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  1. I was at G3C on Saturday and a guy from Pure Altitude said he had GG#4 in seed form. I didn't buy as I thought it is clone only as well. Here is his contact info: Pure Altitude Souvenir Seed Bank 313.693.6509 IG @purealtitude FB Pure Altitude Detroit
  2. The last patient I signed up was a referral from an attorney to help this young man get his card. I knew the risks going in and sure enough during the 21 day waiting period he calls and asked, "So some people are telling me I get a free ounce a month, so how do we do this/what's this all about?" Really! I've never heard from him again. I have no idea if he ever sent in a change form, but my guess is he hasn't... but then again...his plants aren't in my garden!
  3. Yes, I do feel lucky all things considered. I've learned a very good lesson in the proce
  4. Well, I simply forgot to post as I stated I would. I do apologize! Murph, Thanks for the response. I have put a fair amount of planning into my operation and safety is one of the key factors that drives the operation. We purchased this home based on safety for a legal caregiving operation and made mad upgrades to include a 22w generator, a separate 125 amp sub panel installed, each room rewired with 20 amp outlets and wire in 3 separate rooms by a journeyman electrician. Each room is equipped with steel doors and deadbolts, etc...I could go on but you get the drift. As far as breaking my gear down for entry...that is NOT gonna happen AND no body will have access period from here on! So the first was on me for doing the right thing when deep inside I knew the risk of doing so. The insurance company, Auto Owners eventually paid the max amount of the policy while waiving the deductible and simultaneously cancelling the policy. Good riddance. Grassmatch, I can find no specific language in my policy regarding a legal caregiving/grow operation being covered. I can only take the agent from Allstate at his word that a claim would be paid as he stated-even if it is a legal MMJ caregiver operation. Risky? Yes, with caveat. I simply want Home Owners Insurance - ONLY! I have no intention, nor have I ever had intentions of submitting a MMJ claim. Having said that, I believe it a valid policy as is with or without covering medicinal grade cannabis and all equipment.
  5. Well it's been about 10 days and I have NOT heard boo from my canceling agent. So I shopped around a bit and found an agency willing to write me a new homeowner policy that covers a legal MMMP operation... Once I have a Declaration of Insurance I'll share the name of said company with you.
  6. Pic, I was never going to sue but it sure sounds fun! I just want to be insured and left alone. Legalize please.
  7. I hired a pro as well for all wiring of my room. Grow room has it's own 125 Amp box with dedicated circuits, 50 amp hard wire for new controller. We replaced every cheap 15 amp outlet for 20 amp outlets and wired each on their own. Before the upgrades I would plug a ballast in and then a fan in the 15 amp outlets...BOOM! Kicked breaker. Now I have a light controller with each ballast has their own 20 amp circuit. I did not get any permits though. This weekend I'm adding a fire extinguisher, and will be giving deep thought on fire protection
  8. My agent called and stated that he has found a company willing to write insurance for cannabis "purposes." Lexington Insurance, a sub-sidiary of AIG. Waiting on a quote. I'm sure it's going to hurt! I have found Cannassure as an alternative as well.
  9. Kick a guy when he is down...I see how it is!
  10. I have 1 flower room and it is 14 x 18. 16 plants at various stages. Nothing flammable, no carpet or drapes, no clothes or paneling - all drywall. Non-flammable shelf and wires are good. No fire extinguisher but several smoke alarms.
  11. I am no electrician and I had it wired by a certified electrician. I just said I wanted to be able to plug anything in any of these existing plugs that if I wanted I could. AC and AC upgrades, etc... Probably overkill but I like safer, which brings be back to how angry one may get when playing by all the rules they set and doing the safe thing in construction and processes.
  12. I'm doing just that. Making my room as safe as I possibly can. Someday soon fire supression will be added. I added 125 amp service box for my grow, I use a lighting controller with high heat shut off, cords managed, room cleaned, ballast on the wall outside the room, carry and hand water the room, no butane extraction, no ovens, etc...ad naseum! The part about being within plant counts and weights is reassuring if LEO were to be notified of my totally legal and sanctioned caregiver/patient garden.
  13. The agent told me if I quit growing or was willing to move the grow to a rental space, which I laughed at, they would insure me. So if I lie to them about the grow and continue my current coverage and all is well if/until a claim is made due to anything garden related and the property is a total loss...now what, No home, no clothes, no money...I don't like that choice at all! Having said that, I hear you loud and clear!
  14. I will check out USAA for sure then. So full upfront honesty and shop a new insurer sounds like the route to go for now. I'll see what happens!
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