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  1. Merry Christmas to all!
  2. Thank you for asking! I am doing good, most of symptoms are gone. Still get slight chest pain, and cough. Use the canna balm for the chest and works well. Cough drops help with the slight cough. Some days no symptoms at all and others I get tired easily. Been reading quite a bit and this is normal for long haulers. Got a few clippings in clone bucket and they are looking good. I have smell back, so is nice to smell the buds. During infection I could not smell the bud of flowering plants. Wife has been lucky as she never came down with Covid. Covid was no fun at
  3. When caregivers could sell to dispensaries is when patients could get an ounce a month. In past, I have bought license for patient but they paid for bud. Occasionally I would have a good harvest and give some away. Now patients pay for bud, no free ounce per month. A lot of caregivers do not run 12 plants for patients. Takes lots of room and lights. For a caregiver to take you on as patient, it would take 6 months to get first cycle through. So they would give you 6 ounces while growing the plants? Good luck finding someone to give you an ounce a month.
  4. So your caregiver paid for your license and is supposed to give you bud? Are you to buy any bud from your caregiver?
  5. I thought the clone business was in the gray area. Know of a couple down state that are open and legitimate.
  6. I do use a cannabis salve that is 3/4 high thc and 1/4 high cbd. All symptoms are gone other than an irritation in chest at times. I use the salve on chest and symptoms go away within a minute or two. Being careful not to over exert, it is hard as I'm accustom to keeping busy. Covid was no fun at all! It has been 5 weeks now and probably take another month to fully recover. Not complaining as I'm glad to be here. lol
  7. I use Cannatonic #4 in edibles. Been doing this for 10 years now. I'm not a smoker, wife smokes enough for both of us. Even with the low thc in Cannatonic, it still shows up in blood work. Last time I was at VA it showed up on test. No issues though.
  8. I've returned to normal life other than slight chest irritation and loss of energy. This may take time to get back at 100%. Slowly get chores done and rest before tackling next chore. I also frequent the CDC website for information. Thanks
  9. Any time I bring in a clone, I quarantine for 2 weeks at minimum. If friend has smoke that you like, then ask for a clone. This way you will know that you like the strain. I have grew out strains from seed and got rid of after first grow. The best strains that I have came from friends.
  10. I've read where marijuana counters the Covid-19 virus. The first of November I became sick and middle of November was tested positive for Covid. I lost 10 pounds in a weeks time, no appetite. Had fever, headaches, slight chest irritation. Took cold med's, cough drops, Tylenol, Motrin. Drank orange juice, water, and Gatorade. It has been a month now and getting stronger everyday. The virus takes all the energy from you. My wife who smokes a couple ounces a month, took care of me while I was sick. Wife was lucky and never got the Covid virus. No symptoms at all
  11. Just remember that you are 5 months from harvest when you pop the seeds. Ask some friends for clones and experiment with different strains. The best strains that I have came from friends, Each person has different likes in the strains.
  12. I bought white widow seed from Seedsman a few years back. It was decent, but nothing great. Still have seeds stored away and will run again. If we were closed I would give you a couple of the seed. I'm mid state.
  13. I will try this drying technique on next harvest. Only a jar or two though. After taking out of freezer, will I need to finish drying the buds? Or do the buds slow dry while in freezer?
  14. I prefer wet trimming and hang for about 7 days, then jar up. Open jars daily for another week or two. When I cut the buds off and put on drying rack, they are dry in 4 days at 50% humidity. Each person has their preference. All I can say is try different techniques.
  15. Looking good. Don't think it makes much difference at this stage to pre-trim.
  16. Put in stakes and string to hold up the branches. Use bamboo or t posts a foot away from the plant. Then put string around the 4 post. This will help hold up the branches.
  17. I will pull up the ISO2 machine. Is this an easy process? Thanks
  18. How you process after making ice hash? I checked into ice hash a few years back, but never made any. I'd like to learn to make the oil for vape cartridges.
  19. If you are happy with outcome, stick with it. I use 2 ounces of trim per lb of butter in crockpot for 6 to 8 hours. It is all a personal choice.
  20. Usually keep an eye on trichomes, but once it starts raining they get pulled. This is first or second week of October. Ran these strains last year and not in full sun. Better lighting this year.
  21. I just thought it odd that plants are flowering already. Got 4 different strains and all of them are flowering now. It hasn't been that cool at night here, so not sure why the change. Doesn't matter when they start flowering as I usually harvest the first week of October. Once it starts raining, they are pulled.
  22. Outdoor plants are starting to change to flowering. Seems a little early as I was expecting 1st or 2nd week of August.
  23. So what is the CBG plants? Is this hemp?
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