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  1. Michael, if MSP were to raid the event what are the implications for the patients in attendance? I assume they would be mostly after vendors with/without booths that aren’t following state law...
  2. I will be there, but not looking forward to the music either.
  3. I also grabbed one for the 420 sale. There nifty. Very much like a one hitter for the vape world. It's also able to be used on any flame source though a flame torch is best.
  4. That's a decent amount to squish at once...I've done up to a half ounce with 5"x3" plates paired with a 10ton press. I believe LowTemp Plates makes a larger set that may be able to handle up to an oz on a single press but you will most definitely need to get 20ton press to pair them with. Other companies are out there now address the more commercial/large scale squishing.
  5. I tend to only grow from seed...Bodhi has nice crosses at a decent price per pack. GGG, DNA/Crockett, DVG, & topdawg have also been top notch for me.
  6. I use the Philips elite Agro 3100k cmh light. LEC stands for light emitting ceramic. It's an name used by a specific brand, SunSystem. I use Greanbeams by Cycloptics because of the even spread at the canopy. It is the best spectrum out, no doubt. I'm inly heading into my second grow with them, but I don't think I'll use another light. The only caveat is cost/coverage. The bulbs are only 315w so they only really cover a 3x3 for flower so you need more lights to cover the same space as DE/HPS.
  7. I'm excited to go this year as a patient. In the past I was only a registered caregiver, and always respected the idea that medicating stations were patient use only. I've got mixed feelings about the high times event itself in regards to upholding a medical use/view. It fits better with the recreational market, but that is how the cookie crumbles I suppose. I look forward to stopping by the momma tent. This site is truly helped my patients and myself around the strange behaviors LEO has utilized to use our law to arrest registered patients and caregivers. I look forward to be able to lend a hand if needed or at least to share my appreciation.
  8. I just bought a second 315w cmh...I'm now running two over a 3x6 space. They are indeed awesome lights. Sooo bright!
  9. I'll chime in...I believe the op is asking about the 315w Philips bulbs that are newish(2-3yrs) that are being used by some ballast/reflector makers like Sun System's LEC and Cycloptic's Greanbeams. They have an excellent spectrum and come in a 3100k & 4200k. I wouldn't say a single bulb could replace a 1k by any means, but is maybe comparable to a 600w and blows a 400w out of the water for flower. The spectrum on those bulbs is the bees knees and if you're solely using them for the veg the 4200k will serve you well. This is if you don't mind spending more up front for a more efficient platform (similar in mindset to LED lighting).
  10. I'm sorry to hear about your condition from the accident. Living with pain can be terrible. I'm glad to hear mmj helps. I also have the ability to take on another patient. The form fee can also be discussed, no biggie to me. As Indigro mentioned....I am more interested in what type of strains you were looking to utilize as well as how much you think you may consume monthly. I live in Macomb county and travel for patients when needed. PM for questions or to discuss details.
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