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  1. These seem like dosage related problems to me, and I wonder if edibles are safe enough for general consumption. When smoking or vaporizing, dose titration is easy because you feel the effects almost immediately. Not so with ingestion, with its delayed onset. There are so many unanswered questions. For example, would a person predisposed to psychosis be less likely to experience a psychotic episode if they were vaporizing (rather than ingesting)? Perhaps they would start feeling a little paranoid after the first hit or two and back off before things got out of control. The potential for sel
  2. Very cool responses. Thanks for sharing them.
  3. For the caregivers that frequent this forum, I'm curious - what motivates you to keep doing it? Does anyone really do it for the money, or is more about fighting for what you believe in? Are you hoping to be well positioned to capitalize on (possible) eventual legalization? All of the above, perhaps? To give your answers some context, please also mention how long you've been operating as a caregiver. Thanks in advance to anyone wishing to share their thoughts on this.
  4. Hi, I'm new to medical marijuana (currently waiting for my card), and am seeking clarification on the legal status of dispensaries operating in Michigan. I was under the impression that all MI dispensaries were forced to shut down under the threat of prosecution (as "public nuisances") some time ago. However, I was driving through Mesick recently and came across what appeared to be a dispensary operating in plain sight (marijuana leaf on the sign and everything). How are they able to operate openly when so many others have closed? Is this type of dispensary safe for a patient t
  5. Hello, I'm a new medical marijuana patient awaiting the arrival of my card. When I submitted the application, I designated myself as care provider just so I could get things moving forward. However, I cannot grow my own medication and am working to find a caregiver. I understand that I need to wait for 21 days after my MMMP application check is cashed before being considered approved. However, the caregiver change process has me a little confused. Do I need to wait for my card before I can designate a caregiver, since the change form itself requires a registry ID (card number)?
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