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  1. I'm confused about the time limit regaring temporary licensing. I sent my paperwork in certified, have copies of all other legitimate paperwors, forms etc. The state of Michigan cashed my check on March 19 2014 When would I be OK to being using a dispensary? I know that there are some that accept temporary papework instead of the card. I'm getting very mixed answers on this, on one hand it was 15 days after MI cashed the check 21 business days, 15 business days etc. etc.
  2. This really is a great forum, I appreciate all the replies!
  3. I was wondering if there would be any issue transporting MMJ (in an enclosed container in a vehicle) if the vehicle was registered to another person, but you were the one driving? Person A - Valid MMJ license holder Person B - Average citizen Say the vehicle is registered to person B Person A is driving the vehicle which is registered to person B with a valid MMJ license and properly stored in the trunk Basically wondering how one could travel safely without putting others inside a vehicle at risk.
  4. Had no idea there were topical applications for inflammation! WOW!
  5. Hello everyone, I've been researching around and have been looking for some advice regarding MMJ, and chronic pain relief. I do not and will not take opiates for pain, I was involved in a work injury and had to endure two surgeries. I now suffer from chronic arthritis and inflammation in my ankle joint ( has donor cartrlidge inserted) and was wondering if anyone could recommend something to help with the pain. I work afternoons all day on my feet and after work at night is when the pain starts to set in.
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