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  1. blackhorse

    Proposal 1 passes !

    Plan on keeping the card and see how things work out in a couple years.
  2. Where will people get their supply from? Will provisioning centers open up for recreational?
  3. blackhorse

    Cannatonic 4

    The cbd does help with seizures. One patient uses a mixture of cbd and thc to help control the seizures. Another patient uses cannatonic in making butter, no high thc. So each person has their own requirements. I have grown Star Tonic which is a mixture of both, hard to find now. Some people want nothing to do with cbd, that is fine with me.
  4. blackhorse

    Cannatonic 4

    I've ran Cannatonic for years and it has a grape smell to me. Mixed the cannatonic with high thc also. Patient usually likes to mix with the high thc as it works better for them. Each patient is different. One patient started getting head aches after smoking too much of the cannatonic, reduced the percentage of cannatonic and head aches went away. Also make butter with 4:1 ratio of high thc to cannatonic. Most plants stay small (3' heights) but this year plants are 5' high. Clones from last year so know they are same cut. Get no high from these plants though.
  5. blackhorse

    Moving north

    Finally back online, been off for a month or so. We got moved into the new home and trying to organize things. This is going to take some time. Grow is going to be a slow start as we got too many outside projects to complete before winter sets in. Visited a couple provisioning centers in area and was impressed. Very nice setups. Nice to be up north and enjoy the peace and quiet. On a main road, but 700 feet back from road in the woods.
  6. I used T post to anchor the bottom of the fence, then wire tied the chain link to the T post. My post are spaced 8' apart and someone (two) lifted up the chainlink and crawled under the wire to cut down plants and drag out under the wire. This happened last year. Secure the area and put up camera's to protect your grow.
  7. blackhorse

    Moving north

    I turned in FOIA for the Opt-out resolution. Got a call back from supervisor and he must have talked to someone cause he changed his tune completely. He finally stated they had no control over patients and caregivers growing. This I already knew and nice to hear him reverse his words. He ask why I had called him and I reminded him that an ordinance they have stated limiting patients and caregivers growing. If I had not contacted MMMA, I probably would have just started looking in another township for the home. The supervisor originally said the opt out was for all marijuana operations, which included patients and caregivers. Glad to get this straightened up. Now we can schedule a view of the home. The home has a garage with an upstairs which would be great for a grow. Room for some mother plants too. Thank you again Michael!
  8. blackhorse

    Moving north

    Thank you for the prompt reply. Wife is really set on this home so we may pursue.
  9. blackhorse

    Moving north

    Also posted this on the members only section. We are looking at a home in Plainfield Twp. in Iosco County. I did some research on the township and noticed they had passed a moratorium a few years back concerning marijuana. I called the township supervisor and he tells me that the township opted out of the whole marijuana program, including patients and caregivers growing. I tried to explain that opting out was only for the MMFLA program, not the caregivers or patients. He insisted that it included patients and caregivers. From what I understand the state law supersedes the township ordinance. So do I end up in a legal battle with this township or move on to another area? All help with this would be appreciated.
  10. I had a similar black spot on neck, used RSO and tincture to get rid of 80% of the mole. Would put some on a small band aid and leave on area for a couple days at a time. Then let air for a couple day and repeat. Yes, it does work.
  11. blackhorse

    Looking for star tonic-growing caregiver

    I am still looking for Star Tonic. No luck so far.
  12. blackhorse


    Thank you for your service!
  13. blackhorse

    Questions and seeking new caregiver

    In past I have bought cards for patients. Only cause of a hardship. The price he is offering to you sounds reasonable. Communications is the key though. It is easy to change caregivers, just go to LARA site.
  14. The reserves is all.

  15. It is going to the ballot now.