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  1. Security Camera's

    They are the 1080p and 1 TB HDD system. I'll look for link and post. Link: https://www.lorextechnology.com/wireless-security-systems/wireless-security-camera-system-with-1080p-recording-resolution/LW1080-44W-1-p
  2. First positive dispensary experience.

    It has been awhile since we visited a dispensary. Very professional though. We need to visit again as they got so much new stuff.
  3. Security Camera's

    Four cameras for $400 through Lorex. Sams Club had the cameras also, but delivery time was 10 days or so. None in store.
  4. Security Camera's

    A friend has the wireless cameras and no problems so far. Uses the smartphone setup also. Hope my system works well also.
  5. Security Camera's

    Well I changed my mind again, ordered the Lorex wireless from Lorex. I may regret the purchase, but I need a system in place asap. Thieves have already struck, and now only got 3 to 4 more weeks before harvest. I will keep everyone updated on how they work out. Got fingers crossed. Thanks to everyone for the info.
  6. Dirty Rat Rippers In Caro

    So, it is a NO to claymores? lol Even with fencing you need to secure the bottom every 4' or so. Otherwise they can lift the wire and crawl under. Does take two people though. First hand experience on this one.
  7. Security Camera's

    After reading comments on the wireless cameras, I am now looking at wired cameras. Thanks for all the input, as you can tell this is new to me. I'm going to look at a system that I can put the receiver in the barn, hard wire the cameras to the receiver. Either leave it as a stand alone system or look into running a wire to house into the computer. (preferred way) More info as I research some more.
  8. Security Camera's

    This looks like a nice system. Wired or wireless? I need a camera 200' from the receiver.
  9. Security Camera's

    The reviews for the Night Owl are not very good, referring to the wireless. Reviews for Bunker Hill are better. Friend has the Bunker Hill and it works well, also uses with smart phone. I am leaning towards the wireless as one camera will be 200' from the house, another will be 150' from the house. With the wired cameras, I am thinking a cable would be required to hold up the wire. Then also it would be two sets of wiring, unless I read instructions wrong. Wild Bill got an extra dog I can borrow? lol
  10. Security Camera's

    Noticed that most of the Night Owl systems are wired. My barn is 100' from the house and I will need the wireless cameras. I do like the temperature range of the Night Owl. Resto, are you using the wireless cameras?
  11. Security Camera's

    I have looked at the Night Owl brand. Will take another look. Thanks
  12. Security Camera's

    Thinking of purchasing a Bunker Hill security system, anyone have pro or con on this system? The thieves are out and will be for next three or four weeks. Need some extra security! Was not the plan to take care of plants all summer and then have them stolen. Appreciate all suggestions to secure the outdoor grow. Already have chain-link fencing on sides and top, and a chain and lock on gate. Just added extra T post and wired the fence to post, this should prevent raising the fence from bottom.
  13. Almost had electrical fire

    It would have to be a long distance from panel to use 10g. Some houses are built with 12/2 and 20 amp circuits. Cost is more for materials and wiring is harder to work with.
  14. Almost had electrical fire

    Titan Controls makes a nice timer ($70) instead of using the small timers. Amazon has them. Best to avoid power strips if possible. If you got 20 amp breaker, then wiring should be 12/2 and adding a 20 amp receptacle can't hurt.
  15. Seeking petitioners for new MMMA conditions!

    So what is involved in being a petitioner?