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  1. Looking good. Don't think it makes much difference at this stage to pre-trim.
  2. Put in stakes and string to hold up the branches. Use bamboo or t posts a foot away from the plant. Then put string around the 4 post. This will help hold up the branches.
  3. I will pull up the ISO2 machine. Is this an easy process? Thanks
  4. How you process after making ice hash? I checked into ice hash a few years back, but never made any. I'd like to learn to make the oil for vape cartridges.
  5. If you are happy with outcome, stick with it. I use 2 ounces of trim per lb of butter in crockpot for 6 to 8 hours. It is all a personal choice.
  6. Usually keep an eye on trichomes, but once it starts raining they get pulled. This is first or second week of October. Ran these strains last year and not in full sun. Better lighting this year.
  7. I just thought it odd that plants are flowering already. Got 4 different strains and all of them are flowering now. It hasn't been that cool at night here, so not sure why the change. Doesn't matter when they start flowering as I usually harvest the first week of October. Once it starts raining, they are pulled.
  8. Outdoor plants are starting to change to flowering. Seems a little early as I was expecting 1st or 2nd week of August.
  9. So what is the CBG plants? Is this hemp?
  10. A combination of thc and cbd seems to work best for my patient.
  11. Caregivers can only legally take care of their patients. Provisioning centers and recreational center can provide to out of state people. Good luck.
  12. I must have the HP then. Next grow I will plan ahead and have Ocean Forest on hand.
  13. After using the Pro Mix for a week, I notice the soil is not as fluffy as Ocean Forest. Next time I will add some vermiculite to the mix. Think that is what it is called to get more air into the soil. Suggestions on percentage of vermiculite to add?
  14. Normally I use Ocean Forest for my pots. In my area it is getting hard to find Ocean Forest, so I bought Pro Mix as a replacement. I did mix a ratio of 3 parts Pro Mix to 1 part Happy Frog. Store had a couple bags of the Happy Frog. Is their anything I need to do different for growing?
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