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  1. One very real concern anyone thinking about doing a water culture of any sort, including an aero especially... Please understand that anyone that suggest that 'it is easy' or can be left alone for 2 WEEKS unattended and without maintenance... Well, that is the exact opposite of true. Then ask why they would suggest this, what type of person does so? Especially when this has been proven time and time again, by many a competent grower to be untrue. This is the highest maintenance type of grow imaginable. And guess what? I did it, and did it well. The reason i absolutely dumped the ide
  2. Take highlander for example, or gary... Were they to take ur advice, take what u suggest as being accurate and true.., they will find themselves in desperate situation, after investing great time, money, and efforts, all by themselves in a big ole mess. U will have anandoned them and tossed it up to their not following instructions, messing something up, or accusing them of being incompetent... The whole time u just didnt know chit about what u were representing. There will be real consequence and harm to others because of your fronting, and posing, and feeding ur ego. U r a potential harm
  3. Bob... Here's the deal, i like u, i like where u r at, i like the way u think, i wish u the very best in where u r trying to go. Reason for all of that, because yes u r correct in that we disagree on some things, is that intentions become very clear, over time, in a person's posts. And i believe u have good intentions, and r a decent person to boot. I have no beef w u, although we might disagree on some things. U r not a bad person imo, even perhaps one of the good ones. Time will tell, as we are all mostly a product of our circumstances. What time will bring u...? Who can possibly say,
  4. Yes, it is ego on your part here resto. And since i feel u r reckless in what u r doing, i will take the moment to respond, out of a higher sense to do some good. Here is what ihave know for a long time... U misrepresent your 'expertise' in matters of growing. How do i know this? From real life experience that is beyond what you have. To those that have actually been there and done that... To those that have been through the thought and experience process... What you insist upon is simply false information, and it is overly clear. A big problem w u is a false appeal to authority.
  5. People just dont fully appreciate what growing mj commercially means. Those that have to invest 500k-1mil... What kind of decisions will they make? Will they prioritize quality over profit? Will they do what is morally conscionable, or what is finacially necessary? The game is set to only allow the money people to play, and they will be making money decisions, for their own personal profit. And if they are the only players, they will redefine what is quality is. And quality will be what they are able to produce at a given profit expectation. Sigh... oh well, it is what it is, and m
  6. Iv thought this for a while, but u r dangerous w giving advice. Feel u def misrepresent information. Some times it is easy for me to reason why. Here i think it is as simple as ego. But u r dangerous.
  7. That is a disconnect for me. I coupdnt imagine running an active, recirc water culture w/o daily checks, and back up gear just waiting for something to fail. Truly a disconnect.
  8. Just because it is free, doesnt make it a good idea. Iv run em, including trying true aero. Think i wasted about a year and a half of my life and 10grand. Not a person i know that tried it has kept up w it. Sounds great in theory, but way too many obstacles to overcome, and the end risk is total crop failure. Even if u do everything u need to do, like running a ferrari at the track... Some bit of tech fails and the car goes down. Fun science experiment, but nothing to rely on imo.
  9. Sounded to me that milegalize was going to head back to the drawing board, and try to figure out how they would move forward. Not knowing anything about what that will look like, makes guessing at 2018 difficult. Anyway, the powers that be made something pretty clear... They are in charge. After putting in a brand new system of regulated manufacture and distribution, it will be tough to get the general population to vote for a rollback. If anything, the new game can simply say, 'give us a couple of years to iron out the wrinkles, and we will have a better regulated, taxed, and safe syst
  10. Never watched as a kid, but have enjoyed the reruns of dick cavett. He had gore vidal on... The other night, lol... And he made comment that seems appropriate... Paraphrasing... America is run by several hundred corporations. They have an identifiable reason to keep america segregated. Were the aberage black person to get together w the average white person, and were they to get together w the average brown person, and then the average yellow person, and then the average red person... They would all realize they have a lot more in common than different, and especially once they realize
  11. Same dude that explained how hanging plants upside down during drying caused the glands to swell and increase thc... ;-)
  12. ^^^ bro science suggest the rw starter plugs absorb the microwaves and slowly releases them over the course of the crop, thereby killing any baby bugs that may get laid. ;-) At least w the rooters they have legitimate reason to be concerned w bugs (&mold) coming from the store.
  13. Only thing id like to comment here is that it is disproportionate... Compared to the black:white ratio of the populace. Cops kill far more black people than they statistically should, assuming we even accept the apparent fact that they will kill a bunch of people every year as normal. If it were 'fair' (in the killing of other people)... Then it it should fall along the lines of the population mix. Same thing w jails and who they put in them... It is racially disproportionate. Unfair, if u will. Also, and im not too sure on the data here, but they dont go around killing lawyers, doct
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