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  1. Just bought a new supply recently, they last three to four years. I buy the 62% Boveda and use in quart jars. Buds are slightly moist, but after opening the jar I let buds air out an hour or two for couple days. After taking out of jar, store in sealed plastic bag and will work for next jar of bud.
  2. My preferred way is to cut branches off the plant, then rough trim and then finish trim. If in a hurry, then cut plant and hang upside down. Trim off the fan leaves soon as get time. Try different ways and stick to what works best for you.
  3. I do a maintenance spray every couple weeks while in veg stage. Once flower sets in, no chemical spray. Also change up on the type of spray. Been lucky since starting new grow, no bugs.
  4. Peacefulfields did post 3 years ago with seeds. On this same page.
  5. I prefer wet trimming. Dry trimming is done when I don't have the time to wet trim. Both work so it is your choice. Try both.
  6. Plant look anything like this? This is good site for solving grow issues.
  7. Nitrogen Toxicity A Nitrogen toxicity is the result of the plant getting too much Nitrogen (usually from too high levels of nutrients overall, or by using a Vegetative nutrient in the flowering stage). It causes dark green leaves and curled tips (“the claw”). One of the main symptoms of an Nitrogen toxicity is curled tips (“the claw”) A plant with a Nitrogen toxicity tends to be dark green all over
  8. I got ww from seedsman also, not crazy about the ww. Like the skywalker better. Like a variety of strains and mix them up. Good luck with harvest.
  9. What area are you located? I can give you a clipping of this Candida if you want one. In about 6 to 8 weeks.
  10. This is Candida. Characteristics BREEDER/BRAND Medical Marijuana Genetics GENETICS ACDC x Harlequin VARIETY Indica / Sativa FLOWERING TYPE Photoperiod SEX Feminised THC CONTENT 0.3%-0.9% THC CBD CONTENT 10.6%-20.6% CBD YIELD 400 gr/m2 GROWS Greenhouse, Indoors, Outdoors FLOWERING TIME 9 weeks MEDICAL CONDITIONS ADD/ADHD, Anorexia, Anxiety, Autism, Depression, Epilepsy, Inflammation, Seizures, Stress MEDICINAL PROPERTIES Depression, ADHD, Anorexia, Epilepsy, Autism, Anxiety, Inflammation, Seizures, Stress. AWARDS 2nd place CBD category. Spannabis Champions Cup Madrid 2017
  11. This cannatonic checks at <8 % thc which is kinda high. Cannatonic #4 that I had before was 18% cbd and .4 thc. No high from the thc. I just popped a Candida that is 18% cbd and under .5 thc. Bought from Seedsman. I like the really low thc strains so I can add thc strain to fit patient needs.
  12. Look for a good caregiver. You can still frequent the dispensary.
  13. Same here in Standish area. No cannatonic bud for sale or any clones on the market. Popping a high cbd at this time, ordered from seedsman.
  14. I would be interested in getting a cut of the Cannatonic #4.
  15. What seed company and ratio of thc/cbd?
  16. I have a new strain called cookies and cheese that is 20% thc and 18% cbd. This strain is good for person who needs the high thc and also the high cbd. The high cbd helps with seizures. Very happy with this plant. Just started a high cbd with under .5 thc. Similar to Cannatonic #4. Would love to get Cannatonic again.
  17. This late in flower I would spray with ice cold water. Spider mites hate the cold water. Good luck with the harvest.
  18. Been budding a couple weeks now. I don't bring anything in from outside. If I did, then I'd quarantine for a couple weeks just to make sure no bugs or mold.
  19. Ran a batch of cookies and the butter is still good. No issues at all. Think the aluminum foil over top of the cookie sheet did save the buds. Thanks everyone for the comments.
  20. What does this accomplish?
  21. Can you zoom in and get pic of just the mushroom head on the trichomes? Head of trichomes should be clear at this time. I harvest when trichome is all cloudy or even when just start to turn amber.
  22. I use a cloning bucket (5 gallon) with a 27 watt cfl in an aluminum reflector over the clones. Used this for years now without any problems. Only clone 8 at a time. Plenty for my operation.
  23. No, I put the butter in freezer for up to a year. Decarbed weed goes back in jar and sealed until I get ready to make butter.
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