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  1. Thank you all very much for the replies. You've given me much food for thought. If Michelle does come to town, we better make sure to have some "healthy " edible options around
  2. Is there a way to apply for a license that would allow someone to obtain product from another state and sell it (or provide it for dispensaries to sell) here? For example, low THC products can be very hard to find. If there is a product that is in compliance with another state's requirements and ours (like a low THC chocolate that is tested, wrapped properly, made in an appropriate setting (clean, commercial kitchen) and labeled) can someone apply to bring that product here fill a void?
  3. I think this is sickening. Yes she should've had it in he trunk or locked, but considering she has a serious medical condition, I can see how this can happen. It's no different than having a bad headache & throwing a couple Tylenol or Motrin in your pocket. They could fall out & be ingested by a kid or dog. Not the original intention & I don't believe she would've done this for any other reason than it was a convenient place to keep her medicine so she could find it before she puked.
  4. Can you explain more about this? Just curious. (It's all politics as far as I'm concerned lol)
  5. I was looking for this today! No luck in SE MI. Only thing was catatonic which has 3% thc. Would prefer zero thc.
  6. Reading only, as suggested. Saying hi :)

  7. I'm wondering about employment in the mmm industry. How does someone go about finding employment? (Dumb question, sorry...) is it illegal federally to work in the industry? Where are legal patients supposed to get quality products if it's illegal to grow, process, etc? (Just grow their own or thru their legal caregiver?) I'd be interested in working in the industry but don't think I could handle jail time. I don't have a moral or ethical problem with it, though. On the contrary, I'd be happy to contribute to it. I believe it's the only relief some patients can get.
  8. Hi there! Worked for a couple of years in a health food store in the late 80s and have been intrigued with natural medicine ever since. Worked (part time) in hospitals in reimbursement & pharmacy ever since. I'm disgusted with bigpharma but am also dependent since I'm a MS patient. I'm doing well but want to do even better. I hate to see people suffer (cancer, pain, debility, whatever) and think it's downright evil that a plant that can help some people is illegal, schedule 1. Pretty excited about what's happening in Colorado. I want to go there to see & learn but
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