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  1. Happy Veteran's Day 2019! Thank you to all our veterans and active duty members!
  2. Cannatonic 4 was picked up yesterday. Now got to get down state to pick it up. Thank you for offer.
  3. Suggest a little extra water and leave the lights on. We leave for two days at a time and only give extra water. Not too much though.
  4. Yes Cannatonic #4 is like 19% cbd. Resin Seeds article says 50% of seeds will be 1:1, 25% a high thc, and 25% a high cbd. So anyone who orders these seeds would need to test the plants to find the high cbd plant. Talked to Iron Labs recently and cost of test is $95 per test. A clone place in AA now has Cannatonic #4 in stock. Have a friend who is going to try to pick a clone up for me.
  5. For the person who doesn't care for the high, then look into a high CBD plant with low THC. Most seed banks now carry the high CBD, just look at stats. You can get a 1:1 ratio which can be 5:5 or could be 15:15 , so be careful when ordering seeds. Seeds of 15 cbd:8 thc are very common too. We now have a 18%CBD:19%THC that patient likes. You get the CBD plus the high. Other ratio's are 18% cbd and less than 1% thc, which are good for muscle relaxing.
  6. I've used high CBD for seizure patient for 10 years now. Mixed Cannatonic #4 with high THC strains for patient to smoke. Also made edibles with high CBD. Currently patient is using gummies from high cbd and high thc strain. We have also used Star Tonic which is 10% thc and 16% cbd. The added cbd has helped with the seizures. This is not hemp, it is high cbd marijuana plants.
  7. I used Dr. Doom once, in a 4 x 4 tent. When discharged into the tent, it burned/killed branches on the plants. My set up was too close for the aerosol discharge.
  8. Will these be high cbd, high thc, or 1:1 ratio? Resin Seeds has some nice articles on Cannatonic.
  9. Thank you for posting, passed the info on.
  10. Check out growweedeasy.com.
  11. Resto recommended a 1200 watt led awhile back on this forum. Cost was $80 with discount. Original price was like $120. Bought 2 of them for a 5 x 10 tent. They seem to work well. I will be using a 600 watt HID reflector in center of tent soon. Suggest buying one 1200 watt led for the tent.
  12. I figure 8 weeks and mark the calendar. At 7th week I start checking the trichomes and wait until all cloudy mushrooms.
  13. Ran a few plants outside this year, not enough sunlight though. Opened up some of the cover towards the end of the cycle, but too late. Hopefully next year I will have a better setup. Just moved here a year ago.
  14. Yes watch the trichs for final decision. My tent is only 7' tall so I am limited in height when put into flower. Usually 2' tall and 8 weeks old. Got two mothers that I wanted to flower, but one is 4' and other is 5' tall. Too tall for my tent.
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