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  1. Top pic is 600 watt bulb compared to 1200 watt LED on bottom.
  2. Plants under the 600 watt will be end of week 8. Led plants are going to be sooner from what I am seeing. Pistles are turning orange and triclomes are about 75% frosted. Hoping they will wait another 10 days.
  3. I'm in week 7 of flower and some of plants under LED are getting close to finishing. Do plants finish under LED faster than 600 watt? Normally finish at 60 days.
  4. These seeds could be 5% thc and 5% cbd up to 12% thc and 12% cbd. Depends on how high of a cbd strain that you want. One seed could be 5:5 and another 12:12.
  5. Seedsman has a Cookies & Cream strain that has 20% thc and 17% cbd. I have grown this and it is best of both worlds. Star Tonic is another with 10% thc and 12% cbd (I think) A lot of 1:1 ratio seeds out there, just look around. Also 1: 1.5 ratio seeds. Depends on what effect you expect to get.
  6. I've not found anything that states plants must be in enclosed area.
  7. I skimmed through the new rules and missed the info that Resto posted above. Thanks to all for the info.
  8. This pertains to grow licenses instead of the 12 plant per household. Or did I miss something?
  9. You are talking about recreational correct? I will look at LARA site.
  10. I just finished 6 weeks in flower. Plants on both sides of room are looking about the same. (600 watt and one 1200 led) Buds are close to same size too. Led does have more bud sites. More info next week.
  11. Since the rules are still being written, where does it say plants in an enclosed area?
  12. Go to LARA site and search under marijuana, they have all the forms. They explain everything that will need to be done. Last I heard it takes about 6 to 8 weeks to get the cards back from LARA.
  13. Resin Seeds states that 50% of seeds will be 1:1 ratio, 25% at high cbd, 25% at high thc. So would need to test each plant to get the high cbd plant, which could be cloned over and over. Also this is cannatonic 1 instead of cannatonic 4. Cannatonic 4 is still out there, just hard to locate.
  14. Bamboo stakes and green soft wire will solve the problem.
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