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  1. You guys deliver? I'm in mid-state MI.
  2. I clone from a 5 gallon bucket and recently pump needed replacing. I ordered a pump and it was too large (gpm) for this size bucket as the water temp was too warm. All the clones died. Thinking the temp was over 80 degrees. I ordered a small pump and everything is working fine again. (240 gpm) I'm good with the 12 - 14 days to root. Otherwise I would need to add heat to the room.
  3. Most strains that I clone start showing roots at 9 days and take out between 11 and 14 days. Wizards Glue is a really slow rooter for me.
  4. A friend of mine acquired a plant after it had been flowered and stripped of branches. Their was only a couple bud sites left on this plant. He set plant outside and started watering again. In the fall the plant was harvested again, with a decent harvest. I never thought the plant would reproduce. I just cut branches on a couple mother plants that were 4' tall and 4' diameter. Topped the plants and used Vaseline to seal the open wounds. Hoping to flower the plants in a couple weeks. I only have 7' height in flower tent, so need to do something. Normally I just dispose of the mothers after awhile. Plan now is to crop the plant to keep height from getting too tall. Will let you all know how it turns out.
  5. This is way I read it also. Caregiver's can still have 5 patients and same plant count. No change to caregivers who only sell to their patients.
  6. Hope you find a new and better job quickly. Thank you for posting. I use Cannatonic <1 % thc and it shows up on tests.
  7. Are these autoflowers? What is the 36 hour dark super start?
  8. Where you located? No donation, but might gift a cutting or two.
  9. The AK 49 is still going, at end of 13 weeks now and about 1/3 of hairs have changed over. Looking like another week or so. Too long of a flowering time for me. Got one more of the AK 49 plants and about to put outside for the deer.
  10. Since the Marijuana Regulatory Agency put out a bulletin for Sale or Transfer of clones, would this not allow for transportation back home. A person can now buy three clones per transaction per the bulletin. No stipulation on how to haul after purchasing.
  11. Just read where recreational businesses can sell up to 3 clones per transaction. Is this something new? Tried to copy and paste, but would not work.
  12. This is considered a 1:1 ratio. Yes, this will get you high, so start out with small amount. I have a 20%thc:18%cbd which is also a 1:1 ratio. Some people get headaches from the high cbd and others don't. A regular smoker of high thc most likely will not feel the effects much. I use high cbd (18%) to mix with high thc for butter. Use 25% of cbd to 75% thc, this works great for edibles. It is all trial and error to find what works for you and wife.
  13. Genotype in AA has clones on weekend. Heard of another place in Detroit, will get name for you.
  14. I would be interested in a blueberry. Been thinking of ordering some seeds. Never grew blueberry, but heard lots of good about it.
  15. Star Tonic is in flower and a couple more weeks. Small plant as I started flower at 6 weeks veg. Got a clone from the Star Tonic. GMO needs a couple more weeks in veg before taking a cutting. This is new plant for me. I'll hook you up with a couple cuttings soon as plant is old enough. Thanks for offer, I am backing off on plants for the spring. I'm going back to Cream and Cheese CBD, GG#4, and Wizards Glue.
  16. Got a clone of the flowering plant in veg. Will hold onto until we can try out the buds. Not a fan of the 12 week flower either. Also got a clone of GMO which is 11 weeks in flower. Plan is to get back to 8 week flower and throw a longer flowering plant in tent occasionally.
  17. I found out the AK-49 is a 12 week flower plant. Got a couple more weeks to go.
  18. Got a AK 49 plant in flower and seems to be taking forever to finish. It is 9 1/2 weeks into flower and still has white pistels all over. Buds are nice size, about 2". I've never ran into a plant taking this long. Plant is an 8 week flower from what I can find out. Looking like a 12 week finisher. Anyone ever grew this plant? Believe seeds came from Seedsman. They don't carry the seeds anymore.
  19. Aren't they getting a lot bigger harvest?
  20. Running a Maui Waui that is 9 weeks into flower, almost done. Got a AK 49 that should have finished in 8 weeks that is going to finish in maybe 11 weeks. No sign of finishing at this time, lots of white hairs all over. Seed came from Seedsman and questioning if it actually is AK 49. These plants are under the 1200 watt Yehsence led fixture. Thinking the led is a week longer in flower than 600 watt hid. These are cheaper lights, but for my small operation they seem to work well. The 600 HLG would be great and sure it would produce a better yield. Difference is the cost.
  21. Remember that you can get three different seed types from the seeds. One is high thc, one is high cbd, and third on is 1:1 ratio. (Which could be 10:10 or 15:15 , etc. ratio)
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