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  1. I had to reread that again. Had a space cadet move there. If you had 3 rooms and you had a friend come over or a helper, they could only go into one room? So you would need three different people for that?
  2. What if one needed services of a contractor to work in the room? Are you SOL? Might as well confirm this again, we are allowed to as a caregiver possess say 72 plants and if they are in rooms of 12 or less then anyone is allowed in any room at anytime since there is only 12 or less plants in each room? that are locked
  3. A caregiver has multiple locked room with 12 plants in each on same premises. Would people be able to go into each room since there are only 12 plants in each room but more than 12 in total on the premises?
  4. Hit them up, they unfortunately do not work with cannabis. Thanks man, still on the hunt.
  5. Anyone know of any labs in MI we can go to that does tissue culture?
  6. There was a study from the health department that someone posted on here showing optimum parameters for growing cannabis. Micromoles, RH and the like. I was curious if anyone had it. I wanted to take a look at it again and show a few people. Thanks in advance if anyone remembers it.
  7. "Where I stand" as you were disparaging me with your deleted and now altered repost. I stand for individual rights. The same for every American whether I agree with you or not.
  8. Nice to delete and repost. Where did the original unedited post go?
  9. Wow, have enough yarn to make a sweater. If people sincerely cared about slavery as they claim, they would use every ounce of their energy for a topic that they could stop now. No one is talking about the 400 plus billion dollar slave trade and human trafficking going on right now and that is a current crime against humanity. No one really cares about that though because it unfortunately doesn't fit their agenda. BBL for news on cannabis, still won't be responding to any straw man. Gonna watch History of the World Part1 and Life of Brian or maybe Blazing Saddles and LMAO.
  10. Restorium, I'm not being intentionally anything. Im being as simple and straight to the point. Why do you continue to project with every reply? That isn't a question forget it I'll get another stupid response. If you alter history then how can you can fairly debate the issue? Is the point
  11. The quote is simple and explains that their are people that profit financially from these divisive actions. The removal of statues isn't an organic protest, these people are being funded by organizations that want to subvert our Country. People trashed Joan of Arc's statue this weekend and a memorial to people from the Holocaust. It is apparent we aren't dealing with the brightest bunch. They must be #bronzephobic Question is what is next and when is it enough.
  12. Restorium didn't take anything remotely personal. Zap Booker T Washington is arguably one of the most influential black leaders 19th and 20th centuries. He was a champion to blacks across this country. I'd find it safe to assume no black person wants to go back to the time of southern democrats. Restorium how can they get a fair debate if you want to rewrite history and say what is good and bad. Sounds pretty fascistic, HIStory Thank goodness for the 1nd amendment. Himdsightt is 20/20
  13. ". . .for man looketh on the outward appearance, but the Lord looketh on the heart" If everyone just looked at the character of a man, but we couldn't have that, it would be too easy to not have anyone to hate.
  14. Well considering that was the word used to describe blacks 100 plus years ago I'm not going to alter a historical book to feed a self serving and ill informed narrative. Equal to book burning, censorship, tearing down statues. Especially that it was written by a former slave Booker T. Washington. As for white supremacists originating concept of race, I wouldn't give them that much credit. What we know as race goes back to pre biblical times when a person's nation, tribe, geographical area was used to describe them. Currently you may want to blame the Portuguese for that since they called Africans black or "Negro" on their way to find a sea route to India. Seems that white supremacists were a little late to that game. As for Homo Sapien originating in Africa this is an interesting study. Looks like the precursor came from Europe. http://journals.plos.org/plosone/article?id=10.1371/journal.pone.0177127
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