is for those with legal questions regarding medical marijuana. Where are the moderators?
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