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  1. we shall see! would've felt better with no brother huh?
  2. sparty was once again painted the proper colors of maize and blue last night! GO BLUE! thank you
  3. just give em double nutes they will verigate for a week
  4. ya I kinda thought of a trophy hunt for a long time leo who didn't get to bag a perp before retirement
  5. no offense to the older generation,but why is a 70yr old still on duty as a public safety officer in a high stress sting operation?they wont let firemen work that age and they don't have to make split second descions with mixing up lethal vs. non lethal weapons. maybe we should limit firearms to field supervisors and sgts. only rest of the 22yr olds get half charged tasers. arrest numbers would go up just from less dead people, and less embarrassing press conferences for the chief.
  6. if you ask a leo they will tell you that if you turn on your flashers and drive to a public area before stopping that its perfectly legal! bet if I tried that they would pit me and charge me with fleeing.
  7. so does it matter if the DEAD guy was in fear? or is it the fact that he was shot dead for not following directions.he dared to run away from a cop with a gun and a god complex, it has nothing to do with law or public safety, its like the mean kid with a puppy im gonna pet you even if I have to hurt you to keep you here. how long do we educate these people we give guns ,and the right to use them against citizens for? is it like a forklift lic. realestate lic took me two weeks, and id be willing to bet that class had more time on the law!take their f-ing guns and watch the attitude change.
  8. well they got one of the douchebag murderers on camera yesterday shooting a man in the back 4 times killing him dead. cop immediately calls diapatch and says shots fired suspect down he tried to grab my taser walks over handcuffs body then retrives taser from 30 yards away comes back and drops it next to body. ALL ON VIDEO YOU WILL BURN IN HELL HOPEFULLY AFTER A LONG PAINFUL PRISON STAY AS A FREE HOLE. SOUTH CAROLINA fired him and charged him with murder. wonder how it would go without video,buisness as usual
  9. it dosent take me any longer to steam on the stovetop,veggies and chicken anyway.
  10. lots of speculation thus far, must be what it feels like to be a prosocuter.
  11. just a way to make police brutality more palateable for all us dummies,desensitized and normal if you see it every day. pretty phaqin sad this is entertainment. more like the biggest gang anywhere.
  12. grass just send me half ur best, ill work em into rotation, save you some time!
  13. could you please teach me a phukin lesson you goose stepping idiot, maybe if fat phuk dad kept to one brownie, a stroke, WTF! keep yer hands on your own chit, must be republican.probably works for one of the big money backers anyway. I HAVE A PREDICTION THAT WE WILL SEE THIS SORT OF FOOLISHNESS UNTIL THE VOTE. no facts matter, this is a war in the press, and how the public precives all this info is the only thing that matters. science,facts,common sense hasn't prevailed yet I don't think it ever will. we better have some razzmatazz for them as well.
  14. operation lets party? that was for contacts and info only.so sucsessfull we stepped up the frequency of these meetings it will cost overtime but were commited to the war ...........
  15. too bad it was an orpp had a few breeds and theyre just gentle polite and quiet, good layers also! sorry for your loss.
  16. two pts, love it two hate it, its very fast growing,cloning,finishing,and high is daytime for sure, need to cross with coffee!
  17. tutankamon 52 days huge hard drippin rip yer eyes out soooaring!!!!!capt. crunchberry skunkbutt best description for me! very sativa high
  18. green planeta2 annarbor has it couple times a month
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