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  1. blackhorse

    vpaes 12 17 15 019

    Wife is using a 650 ooze pen, not sure of hole size.
  2. blackhorse

    vpaes 12 17 15 019

    Since they updated this site, I have hard time finding your sites.
  3. blackhorse

    vpaes 12 17 15 019

    Looked on amazon for the ooze vape pens and having no luck. Maybe I don't know what I'm looking for. So I can use the oil extracted with 99 % alcohol for the pens? The oil is a lot thicker than oil we purchase in shops. Any suggestions for a good pen?
  4. I was close to purchasing a Yehsence but shutting down the grow for summer. I will make a decision later on before winter after updates from you and others. Thanks
  5. Should be lots of clones at the High Times event in Clio in June. More info go to High Times page for Michigan.
  6. blackhorse

    vpaes 12 17 15 019

    I'd like to make oil for vape pens. How do I thin the rso oil to work in the pens?
  7. I've read the story that myflorida is referring to. Can't see where 2 or 3 days in dark can change the outcome of our harvest. We harvest and hang in dark for a week or so, then jar up for a month or so to bring out the aroma and potency.
  8. Thanks for all the updates. I thought of purchasing one of these lights, but plan was to shut the flower room down for the summer. I do have one white widow mother plant that I could flower to experiment with this new light. After stretch, I would only have about 2' of distance from plant to light. Would this be enough?
  9. AC/DC was a hard strain for me to grow. Branches couldn't hold themselves up. Got rid of the strain. My favorite is Cannatonic #4.
  10. Dispensaries/Provisioning Centers are not allowed to sell clones anymore. I have been looking for cannatonic clones too. Some of the seed banks have a high cbd strain with low thc. Believe Seedsman has the 18% cbd/.5 thc seeds. Last of May for putting out plants work well. $10 per seed is the going price. Good Luck
  11. Kushfest was today in Clio also. Anyone attend?
  12. In my township, the supervisor was only one with an open mind. All others were against marijuana. I will help organize an initiative if anyone starts a petition in my neighborhood. A supply of medicine for our seniors and veterans is top priority, for me anyway.
  13. Believe this is talking about state wide proposals. A lot of these communities will not change their minds after the rules are set. My township voted to opt out and have no intention of changing their minds. Anti marijuana!
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