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  1. If only a couple of branches, do like kingdiamond suggest and cut the bad spots out. You can also do a hydrogen peroxide bath. Believe it was one cup peroxide to 3 gallon of water in container. Soak for 3-5 minutes. Then rinse lightly and hang with fan blowing.
  2. Yesterday I was talking about getting a super skunk or skunk #1 to run out. What seed banks have you tried? Let us know if you find the stinky strain.
  3. Small buds and finish clippings I use for butter.
  4. I've used Fox Farms Ocean Forest for years and no gnats or spider mites. Roots Organic is a different story. Roots Organic had lots of gnats. Only used the one time, vendor said they had lots of complaints at the time.
  5. The VA in Alpena text me a couple weeks ago, said they had the one shot vaccine if I wanted to set up an appointment. Since I am a long hauler, I am still waiting. Recommendation from my VA doc.
  6. Started harvesting the first week of October when the rain started. Could have waited another week or two, but easier to harvest and not have bud rot.
  7. My plan is to leave in 2-5 gallon pots for a week or so, then put into the ground. Into the ground before end of May though.
  8. You have covering in case weather turns bad?
  9. That is chicken wire over the chain link? I've been looking for chain link, but no luck so far.
  10. What kind of wire is around your o/s garden? Thinking of using 2 x 4 welded wire, 12.5 ga. Any suggestions?
  11. So the root system survived the cold winter?
  12. Primal Punch, Wizard's Glue, Blueberry, and Cream and Cheese CBD.
  13. $40 or $50 a clone isn't bad if you veg for awhile and then take clones. Some of these operators rent store fronts and do have lots of expenses. Best clones I ever had were from friends who gifted them.
  14. Clones have been $40 and up in AA for years now. Noticed online $400 - $900 for a clone. People are buying these too, not me.
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