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  1. blackhorse

    Any Caregivers Growing Cannatonic Strain?

    I have some of the Candida seed, but have not popped any yet. Will have it tested when I do run some of this strain.
  2. blackhorse

    I could use some assistance..

    Used this site for years. Very helpful site.
  3. blackhorse

    Any Caregivers Growing Cannatonic Strain?

    Seedsman has Candida which is .5 thc and 15 cbd, this is close to cannatonic.
  4. blackhorse

    Any Caregivers Growing Cannatonic Strain?

    Some of the seed banks are now carrying seeds similar to cannatonic. Cannatonic was 19% cbd and .5 thc. Believe Seedsman has a high cbd strain like cannatonic. Read the fine print to get the high cbd as lots of the seeds are 1:1 ratio. Dispensary in AA had clones of cannatonic until new rules went into effect.
  5. blackhorse

    Proper Flush?

    I try to flush out at least once during the last two weeks. Give the plant extra water that runs out the bottom of the pot. Then I lift pot and empty the saucer. Make sure a generous amount of water runs into the saucer. I've also done like Resto suggests.
  6. Use well water at the new home, too much iron for me. Thinking of buying water from Walmart in gallon jugs. Need to get water tested, but 25 miles away.
  7. Check the PH of the water going into the soil. We sometimes get lax on checking the ph of the water and it will cause problems. A cheap ph kit is $10 or so.
  8. blackhorse

    caregiver & rec plant count

    Since I am a patient and a caregiver, I will stay with the medical rules. Just my safety zone.
  9. blackhorse

    3% Excise Tax

    Plainfield Twp. is set to vote on Recreational this month. Third Wednesday at 6:30 P.M. From what I've observed at the meetings, they will vote to opt out. Anyone who would like a grow or dispensary in Plainfield Twp. should attend the meeting and voice your concern.
  10. blackhorse

    3% Excise Tax

    Yes, so true.
  11. blackhorse

    3% Excise Tax

    My old township was going to charge the $5000 application fee also. It seems to be the normal. I moved north and then township opted out of the program for lack of support from the board members. We were waiting for planning commission to set up guidelines, which they were stalling on since majority of members were against the program They may address the issue at a later date though. The $5000 fee was to be used for attorney fee's, planning commission fee's, zoning admin. fee's, and anything else that was needed. The money doesn't need to be put in a special fund.
  12. blackhorse

    3% Excise Tax

    The 3% excise goes away in March. This tax was used to pay townships who opted in and to counties. And a couple other places the money went. Resto says the 10% is only for recreational.
  13. Notice that the 3% excise tax will stop in March 2019. In same bulletin they talked about a new 10% excise tax. So is the state removing the 3% excise tax and then adding a new 10% excise tax? Read the bulletin a couple times and I am confused.
  14. blackhorse

    I have extra clones

    Is there any dispensaries that are selling clones? Thought they all pulled the clones from inventory.
  15. blackhorse

    I have extra clones

    Yes, the selection is very limited. Usually sell out of the choice clones within an hour.