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  1. have they released the names of the 5 counties that will be participating? KF
  2. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/miracle-gro-marijuana_us_577ea6f6e4b0c590f7e87cb8
  3. 'back in the day' a buddy and I came up from Ohio to meet his folks in Sault Ste. Marie for a fishing triphe was pulled over for speeding (d umbass) and the state jackboot told us that if we paid him cash on the spot that he would only write us up for not wearing seatbelts (even though we were wearing them) that he wouldn't give us a speeding ticket that he said "...would require us to come back foor a court hearing" having an oz in the car, we handed over around $300 in cash there was no ticket written and he told us to "enjoy our fishing trip" just another extortion sockcucking pig but a friend of mines dad (an olschool toker) gave us some solid advice in high school he said,"don't break the law when you're breaking the law" some of the best advice I've ever been given and I try to share it with everyone I know KF
  4. it's always relevent when you are sharing your experiences for other to consider :-)I did the same thing with my current round and the girls 'burst' into flower in the first week I am at week 7 and there is no signs of deficiency :-) in fact the Illudium (a selected pheno from my Hawaiian Indica x Bubba Kush 3rd backcross) is so dark green it almost looks blue :-) when a buddy saw the results he followed my lead and it worked out for him as well :-) I believe that as long as you don't flush heavily during the veg cycle there is still enough nitrogen in the containers to last through most flowering cycles I know a guy that uses nothing but Dynagrow bloom through the whole cycle and has impressive results some strains might not comply especially the 10 to 12 weekers KF
  5. Bob I am concerned with this bill as wellnot because I drive 'stoned' or ever smoke while driving, but because I medicate daily and know how long thc stays in your system although they do profile and I have long hair and a beard, I usually get singled out I also have my cdl and if they take my license away for refusing to even do their 'stupid human tricks' (sobriety test) it will effect my life in a big way but I don't speed and I obey the traffic laws so I'm rarely stopped I also have a dash cam as well as a hidden cam in my vehicle and would suggest that anyone with a smart phone turn the video or at least the audio recorder on and set it on their dash or console and record anytime they are stopped by LEO I recorded a k9 officer tell the deputy sheriff that the dog din't signal and him searching the vehicle anyway and all of the moo poo cops talk to each other about when they think nobody is listening my laywer took it to the prosecutor and all charges were dropped immediately and the officer was reprimanded (what a joke I don't think it even went in his file) but knowing that I had that tape had to have him squirming for awhile and I wasn't bothered by the Sheriffs department for the remainder of my time in that county know your rights and do not let LEO intimidate you let them know that they are being recorded I'm curious as to wgat counties the program will be targeting my first guess would be the most populated and the ones that I75 goes through it's public information that they HAVE to share that info KF
  6. I usually stay away from the political threads but I'm up late and bored... I would bet on the candidate who attended the Bilderberg conference ;-) Obama and Hillary both attended... I have been a suporter of Sanders for years now since he made me aware of super PACs 'corporations are people too' are you f ucking kidding me??? the popular vote doesn't mean bunny muffin... we are NOT a democracy we are a representative republic democracy is an idology that we are spoon fed (shoved down our throats) and what a stupid idology... it's nothing more than a 'mob rules' form of govt c'mon think about it without your ego getting the best of you if you are the minority in a democratic govt you are f ucked it's a 'catch phrase' to make the people think they actually have a say I look around on a day to day basis and hope that the idiots that I come across DON'T have a say my 16 year old nephew is aware enough to understand this... and someone tells me to 'wake up' geez really? sorry to bust the bubble of anyone who thinks that they can 'make a difference' shame on me... KF
  7. I'm wide awake and aware ;-)I understand the passion of those who have been working so hard for the mmmj movement I have spent most of my life right there with them I'm just not going to get myself all worked up and bang my head against the wall any longer... I'm over it... if I get thrown in jail for illegal transport I will have broken a law that I am 'well aware' of and will take the lumps that I have coming until they start coming to our houses or our caregivers houses to 'make sure we are abiding by the MMMA' I'm going to enjoy the current legal status and abide by the stipulations and try not to get my or anyone elses blood pressure up... although I am concerned about the saliva testing bill and I will still be there protesting with those good American Michiganders whenever I can KF
  8. well I spoke too soon... while all of the others handled the heat like champs, I found a 'nanner yesterday and 2 more today on the Daybreakers :-( of course I got out my loop and scoured them for other little yellow buzz stompers as I will be doing a few times a day until I think they will be a possible threat to the other gals in the room and they will be on the chopping block... it might have been due to heat stress but I'm thinking this strain will be culled from the garden dam n! dam n! dam n! I've heard so many good things about Gage Green I'm just glad I don't have 'all of my eggs in that basket' KF
  9. ok... despite a failing ac unit and flowering room temps hitting 100 degrees this week, 'the new girls on the block' are handling the stress like champs the indicas don't seemed to mind either me of course I'm stressing a bit... the mini splits will be installed in each room next week I'm told they will take care of the high temps and were an easy install lets hope so... anyhow... it's looking like the Timewreck, Daybreaker and the Strawberry Queen are going to need a week or 2 to fill out I'm already staking daily the smell of the Strawberry Queen is remarkable and I hope it has a sweet berry flavor that folks seem to love the Daybreaker has a strange 'rubber' smell like you walked into a tire dealership... I gravitate toward 8/9 week strains so these 10 weekers I want to stand there like a coach and try to motivate them LOL hopefull their yield makes up for the extra flowering time pics soon to come KF
  10. big whoop :-) thats good stuff :-) woud be a great name for a band LOL big whoop haven't heard that in years I love it :-) I'm gonna borrow that one KF
  11. I have also used these bulbs for years with great resultsand they are cheap enough to buy a few extra to have on hand look at the spectrum and lumen output do the math take the adice of growers who have experience with them try them yourself and then decide I will never buy a hortilux bulb again KF
  12. due to the heat and a bad ac unit I hit the 100 degree mark yesterday and am changing my flowering cycle from day to night I understand that the dark cycle needs to be uninterupted but should I give them a 24 hour day or 24 hour night cycle to accomplish this change just looking for educated opinions not lectures please thanks KF
  13. I call moo poo... they generate far more revenue with DUI cases than the marijuana cases $2,000??? these days it cost somewhere around $10,000 to get out of a DUI it is true that the state troopers are getting heavily funded to increase the number of of meth, cocaine and heroin busts because they often net large amounts of cash from them while many of the troopers are not in favor of legalized medical marijuana, there are many who are but they are not waging a war on mmmj patients... don't be worried if you are in compliance with the mmmj laws KF
  14. the deformed seedling that I kept from the seedpack was an exceptional looking plant and she was a standout in a garden with at least 10 other strainsit was an Indica pheno and finished around 50 days and looked fabulous with blue hues and chunky solid buds... but what a letdown when it came to effect :-( as I stated in my other post, it had a subtle euphoric high but sure didn't have the Blueberry flavor that folks claim I considered it a 'lightweight' strain that was not for the seasoned smoker on the other hand, some well known breeders like Steve from Spice Of Life have used it in their breeding programs and had success Skishkaberry and Sweettooth#3 are prime examples although I found both of those strains to have great structure...neither were very potent and no keepers :-( I also ran Flo and it was a letdown as well :-( BUT I have found other crosses made with the Blueberry to be fantastic Indigo Blue (who else remembers this one?) and Blue Dream to be worthy but the parents were very potent to start with I personaly don't think anyone has successfully bred the hermi trait out of the Thai strains (my humble opinion) so I have never used it for seedmaking I do admit I would LOVE a shot at the Durban/Thai Highflyer that the Super Sativa Seed Club offered back in the day the Brothers Grimm used it in a cross with C99 (DTC99) that they claim was some of their best work the DTC99 F2's were available from Dutch Flowers and I regret not picking up a pack or 2... one of the best crosses I 'let get away' was from a pack of (Apollo13/Trip x Apollo11)x Space Queen (the original) the 'Trip' referenced their use of the Durbin/Thai High Flyer I found a pheno that finished in 6 weeks and though she was a low yielder, the finished product tasted like peach cobbler that made my mouth water :-) and had a soaring sativa effect that was my all time favorite daytime smoke I called her Trippin'SpaceQueen and;- she quickly became somewhat of a legend at festivals in the Ohio music scene she is another one that 'got away' :-( all that being said I have recently cloned a Blueberry plant for a buddy who was having trouble with his aerocloner and was afraid to lose her because he was given a pack of beans directly from DJShort when he met him in Cali at a mj event I kept a couple of extras so I might give her another chance if I ever find the time KF
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