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  1. blackhorse

    Plant count

    Now this will keep me busy reading for awhile. Thank You!
  2. blackhorse

    Plant count

    In my garden if it has the start of a root, then it is one of my plants. Actually if it goes into clone bucket, then it is considered one of my plant count. Always stay within my plant count. Peace of mind for me!
  3. blackhorse

    Plant count

    Thank you for the info. I will look the act up and print it out for the person. I was thinking it was added to one of the court cases.
  4. blackhorse

    Plant count

    Seems like one of the court rulings was on what stage a plant was considered part of our plant count. I'm thinking any root system, but not positive.
  5. blackhorse

    Plant count

    Where do I find the ruling on when a clone counts as a plant? From what I remember, if it has a root system then it is counted as one of your plants. Recently someone told me a different opinion and I would like to show them the actual ruling. I always consider a clone in clone bucket that has the start of a root system as one of my 12 plants.
  6. blackhorse

    New Grow Room

    I should have listened! I built the room 6' x 10' thinking the room would be large enough. Room is tight. An 8' x 12' room would be ideal. Room works, but not happy with size.
  7. Both of you will get a new card stating you are the caregiver. Usually takes 30 days to receive the new cards. Keep plants separated until you receive the new cards. Good luck.
  8. blackhorse

    America’s Warriors are Victims of the Opioid Epidemic

    Military Mike: Thank you for your service!
  9. Department report: Class A - 9 Class B - 2 Class C - 49 Processing - 25 Provisioning - 67 Transfer - 6 Safety - 4 78 Municipalities have opted in. This is info from the meeting.
  10. blackhorse

    my wait time = exactly 1 month

    Just a reminder, if you make a mistake filling out the form, get a new form and start over. Make sure the date and year is correct as I have seen forms with wrong year and LARA returns the form. They do hold onto your money and ask that you send the rejection letter back with a new form. Know of two people who got rejected in last week. One was a crossed out check mark and other was year of sending the form. Hopefully this only delays getting license for a couple of week. Another was 23 days from mailing renewal until receiving card in mail.
  11. The Michigan State Board of Canvassers approved today the petition to add cannabis legalization to the November ballot. The proposal allows for possession, use, and home cultivation and will make Michigan the 10th state to legalize cannabis and the first state in the Midwest.
  12. Are you looking for a caregiver? Good luck.
  13. blackhorse

    LARA Issues Hefty Regulatory Assessment Fees 2018

    So it will cost $48,000 per year for a transporter license? Maybe that is why only a few have applied for the transporter license.
  14. blackhorse

    MI growing

    Recreational has 12 plants per household limit also.
  15. blackhorse

    my wait time = exactly 1 month

    Should have sent your caregiver info with the application. Believe that you will now have to wait for the new card in the mail, then add a caregiver. Line a caregiver up though.