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  1. A combination of thc and cbd seems to work best for my patient.
  2. Caregivers can only legally take care of their patients. Provisioning centers and recreational center can provide to out of state people. Good luck.
  3. I must have the HP then. Next grow I will plan ahead and have Ocean Forest on hand.
  4. After using the Pro Mix for a week, I notice the soil is not as fluffy as Ocean Forest. Next time I will add some vermiculite to the mix. Think that is what it is called to get more air into the soil. Suggestions on percentage of vermiculite to add?
  5. blackhorse

    Pro Mix

    Normally I use Ocean Forest for my pots. In my area it is getting hard to find Ocean Forest, so I bought Pro Mix as a replacement. I did mix a ratio of 3 parts Pro Mix to 1 part Happy Frog. Store had a couple bags of the Happy Frog. Is their anything I need to do different for growing?
  6. I've used ice cold water in a spray bottle during flowering to get rid of spider mites. Luckily, been a couple years since had the spider mites in grow. Quarantine all new plants for two weeks.
  7. The 20 gallon pots will work for outdoor if you can't put plant into the ground. Keep an eye on water as when really hot out, will need more water.
  8. We got cards today. So we are good for two more years. Old card had expired for 13 days. All is good now.
  9. This system works great if you don't have a caregiver. With a caregiver, the doctor has to mail out the completed form to the patient. Patient and caregiver finish filling out the form and then mail into state. Our problem was form was lost in the mail. After two weeks or so they mailed out another completed form, which we received and finished filling out. Certified mailed to state two weeks ago and still waiting for the card. Suggest start a couple months before card expires. We got caught in the transition to telemed system.
  10. Plan is still the last of May to put plants outside. When are you putting out plants this year?
  11. I have a patient who uses THC and CBD to reduce seizures. The CBD is from marijuana not Hemp. Patients need a mix of the two for best results.
  12. Try a Star Tonic strain as it is 10% thc. Also has the cbd at 15%. This strain should not be so potent.
  13. The township supervisor approached the property owner after caregiver took no action.
  14. The way I read this is caregiver who leases an industrial building to grow will have to get a permit in Byron Township. A caregiver who grows at his/her residence will be under Home Occupation and not require a permit.
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