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  1. I've never had a problem myself. But this place I am working for is great with fantastic meds and everything is professional. But you have the random few that like to cheat the system. I've seen it a lot in Tue culinary buisness. Granted its completely different but you get the concept. People sometimes look for free bunny muffin. Do what they can to get it and douche out. Just looking for ways to help protect it. That's all.
  2. My question is there an exact MCL code stating that a patient can switch caregivers at anytime? I work for a dispensary and they offer to pay for their cards. Drs apt app fee and select them a caregiver for it. The issue is there have been a few people that take advantage of this and turn around once they get there card and go change the care giver. An idea was brought up on possibly writing a contract saying if you switch caregivers within an x amount of time you have to payback the fees which were originally waived for signing up.
  3. thanks t-pain. i gotten all my bunny muffin together and legit agian i just want to make sure im making all the right choices. i just wasnt sure if cps could be like hey hes legal but he let me in the grow room because i asked to see it type of thing. im trying to cover my donkey in all aspects and make sure its done right.
  4. Was curious if i have another encounter with CPS if i have to show him my grow room or if i can even legally let him in? even with the police? I don't let anyone go in there other than myself. i want to keep out all people unless its myself unless i have to. what is my limits with this?
  5. eh not really. was just trying to figure out what my situation was or could possibly be. Anyway. had my arraignment and all went quite well. showed the judge my renewed paper work and everything was up to date. he said if i plead guilt they will do a 7411 er something like that where it doesn't go on my record but id sit on probation and pay a fine. i obviously plead not guilty. the judge and i have had previous history with trouble i been in when i got home from Iraq. anyway he looked at me and said its nice to see me for something so little like this that i look great and hes happy i'm not drinking. that i can put a motion in for a section 8. gave me a pr bond and said i can smoke as much as i want smoke it up. that he knows and believes that i use it for medical purposes and talk to a lawyer. prosecutor was in agreement with the judge so all in all i think it went alright.
  6. So cps Case is closed I got a court hearing tomorrow. From my understanding everyone of my friends this has happened to all they did was renew their cards showed the judge and he has dismissed them. Know of 4 cases similar to this. Even cases where they never had a card and went to get one and got it dismissed. Either way my card is renewed. Hopefully this gets dropped. See if he follows his presedent.
  7. well someone made a call to cps stating basically i sell meth and cocaine i have tons of assault weapons have lbs of medical mmj i have intimate relations with my dog and my family members and touch my kid make my kid drink and smoke weed that my medical room is unlocked that there is tinkle and bunny muffin from one end of my house to the other and my house is a pig sty. obviously none of this is true other wise i would be in a lot more bunny muffin and trouble. it was like a 4 page complaint and they did basically the same thing my my sons ex. so i'm thinking that its possible it could have been my ex wife still trying whatever she can to take my daughter away that's all a different story. anyway i obviously live in Michigan. when i was at the VA hospital i was in Milwaukee for medical problems and getting more documentation for my comp and pension. i also entered a treatment facility for drinking. which i don't but i also wanted to get a good notch in my belt for when i fight for custody of my daughter. i wanted to learn better ways on coping with my PTSD and anxiety. my card was expired for a few months and i was in between everything. i had a shared house with my mother and i got home a few weeks ago she ended up moving to Illinois for a new job and left me the house so i been going through basically rearranging and making the home mine when all of this happened. i'm appalled at whoever filed this complaint in the first place. and pretty upset that i got caught with my pants down for my grow room. i had old leaves in there that when my card was still valid i was going to use for butter and never got around to it i had it in a container and when i was gone they got all yellow and ended up getting mold on them i had everything in garbage bags and basically the stuff in the garbage bags the cop ending up taking.
  8. I was wonder if i am eligible for section 4 or section 8. I currently had my renewal yesterday. my last card was expired. anyway I was away to the VA hospital and i recently got home i had old fan leaves still on my floor and about a gram and a half of usable medicine still in my grow room. i was starting to clean out my entire house and started on my grow room. anyway i was sitting here and i had cps and the police here. had complaints up the donkey for crazy stuff so i complied and talked with them and they wanted to do a walk through of my house which was spotless besides my grow room. once the cop did a walk through of the room he gave me a citation for a possession charge. i am shitting bricks because i have been out of trouble for a few years and never had any possession charge before in my life when i got home from Iraq i was a mess and in trouble for frivolous things mostly to do with drinking and i really don't want to see this judge agian granted i don't drink but still. I wasn't trying to break the law.
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