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  1. i asume they just deliver right
  2. enlighten me please? i see them pop up all over weedmaps do they not exist are they still illegal? if so in MI what is the exact process in other states?
  3. From all the research i have done, i cant find any real solid information about how Dispensary's in MI get product, from what i know they passed a bill about a year or so ago i think allowing dispensary's yet.. Caregiver is allowed to have 12 plants, and 12 per patient they take care of so 72 plants, also caregivers are not allowed to give medicine outside of they're patient count So my question is, How do dispensary's get the product if noone is technically allowed to grow to supply to them commercially is there some legal loophole im missing, can someone break this down for me? i know alot of people are anti dispensary and this might be the wrong forum section, but im curious about the process
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