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  1. Got a AK 49 plant in flower and seems to be taking forever to finish. It is 9 1/2 weeks into flower and still has white pistels all over. Buds are nice size, about 2". I've never ran into a plant taking this long. Plant is an 8 week flower from what I can find out. Looking like a 12 week finisher. Anyone ever grew this plant? Believe seeds came from Seedsman. They don't carry the seeds anymore.
  2. Aren't they getting a lot bigger harvest?
  3. Running a Maui Waui that is 9 weeks into flower, almost done. Got a AK 49 that should have finished in 8 weeks that is going to finish in maybe 11 weeks. No sign of finishing at this time, lots of white hairs all over. Seed came from Seedsman and questioning if it actually is AK 49. These plants are under the 1200 watt Yehsence led fixture. Thinking the led is a week longer in flower than 600 watt hid. These are cheaper lights, but for my small operation they seem to work well. The 600 HLG would be great and sure it would produce a better yield. Difference is the cost.
  4. Remember that you can get three different seed types from the seeds. One is high thc, one is high cbd, and third on is 1:1 ratio. (Which could be 10:10 or 15:15 , etc. ratio)
  5. Good luck with growing the three plants. I like to add a couple extra just in case one or two wilt and die. Plan on starting clones the middle of March and have in cups April 1. I'm hoping for an outdoor enclosed area for a half dozen plants.
  6. Does both plants have the same effect? Very nice yield.
  7. This kit looks to be expensive and complicated to use. Has anyone used this kit? I'd love to check thc and cbd of different strains. Thanks Resto for the link. Never knew this existed.
  8. PSI is just down the street from The Grow Store. Learn something every day. lol The Grow Store is my favorite place when down state. Approx. cost for thc/cbd test?
  9. Is this sample from one plant or both? The thc could be different for both plants. Remember that 25% of plants will be high thc, 25% high cbd, and 50% will be 1:1 ratio. Try a Star Tonic as it is 10% thc and 18% cbd.
  10. One or two plants? Which plant are you expecting? (low thc, high thc, or 1:1) Plant looks great!
  11. A friend of mine used Beastie Bloomz and did not like it, so he gave the Open Sesame, Beastie Bloomz, and Cha Chang to me. I used and doubled my weight the first grow and been using ever since. Use Open Sesame the first two weeks, Beastie Bloomz the next two weeks, and then Cha Chang the fifth and sixth week. Only use the 1/4 tsp side of the cup, once a week.
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