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  1. Happy Life in Oner is still closed, sign on door says closed until further notice. Great Lakes west of Happy Life is hoping to open within the next month.
  2. MILegalize and other groups asked the governor to intervene. Hopefully Happy Life will open again soon.
  3. No bulletins from the state that I have seen.
  4. My understanding was this had to happen on January 1.
  5. Heard a lot of provisioning centers in AA have now closed.
  6. They were to destroy all the caregiver weed on Jan. 1. It should not have even been tested.
  7. blackhorse

    Timers for lights

    And I appreciate all the input from both of you. Thank you.
  8. blackhorse

    Timers for lights

    I was referring to the $15 plug in timers. I opted for the Titan $50 timer as it is plug in and made for digital timers. Intermatic looks like a nice timer. My thought was after purchasing the timer, then I needed an extension cord to cut in half to hook to the timer. Just easier to purchase the unit assembled. Thanks to all for input.
  9. Called Happy Life in Onen twice now and no one answers. Not sure what is going on. They only had bud a week ago.
  10. blackhorse

    Caregivers to dispensaries

    Hopefully the price will come down as more grows get established.
  11. blackhorse

    Timers for lights

    Talked to technician at Intermatic and he recommended another timer than the one Gary suggested. It is rated for 1850 watts instead of 1250. Also 15 amp instead of 20 amp. No clue why the difference. Cost is under $15 each. Talked to technician at Lumatek and they suggest one of their brand timers. Checked Ebay and Amazon and they don't even carry the timer. Waiting for a text as to who sells the timer and cost. The timer is digital. I'm only running one 600 watt light per timer. For now, I will plug in and unplug each day. What else I got to do. Lol
  12. blackhorse

    Timers for lights

    Opinion of this timer that is on Amazon: Titan Controls Ballast Timer 120V - Apollo 4
  13. blackhorse

    Timers for lights

    Would I need to add a cord and plug for the intermatics? Since I already have a 20 amp receptacle.
  14. blackhorse

    Timers for lights

    Ran two new 20 amp circuits for the lights. One light per circuit.
  15. blackhorse

    Timers for lights

    The circuit is stand alone and I have two 20 amp circuits just for the lights. Nothing else is tied into the circuit. The intermatic mechanical timer is new to me. My thought is to plug some type of timer into the 20 amp receptacle, then plug the digital ballast into the timer. Sorry, semicaregiver was referring to a 20 amp circuit.